Defrosting the freezer

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    chickadee wrote:
    I usually try to use up the contents first, then before re-stocking I put the frozen food into a cool bag in my shed, where it is cooler. Then I switch the freezer off and put pans of boiling water in it to speed up the thawing process.

    I have to say, I hate doing it though. Horrible job! Good luck!

    That's exactly what I do and I make sure there is no meat left as I would be most worried about re-freezing that if it had thawed a little.
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    elljay20 wrote:
    I have a little mini freezer in the garage so i put my stuff in that. Also i use a hairdryer for defrosting. Did it just on monday actually and the hairdryer had it done within an hour!

    Wow! That's a great idea. Will try the hairdryer next time. Can't see it taking an hour though..
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  • If I have a lot of stock in the freezer, I wrap it in newspaper to insulate it a bit and keep it in as cool a place as possible. I use a wooden rolling pin to wack any large areas of ice, but ,mind cos you can go too hard and dent or crack the interior:eek:

    Then I put bowls of boiling water in to help the defrosting along, changing frequently.

    Be careful when using a hairdryer as electricity and water are a nasty combination. Could leave you looking a bit like this:eek:
  • got a frost free one - definately recommend spending the extra money for that next time you need a new one, so much handier! with my old one though i would try to use as much frozen stuff as poss, or take out anything i could use in the next few days, then use a kettle of hot water poured over the ice and lots of towels/rags/bowls to soak up the water. vey messy but v. quick, ice just fell off in chunks and if u wanna be really money saving you could probably use it to water plants etc :)

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    I use the hairdryer too, just sit well back from it so no spirks of water come near it. Also put bowls of boiling water in the bottom and a towel in front of it to catch any water. Never usually takes me long and i quite like doing it.

    SIL was house sitting while we were away in the summer and im sure she left the freezer open a little cause there is loads of ice on everything now but its far too full to even consider defrosting just now. Need to use it up, well most of it and then do it then restock.
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    I'm guessing I have a frost free one because I looked at it last night and there si no frost in there... And that means it's not been done since Nov last year and to be honest I doubt OH would have EVER thought of doing it before I moved in :)
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    I have a frost free one as well, but before I used jugs of hot water placed in the frezzer and the scraper which came with the frezzer.

    Wrapped the food in newspaper and in the coolbag.
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    If you have or can borrow a steamer it really speeds things up. I have a stand up one so really only the shelves to do.

    My mum swears by rubbing the sides and bottom of her chest freezer with glycerine, she says it stops the ice sticking, it falls off in big chunks, she then uses a dustpan and bush set to scoop it up.


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    Don't get a frost free one if it's going to be stored somewhere like a garage or other unheted room. They are designed to work optimally in a centrally heated house and it shortens their life by being in a cold room (F-F ones especially) It's for this reason I bought a cheap one for my garage.

    However, another word of caution about using a hair dryer - be careful that you don't over-heat the insides as you'll warp the plastic (I did this once, may years ago). I use one of those steam cleaners (£15 from Lidl) or sometimes I have been known to use the steam wall-paper stripper (the latter has a long bendy hose so you can get right into the back corners) I can have a really badly frosted up freezer emptied, defrosted, cleaned, dried and switched back on and re-filled in 30 minutes.

    Sometimes I run the freezers down and because I have 2, will move stuff around. However, last time, I just plonked the trays on the floor and got on with it. They were back in the cold before the peas had time to wake up :rotfl:
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    Don't think I'll be doing it today because its quite hot and I keep my freezer in an outside shed (its a chest type). DD1 is going to uni on Sunday too and will be taking some of the contents with her, so I will probably do it next week. Do you use water with bicarb or perhaps stardrops to give it a wipe through?
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