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I rarely swear at people.... but....Blog Discussion



  • before_hollywood
    we got calls like this a bit ago, about 30 in all, selling us a loan.
    someone in india.
    i tried hanging up, they rung back later, telling them my dad wasn't home, they rung back later, telling them we were not interested, they rung back, think i even told them to **** off, they rung back.
    in the end my dad got really annoyed and gave them a right telling off for 'harassing' us, which it amounted to in the end, threatened to report them to their manager if the calls continued.
    they never rung back
    things arent the way they were before, you wouldnt even recognise me anymore- not that you knew me back then ;)
    BH is my best mate too, its ok :)

    I trust BH even if he's from Manchester.. ;)

    all your base are belong to us :eek:
  • appyjack
    I notice I get more calls now I'm home in the daytime.

    I tell them I'm ex-directory and TPS registered, ask for their name & their company's name & ask where they got my number from, and they've all gone away quickly.

    If (as it seems) the numbers are randomly generated can TPS do anything about these? Is there any point in reporting them, and how would I go about this?

    Good tip about filling in 01111111111 on online demands for phone numbers - I've missed loads of prize draws rather than give my number!

    As for swearing, I try to be civil to call centre staff and other people in low paid jobs as I feel sorry for them. Also, I'd rather minimise their intrusion into my day & having a row would annoy me for hours. However, if someone was rude to me they'd get the full vocabulary!:eek: :D
  • Loop
    Loop Posts: 2,717 Forumite
    I just read the blog and it got me LMAO!!!

    I have registered with TPS but we still get calls from international numbers...

    My partner has the best way to deal with them

    He lets them just carry on, puts the phone on loud speaker, letting them think they have got the deal, then after like 20 minutes telling them nope sorry he doesnt want it...

    He works in sales and hates these type of callers as it gives his job such a bad rep!
    :wall:Crazy Nutters Club Member 003 :wall:
  • U have a point there and i wud have done the same. :j
  • ooobedoo
    ooobedoo Posts: 1,019 Forumite
    It's not quite the same but when I was about 10yrs old(before 1471 or caller ID) some bloke rang our house and asked my mum if she would answer as few questions, she agreed and he asked her what colour knickers she was wearing.....unflappable my mum said I will tell you, if you tell me why you do this...he stuttered and put the phone down.....he never rang back
    Oh....I'm not going to lie to you......At the end of the day, when alls said and done......do you know what I mean.........TIDY
  • cardboardbox_2
    the blog seems to have disappeared?
  • chartreuse_2
    but last time they called i loaded up http://www.ebaumsworld.com/arnolds4.html
    Now that is quite possibly the best thing in the universe!:D
  • System
    System Posts: 178,117 Community Admin
    Photogenic Name Dropper First Post
    the blog seems to have disappeared?

    No its not dissappeared, it is an older blog entry dated 21st August 2006. If you scroll down to around to that date, you will find it.

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