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Odd food combos



  • lizimuffin
    lizimuffin Posts: 151 Forumite
    When I have made a Sunday roast I always have gravy left over (homemade) not bisto! And the day after I make 'gravy curry'. You add a tin of chopped toms to the gravy, add some onion and peppers (and as the case on Monday a few shrivelled mushrooms!) add curry powder and a little coconut milk and simmer it for about 30 mins (you might need to add a bit of cornflour/water mix to thicken if its a bit thin)
    Voila! Gravy Curry....sound minging but actually tastes yummy.
    Can't think of any more at the moment, but as there is only two of us we don't normally have a lot of leftovers.
  • Grapey
    Grapey Posts: 269 Forumite
    My personal fav is bread sauce sandwich which I 'discovered' one day after a Christmas when we had more bread sauce left over than turkey.

    I now sometimes make up some bread sauce just to have a sandwich, much to my OH's disgust :rotfl:
  • charlies-aunt
    charlies-aunt Posts: 1,605 Forumite
    I worked on shift work for quite a few years and it really messes with the internal body clock...especially a prolonged bouton nights...would quite happily have porridge & proplus washed down with Red Bull for supper to work for 10.00pm and then sandwiches, fruit, takeaway during the night and then home to a cooked dinner (premade the day before and zapped in the microwave) for breakfast and a coffee made with Baileys Irish Cream (to aid sleep) before going to bed at 8am.

    I love fried bread with strawberry jam on ...mmmm heaven :A
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  • ljaybrad
    ljaybrad Posts: 869 Forumite
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    French fries and whippy ice cream is my personal fav :)
    My dad is a fan of smartie and ketchup butties :D
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  • jexygirl
    jexygirl Posts: 753 Forumite
    edited 15 July 2010 at 11:25PM
    As a student nurse - marmite and mayonnaise on toast was a major discovery!, as was a tin of corned beef mixed with a tin of beans and microwaved into a erm... corned beef hash :D - I added tinned potatos on payday as a luxury !!!!
    Some of the concoctions here sound lovely! I can totally understand bacon and marmalade, it would be like a sticky marmalade marinade on gammon!
    Savvy_Sue wrote: »
    I will pay jexygirl the compliment of saying that she invariably writes a lot of sense!
    and she finally worked out after 4 months, how to make that quote her sig! :rotfl:
  • Not particularly weird, but DD's and I love yorkshire puddings with chocolate spread mixed with either lemon curd or orange marmalade. Absolutely delicious, especially if the yorkshires are still warm as it all melts!!! xx
  • Trazy
    Trazy Posts: 2,863 Forumite
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    My son is a health nut and to him food is fuel. The strangest combo I have seen him eat is tuna and banana mashed together ewwwwww:eek::eek:
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  • As a poor student for several years I learnt to eat anything!

    I once had the last of a bag of frozen chips in with a stir fry because I had no rice or noodles

    Mayonnaise sandwiches

    Bacon, pickle, cheese and BBQ sauce sarnies were also a favourite.

    Pasta Surprise which would be anything and everything thrown in (beans/tinned spaghetti were a popular choice, even marmite if it was all I had left!)
  • flipperOSN
    flipperOSN Posts: 110 Forumite
    edited 19 July 2010 at 12:21PM
    Grapey wrote: »
    My personal fav is bread sauce sandwich which I 'discovered' one day after a Christmas when we had more bread sauce left over than turkey.

    I now sometimes make up some bread sauce just to have a sandwich, much to my OH's disgust :rotfl:

    I love bread sauce sandwiches! No one but me eats bread sauce in my house so I always get to use some up this way. I don't understand my DH and DSs -when I was a kid we fought over it.

    This thread is great - just goes to show what you can be happy to eat when all you've got is leftovers or odd tins.
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  • sexylulubelle
    sexylulubelle Posts: 1,144 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!
    My mum's sisters brought G.I. boyfriends home during the war, they all seemed to love a bit of jam (or 'jelly') with their bacon. Groo! Don't the Americans eat pancakes with maple syrup and bacon too?
    My husband loves this I always make it for him on a special occassion lol:), my hubby loves sweet and salty combinations, he loves mixing peanuts cheese and raisens( not so weird), will eat syrup on leftover white rice, peels of the puff pastry pie crust to have with honey or syrup loves banana and bacon sandwiches:rotfl:
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