MSE News: Apple offers iPhone 4 fix and refund



  • southernguy_2
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    After ordering Friday through the Apple case program

    Bumper arrived yesterday

    Apple original as well
  • damsl123
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    edited 31 July 2010 at 10:17AM
    Hello again

    @bobster999 - I made an appointment with Apple whilst speaking to a lady at AppleCare
    @southerguy - you lucky lucky man

    The upshot for me is: The American side of Apple rang virtually every day asking some questions etc but always left me reassured that they will sort this out and I will be left a happy Apple customer/user.

    Phones4U - I am left astounded by there attitude that its not their fault, it may be said it wasn't but i'm sure if they helped their customers and exchanged their phones, Phones4u could have arranged to exchange all the iphones they needed to exchange in one go (however, I don't know how the system works) equals better customer relations and they might even come back - not me now though! Some from Phones4u rang to still advise me there was nothing they could do (I had been told this several times - did they take pleasure in giving me this bad news over and over again???). I got another phone call from the Phones4u shop assistant asking me when could I go in and exchange the phone - I then told her my update (below). Later on the Phones4u customer service lady rang again to say still nothing can be done and when I told her about the shop assistant she said she was wrong to do that....but more surprisingly the customer service lady had spoken to her after me and didn't even know of my update (see below)

    Orange - Never heard a single word out of them and as soon as is possible I will be cancelling ALL the contracts I have with them and going elsewhere! Can't come soon enough!

    APPLE - I only have praise for them - they have rang virtually everyday, I have had emails from them. I advised one of the ladies I had made an appointment with one of their branches and she said she would email them and ask them to treat me well. When I got there I advised the young man of my issues and he saw the email from the young lady, did his test and agreed there was a problem (I will add here, one thing that I felt when talking to Phones4u was they me feel like I was a liar and that I was only after a refund - all through I said an exchange would be OK if they knew the phone was good) and he exchanged the phone there and then. The tech guy (2 days earlier I had entered codes on my other iphone for them to look at what was happening to it for a couple of days) rang the day after I replaced the iPhone and he already knew I'd replaced it (funnily enough I apologised to him because I felt I was letting APPLE down after all they did for me) - just shows you how they communicate with each other, by whatever means. What I will add is I have left the iPhone at ver4.0 because it is working as it should...

    I have only but PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE for the way APPLE are handling the situation and ALL credit goes to them.

    The phone I have at present is working as it should - I can make calls WITHOUT it failing, I can delete a photo WITHOUT it leaving a black space, I have more signal bars than I've ever had, I don't have to disable 3G (as Phones4u did which only shifts the faults), the only issue that still remains is the battery life - doesn't last a day but that said I do play games on it etc but the tech guy said he will send me tips on ways to save battery power like turning off wifi so I'm waiting for that info - again very helpful! I am still in contact with Apple and I feel assured that if I do have ANY problems that they will continue to help me once I notify them.

    I'll will stop going on now but if anyone of you are having problems with your brand new - very expensive iPhone 4, I would suggest going directly to APPLE - Appointment necessary - They were fantastic!
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