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Aspire Money?

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jazzajojojazzajojo Forumite
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edited 12 September 2017 at 9:23AM in Loans Insert:

Aspire has asked for a right of reply. MoneySavingExpert does not endorse anything a company says on our Forum.

We are delighted to see that contributors to this thread have had a good experience using our service. To clarify for anyone else who comes across this discussion; Aspire Money is a loan broker, not a lender, and we don't charge any fees to applicants for using our service. We have a panel of lenders (including well known and lesser known lenders) that we compare to find suitable loan offers for individuals, and many of these lenders are only available through brokers. Since this thread began, we have worked hard to make sure our website is intuitive, and that our contact details can be easily found. You can find independently verified reviews of our service on the feedback site Feefo (who have rated us as a gold trusted service!)

Back to jazzajojo's original post...


Has anyone ever heard of Aspire Money? They are loans people. but i dont know if they're brokers or lenders? Had a look through the forums but can't see anything relating to them....Just wondered if anyone knew if they were dodgy?
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  • EnfieldianEnfieldian Forumite
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    They sound dodgy.

    The proof of this will be when they ask for a processing/arrangement fee.....
  • Hi, I have just checked my credit file, searched on Lower my Bills option for a consolidation loan and apparently there was nothing to match my criteria. However they said they have arranged for a loans expert to call me from Aspire Money, within the next few hours as they have access to "a wider range of products" including Black Horse, Provident etc- but can't see if they will charge you for the pleasure yet. :(
  • Oh and Ive just had a missed call which I am assuming is from them- with a dialling code of +48 which apparently is Poland??
  • EnfieldianEnfieldian Forumite
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    Well, Provident are a doorstep lender. About one step up from PayDay loans, where a first time borrower could get up to £500 and pay back about £800 over a year.

    Anyone would have "access" to them, so to speak. Why would you need a broker to arrange a loan with them?

    There would be nothing to stop you from contacting Black Horse direct either.
  • Hi Guys

    I checked my experian credit file online and went through to the lower my bills application just to see what I was matched to

    On the loans page it came up with "your details have been passed to Aspire Money"

    Their website doesn't look to clever....

    No telephone numbers?

    I am waiting for a load of loan applications as brokers usually farm out your details to lenders and damaging your credit file in the process due to the large amount of searches in a short period of time

    If they call tomorrow to proceed then I will tell them, no thanks
  • I think its really bad that a company like Credit Expert and Experian are dealing and passing details on to these people! Alone I had around 11 missed calls from numbers with +33 and even US dialling codes calling! I picked up yesterday morning when yet another one called me and asked them to take my details off and not to call again, so far it has worked.
  • w13w13 Forumite
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    folks - you ae writing Aspire Money off before you have even talked to them.
    They are a loan broker so of course they are going to call you until they reach you
    They are based in the UK but have cheaper call centres abroad, in South Africa I believe.
    The rate they offered me was CHEAPER than the rate I got from Black Horse
    So actualy, I think Credit Expert are brilliant for finding a partner that do not charg fees, unlike all the other loans web companies
    There are / were some loan companies that ONLY deal with brokers so you cannot go direct to them, or the lenders offer better rates through brokers than if you apply direct
  • wayne99wayne99 Forumite
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    aspire are a broker, they do not charge any fee's what so ever
    :j:beer: :beer::j
  • w13 wrote: »
    folks - you ae writing Aspire Money off before you have even talked to them.

    You wouldn't have any connection with this company per chance???
  • Wutang_2Wutang_2 Forumite
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    JamesJones wrote: »
    Aspire Money does not charge a fee and is large reputable broker, specialising in helping people find credit deals to match their circumstances. They actually work with many high street banks.

    That said, please tell us if you experience problems with any of the organisations Experian works with through our lowermybills service.

    You should always be asked for your permission before any credit check takes place.


    I take it that bloke didnt get you sacked from Experian yesterday then??
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