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Travel Insurance Article Discussion

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Travel Insurance guide.

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  • In the MSE article the best value policy is called Platinum Premier, but the Direct Travel website has no mention of Platinum policies. Am I missing something?

    Also, it looks like you can get 14% cashback through quidco for Direct Travel, MSE's best value policy.
  • medic1978medic1978 Forumite
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    I also can't see any mention of platinum policy on direct travel's website.

    Does anybody have any experience of the insurance policies included with Natwest Advantage Gold or LTSB Platinum. Thinking of getting one of these for travel insurance, AA cover, mobile phone cover (iPhone) etc...
  • medic1978medic1978 Forumite
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    Any suggestions from anyone?
  • medic1978medic1978 Forumite
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    A typo? Probably. But mentioned multiple times in the article referring to different policies: world/europe/single etc.

    Also, the prices quoted don't compare exactly with any of direct travel's policies- so I thought there might be a special MSE only policy via a special link or something but couldn't find anything
  • Hi, am new to this posting game! Am looking for reasonably priced travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. My son has had benign brain tumour and is asthmatic. Can anyone help with a good priced company?
    thanks, Anuska
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    I have tried to get insurance for the following conditions. Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions besides the ones in the guide.

    I have Iscaemic Heart Disease with Angina, have had Angioplasty with one stent, high blood pressure and have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

    One of the quotes I got was for £472 but I have managed to reduce this to £83. I used one a couple of years ago but they don't do insurance any more.

    Cannot understand the quotes as the only problem I have at present is my recent diabetes diagnoses, and even this is under control.

    Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions on companies they have used.

  • t0dt0d Forumite
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    Says it in the title. I'm very confused, where can I find Independent Traveller's Insurance for a trip that lasts for 70 days Worldwide exc USA Canada?

    I foolishly took out the M&S one without checking that it's only for 45 day trips!

    Please help!
  • kettlekettle Forumite
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    tonthered My conditions match yours but I have no angina after angioplasty and stent years ago. I have had annual travel insurance from All Clear - directly with them 2 years ago and this year through Diabetes UK web site link (it is still with All Clear) and got an even better price.
  • mdavisonmdavison Forumite
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    I'm a UK national recently changed permanent address to Turkey. Many of the cheap UK quotes for travel insurance are for trips starting and ending in the UK for UK residents.
    Any suggestions for providers of travel insurance for annual cover other than World Nomads for residents outside the UK?
    Thank you and regards
  • luciluci Forumite
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    https://www.worldwideinsure.co.uk or .com is similar to World Nomads.

    I think you would need to get insurance from a Turkish insurer seeing as you are resident there.
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