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Travel Insurance Article Discussion

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  • keithmtkeithmt Forumite
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    We have a policy with at their Super Plus level and Worldwide cover; in other words, the highest level of cover.

    We recently went on a multi-hop trip across the States which took us from London to Chicago to Missouri to Indiana to Chicago to Washington and back to London. The flight from Indiana to Washington had a very long delay and our bags were lost for almost 2 days when we arrived in Washington.

    When we returned to the UK I filed a claim for delayed baggage and interim costs for essentials as the policy covers these aspects.

    What I hadn't realised was that the "small print" said that this part of the policy "only covers the outward leg" of the journey. A call to AnnualTravelInsurance confirmed this so the policy has a major hole for anyone who does a multi-hop journey.

    I can understand the exclusion of the "final homeward leg" but not all the legs after the first one.

    You have been warned!
  • Hi I need to find a policy which lets us take our grandchildren to USA, all the ones i have found have exclusions in them where parents have to go too or they are extortionate prices, any help would be appreciated
  • Does anyone know a company who insures people who don't start their journey in the UK. My daughter has worked at summer camp in USA for 2 months and is now travelling to orlando and new York. She has travel insurance through the camp until 27th August but does not return until 9th September. I have tried several companies who all say they only cover a person who is in the UK before the insurance starts.
  • luciluci Forumite
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    World Nomads, Worldwideinsure and possibly Globelink
  • I'd like to pass on a bit of feedback about experiences trying to get backpacker/long travel insurance once the journey is started. I've previously found that Insure&Go and Virgin Money (same policy) are good for standard backpacker insurance - good value and easy to set up. This time however, my daughter forgot to arrange it and she had been gone for a week before we realised. Having tried and failed to get insurers to adequately explain why they won't insure in such circumstances, I discovered World Nomads, Globelink International and Jade Stanley. All were happy to do it without drama. In the end we went for World Nomads, who just wanted 3 days before they would provide cover, unless proof of serious event within the 3 days could be provided. Really easy to set up and everything is done online. They are also not precious about length of stay, previous residency time in the UK etc and it can be easily extended.
    It would be useful if MSE could beef up the section on backpacker insurance to point at these companies.
  • someanonblokesomeanonbloke Forumite
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    OUL Direct? They seem to be the cheapest travel insurer around.

    Are there any horror stories or are they a standard set-up? Thanks.
  • My wife and I are going on holiday to Italy together. I have got quotes from M/Smkt for travel insurance for this trip, as a (a) couple, (b) individuals. The cheapest quotes would be insuring as individuals for our holiday, from two different insurers.
    Can I take those 2 separate quotes, or do I have to insure as a couple with one company?
    Any advice welcome! Thanks
  • On the face of it the "free" insurance with your bank account (Barclays) is a good deal. You do get multi trip but for a maximum of 30 days at one time. You can extend. which we did for another 15 days, having only noticed whilst we were away, but it cost £110 extra, not cheap!!
    Tashap wrote: »
    Has anyone ever upgraded their bank/building society "for a short time" to utilise the "free" travel insurance? Am thinking that may a good way to get cover for my old pre-existing condition?
  • We have just bought annual European travel insurance through LV as we wanted up to 90 days per trip. Bearing in mind we have existing conditions they, we thought, were excellent.
  • Has anyone suggestions for cheap reliable annual multi trip insuance for over 65's for periods of up to 90 days, worldwide not including USA
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