June 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    nsd yesterday
    £6 today in lidl.
    my balance still in red as it is (just) overbudget for where i should be 10/30th into the month. This policy has worked though as by now i have usually spent half of my budget, and this is focussing me much more than putting it in a bland colour - the red tells me off!

    did a freezer inventory yesterday, making a point of using the food up for meals, as both freezers were full and upsetting me i did not have space for whoopsies! Aim is to empty one freezer and turn it off till batch cooking or blanched veggies from the garden take over again.

    tonight used up some frozen mash, froze it just as riced potato and microwave defrosted it and added butter and milk - was beautiful!

    nov grocery challenge, £.227.69/300, 9/25 nsd: , 7 Cmo, 10 egm.
    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
  • Hiya all lurker here looking for some help.. there are 5 of us 2 adults and 3 hungry teenagers 2dogs and a cat... and i spend a fortune on food.. also i need help planning and organising food for a week and getting a shopping list and sticking to it can anyone offer some advice. I have decided that June is going to be the month that i really do get in check so any help getting organised would be great.. thanks in advance
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    Herbaholic wrote: »
    Hi Angel, without ordering it from an online source which incurs extra postage I can't get the Dove's Farm yeast near me, where do you get yours? I can get the Allinson Dried Active Baking Yeast and wondered if you or anyone has used this and what they think of it?

    I've been using the Mr T Fast Acting yeast and the Hovis one and the loaves these days are coming out heavy, I thought I was doing something wrong, hadn't occurred to me it could be the yeast! My DH said that Mr T and Hovis are putting some anti-rising agent in with the yeast so all our bread comes out icky which will stop us making our own cheaper bread and going back to buying their ready made loaves, he could have a point as I'm using the same recipe and method that I'm always using but the loaves are not as nice as they used to be.

    Herby x

    I can't remeber for certain where I bought it but it was either Asda or Tesco.
    Regardless of the yeast Ive found that making the water hotter than I thought-Id call it "hand-hot" as opposed to blood temp, using a flat 2 tsp if they say 2 tsp-(not heaped tsp) gives a lighter result. The best combination of all is to put the bm on for dough and then to bake the dough in your regular oven in a loaf tin or make a round cottage loaf with it.
    Emzy81 wrote: »
    The rest of the year!! My goodness!!!

    And what are whoopsies?

    Well my spend yesterday was £2.73 My Df's mom gave us 5 eggs because somehow she had lots and Mr T had loaves of Hovis reduced to 17p and the date isn't until the 11th so I bought a couple of those :)

    Quick question I bought a joint of pork from the chilled bit in January cheap and put it in the freezer, ive just noticed it in there and it says freezable but use within a month of freezing, is that really true? Im usually really paranoid about using things past the dates etc.. but its a joint of pork :eek: :D

    Ok-whoopsies are the reduced items-either close to their end of shelf life/dispay until date or damaged in some way.

    Re the pork-they tell you this in case you don't have a decent freezer. No reason pork shouldnt be ok for 6 months.
    After all-if it was frozen pork it would have a lot longer than a month on it and it was fresh originally. Always freeze meat as fresh as possible though-straight in the freezer when you get it home rather than a few days later. There no meat only a month old in my freezer!
    wssla00 wrote: »
    I really like Waitrose and would shop there every week if it was closer. Their basic range is great and it really is good quality. They also reduce stuff pretty quickly too so you get good value whoopsies. One of their best things is if you sign up for a scanner (which is free) it allows you to check your shopping total as you go round, so you know exactly how much you are spending. They also have very good meat and fish counters too! I really like shopping there as it isn't all in family pack bags which I wouldn't eat.

    Got to agree with this on Waitrose! I just pick the offers and some of their prices are lower than any of their competitors. We love their tropical fruit cocktial if you like tinned fruit-nothing else beats it!
    They are also the cheapest on sugarfree jellies -20p cheaper than Budgens! I just look around and get the best offer from all of the shops-no loyalty me.
    Great bread reductions too from about 4pm on all the lovely yummy stuff. I got a super birthday cake last year for DH birthday. Started at £26 down to £5 or thereabouts. I love Waitrose!
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  • Well Ive had about 4 no spend days so Ive been very good. I did my topup shop today and stuck to only what I needed-all in Iceland 12 eggs,8 pints of milk and 2 loaves of Kingsmill bread so caost was: £4.70. Could be an expensive day at the dentist tomorrow though as my tooth has broken and the filling come out eating the free toffees brought back from Devon from my friend. Now-I do know better! If you are over 40-you "suck" toffees! Also did my first "Avon" round today sop popped out my brochures,met new customers and did shopping in just over an hour. Even managed to pop into a playgroup with a big bag of cardboard and paper Id scrounged from our packaging at work over the last few months.
    Time- saving/moneysaving/earning and recycling in one and a quarter hours! Just don't mention installing routers fror friends and things that won't work with out any reasonable explanation! Used up-lots of goodwill and patience but I shall recover!
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
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    can i join you guys? i've been on mysupermarket.com for what seems like (& probablyis) hours & i still haven't finished... arghh. i'm going to try for a budget of £350 per month start with which includes packed lunches for work (diet) & school. i'm finding it a real struggle but i'm sure i'll get it down a little by using codes, dicount card (tesco) & popping into the different shops. they're all close by so isn't too bad. by the way, my family is me, hubby, 3 kids, 2 dogs & a cat. wish me luck

    tina x
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  • I just cut up my parsley and then bung it into a bag to freeze. Am i doing it wrongly?!!

    Hi pennygrabber
    no not at all. I just wash thouroughly and then freeze in ice cube containers as a type of portion control. Then if I am making soup etc I just pop the required amount of cubes in.
    It takes a long time to eat an elephant and I'm doing it a bite at a time!!!
  • Hi people, it's my payday today so I think I should probably join in!

    Can you sign me up for £120 this month? 2 grown ups, 1 child and a cat!!

    I did do this challenge a while back and managed to get myself down to this amount, hopefully I can still do it! xx
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    I had to buy lunch yesterday - I had not bothered to make one and also knew I needed to make myself get fresh air from the walk. So I went to M&S for something, and found the "Dine in for 2" offer is on. Given our state of exhaustion this week, I bought tonight's dinner already (I got a haddock gratin bake, with baby potatoes and will add some frozen peas) and a large chicken for Sunday dinner too (chick alone cost €9.88 - whole dinner is €12.50 including the side, desert and wine). There were mixed berries as one of the desserts (yum - and I'd probably buy same at the weekend anyway), and I got a profiterole stack to share too. So that added €25 to my total, but we would probably have gotten a takeaway tonight instead, for at least that and not including Sunday dinner or wine.

    Don't need a lot this weekend though - sweetcorn, eggs, some baking things (that can wait), milk, bread and fruit and veg.
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    yesterday I bought eggs for 99p and spent £2 to augment £25 of M & S vouchers

    So not an NSD

    Should manage one today though :)
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    hi...busy using leftovers here...made a chilli and a pizza also made some cakes and flapjacks...i did buy some biscuits as we fancied them...u know what its like

    i love waitrose and have found some good bargains...only trouble is it is a long drive to nearest so dont get there as often as i would like

    need to go and get bbq food for sat eve...should be fun...might spach a chicken that is nice on bbq

    have a nice weekend
    onwards and upwards
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