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Odd food combos



  • freakyogre
    freakyogre Posts: 1,465 Forumite
    I took some macaroni cheese with gammon i've made out the freezer for my dinner tonight, but I still have some mashed carrot/swede/potato from Sunday in the fridge, so I sense a strange mix tonight to use it up. A bubble and squeaky pasta mix...could be quite nice.
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  • juliethemuse
    juliethemuse Posts: 663 Forumite
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    oh i love leftovers, waste not want not, i'll eat anything, have been known to eat vindaloo for breakfast
  • patchwork_cat
    patchwork_cat Posts: 5,874 Forumite
    Left over chinese for breakfast, umm. How I got through my childhood without getting food poisoning from the bacteria in the rice not refigerated, I'll never know. It stayed all night in my dad's hostess trolley! To someone who said they don't like bolognaise with potatoes ,that is my favourite way with bolognaise over jackets and chilli and actifry chips is a favourite here. I don't know if I could eat a boiled kipper and past asauce, though, but kudus to Bronnie on the fishcake idea, I hadn't spotted that one.
  • rachbc
    rachbc Posts: 4,461 Forumite
    don't get me wrong I hate waste too and I do eat up all my left overs - but if I had spag bol left over I'd cook more pasta to go with it or freeze for another time rather than have it with rice or on toast! Feel a bit better that I'm not the only weirdo.

    And so with you on the mugs thing too!!
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  • kafkathecat
    kafkathecat Posts: 515 Forumite
    On Monday my friend made lunch from left over stir fried veg, pasta sauce and a bap. It was delicious! K.
  • niksyg
    niksyg Posts: 678 Forumite
    mmmmm leftover pasta in sauce sandwiches! Carb overload but seriously delicious!

    I struggle to serve pasta as a side dish/potato substitute - as in I would really have to be broke with only this in the house to have a piece of meat with veg and then pasta. Pasta needs to be sauced up - even if it'sj ust olive oil, salt and pepper!

    Generally I will eat anything though, especially if I am being uber frugal!
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  • pollyskettle
    pollyskettle Posts: 2,163 Forumite
    I make really strong mint jelly and it's lovely in a cheese sandwich or for dipping southern fried chicken in.

    Must make some more, have run out and I fancy a cheese sandwich now!

    I can't drink water from a mug either :)
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  • Caroline73_2
    Caroline73_2 Posts: 2,654 Forumite
    Not because it was MSE but because my son (4) is gross - popcorn in marmite.
  • Ladyhawk
    Ladyhawk Posts: 2,064 Forumite
    rachbc wrote: »
    I have real hangups about this which I know I should get over but I can't! I'd never serve curry with pasta or bolognese with potatoes

    This is gorgeous with some cheese on top... go ahead... be daring! Think of it's like of like a decontructed cottage pie.
    I can't drink water out of a mug either or drink soup out of a mug:rotfl::o

    Water definitely tastes weird from a mug!

    My strange dinner was paricularly odd tonight but so surprisingly yummy. It started as a chickpea and tomato stew. To which I added some diced tilapia fillet and prawns as I had these defrosted... then I threw in some quorn peices... then I topped with loads of mash from some soft potatoes that I had left in the cupboard.

    I could never recreate it!
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  • Kitchenbunny
    Kitchenbunny Posts: 2,085 Forumite
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    When I'm on my own, I love throwing whatever I've got left into a dish. I remember making a risotto once with whatever I'd got left, and it ended up being a cross between a risotto and bacon and eggs! Tasty, though. Then there were the peanut butter, cream cheese and turkey sandwiches I tried - I'm strange, what can I sat?! ;)

    KB xx
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