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Odd food combos



  • lizziebabe
    lizziebabe Posts: 1,115 Forumite
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    Hi everyone.

    When I was young and living at home we had 'Dad's soup' every Sunday night. He would put all the weeks edible leftovers in the mixer, reheat it and Voila!
    Sometimes it was a ghastly colour but usually ended up tasting good, with some hot crusty bread.
    He didn't cook much but was very proud of 'his' dish!!:rotfl:
  • 2009ismyyear
    2009ismyyear Posts: 116 Forumite
    I'll try anything - some work , some don't.

    Current favourite (and may this isn't 'weird'?) - granary bread toasted, spread with marg and marmite then cliced bananas on top - mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • mrjolly1
    mrjolly1 Posts: 11 Forumite
    Left over chinese for breakfast, umm. How I got through my childhood without getting food poisoning from the bacteria in the rice not refigerated, I'll never know. It stayed all night in my dad's hostess trolley!

    :eek:Yes, favourite is the left-over kebab, re-heated for breakfast!!!! All kinds of illness potential there, but surprisingly nice!:eek:
  • HoneyBee83
    HoneyBee83 Posts: 361 Forumite
    Wow! Great thread!

    I've no problem eating left-overs,anything goes with me.
    Im no stranger to eating re-heated cottage pie or pasta bake for breakfast.
    Love left-over kebab too...sooooooooo nice :)

    Cant think of any really strange combinations off the top of my head.I do however remember once having mashed potato-made into a nest thingy with a hole in the middle-filled with left-over veggies,sprinkling of cheese and then gravy over the top,extremely yummy!!
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  • flipperOSN
    flipperOSN Posts: 110 Forumite
    Hi, I'm a long time lurker only but I felt I had to join in this thread. It's reminded me of the strange things I used to eat towards the end of term as a student, when all I had left was whatever was in the cupboard. Well it was that or no beer!

    Baked beans and rice was a particular favourite, and I also discovered golden syrup sandwiches. Others were less successful like fish fingers and plain pasta, or pasta and marmite. My brother in law got very desperate and made himself a bran curry. Apparently it was so awful he put the whole saucepan down in the cellar and left it there untouched :rotfl:
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  • craftlady
    craftlady Posts: 256 Forumite
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    My friends favorite is bacon and marmalade sandwiches:(

    Can't see it myself!
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  • wigglebeena
    wigglebeena Posts: 1,988 Forumite
    My mum's sisters brought G.I. boyfriends home during the war, they all seemed to love a bit of jam (or 'jelly') with their bacon. Groo! Don't the Americans eat pancakes with maple syrup and bacon too?
  • Lirin
    Lirin Posts: 2,525 Forumite
    Students delight- fried ham, bacon and onions with gravy and mashed potatos.
  • thriftmonster
    thriftmonster Posts: 1,712 Forumite
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    My grandfather used to eat bacon with toast and lime marmelade - but it had to be lime - orange or lemon don't work - and it's quite nice.
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  • mz_grim
    mz_grim Posts: 155 Forumite
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    Pasta bake with left over cream of chicken (or mushroom) soup. mix pasta soup and frozen veg (i like just peas and corn) and if you have any chicken breast or thighs these can be cooked and added as well. Top with cheese and bake for 20 mins Yummy.

    I like peanut butter and cheese on toast, and I also cant drink water from a mug just doesnt feel right for some reason.
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