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I rarely swear at people.... but....Blog Discussion



  • nim_2
    nim_2 Posts: 33 Forumite
    I have been subscribed to TPS for many years (at different numbers since we have moved during that time) and have only ever received around 2 marketing calls during that time - in those cases the caller very rapidly retreated when TPS was mentioned.

    However even if the TPS are not particularly interested in a breach of the regulations, since the caller is bothering you in a way that is explicitly unlawful I would have thought there is some room to make a small claims court case against them - which would immediately have the advantage of giving them a decent financial incentive to make sure they comply with TPS.

    Won't work so well if they are overseas based... in which case you have to resort to either the bullhorn into the phone, or seeing how long you can taunt them until they put the phone down on you.
  • Dora_the_Explorer_5
    Registering with TPS saved my sanity :D . My plan for any unwanted callers that slip under the radar is to tell them I'll get my mum, then get on with my life and put the phone back on the hook after they've been waiting for 5 minutes - as if :rotfl: . Trouble is I hven't had any unwanted callers since I went TPS so I can't try it out. Life's very unfair :mad:
  • Edinburghlass_2
    Edinburghlass_2 Posts: 32,680 Forumite
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    I don't get many since registering with TPS and those that I do get I straight away ask for the company name so I can report them, they soon decide they don't actually want to speak to me.

    The ones I like best are at an office I do some admin work in when they get the calls on how to reduce your telephone bills. I enjoy telling them that we pay 0p per minute with 3p connection charge and can they beat that :)
  • BestFootForward_2
    Get Revenge!! Wast their time.!!
    My longest is 17 minutes, 41 seconds.

    I have a work mobile, along with many of my colleagues. We can be at lunch and some of our phones will start ringing simultaneously. Most of the others get rid of the calls quickly. Not me!:D

    The only rule is: Don't give out any personal details!

    I pretend that I pay the bill, and am really interested in what they are selling.
    I ask them what phones are on offer, and ask if it has some features, like camera, FM radio etc, Bluetooth, infrared. Gradually increase the features as they go through the list of phones until eventually they run out of phones. I then start to retract some of the features so I can go to the next stage.
    They then start to tell me about the minutes, texts etc. I'm not happy with that, what about video calls I ask? How much a month? How long is the discount for?
    Their deals are usually a bit complicated, so this needs to be explained to me several times;)

    This may appear sad to some of you, but on the other hand, while I'm speaking to them, they're not bothering you:rotfl:
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  • Somerled
    Somerled Posts: 348 Forumite
    I too am registered with TPS and I take great delight in seeing how long it will take them to hang up on me when I start ranting about being TPS registered and the fact that their call is ILLEGAL, funnily enough as soon as I've said it's illegal a few have even apologised for wasting my time before hanging up on me lol!

    This is often my ploy but most especially I ask them to repeat the company name twice or more, tell them to speak up, repeat what they are saying and then tell them "congratutlations, your company has just broken British law and OFTEL would be in touch". Informing them that they will probably get a £10,000 fine and have a nice day.
    This usually shuts them up and they hang up.
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  • Jnelhams
    Jnelhams Posts: 1,363 Forumite
    I hate these calls, I have BT Choose to Refuse, but this does not work with overseas calls. Recently I had some idiot leave the line open for some 10 minutes, luckily I had a mobile phone, otherwise my BT line was useless.

    I think there must be a technical way BT can stop these calls and cut them off your line rather than leave them blocking your line.

    In the past I have told them they are through to a Doctors Surgery, this seems to work, failing that I speak quietly and then when they are really listenting hard, I tell them what you did Martin!

    I want a button on my phone that I can press that blows their phone up!
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  • biketyke
    As I too am registered with TPS; asking for the callers name, the name of their company and a return telephone number quickly ends the call. Should they be provided, simply report the company to TPS giving the details. Failing that, simply ask them (politely) if they wouldn't mind holding for a moment, then walk away leaving the phone off the hook for an hour or so.
  • ollyshaw
    ollyshaw Posts: 704 Forumite
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    I rarely gve my phone number out, but if a form requires it i type


    This will get you round most online "is it a real number" checks.

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  • southernscouser
    southernscouser Posts: 33,745 Forumite
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    I can't help but laugh though when you get one of these calls.

    Phones rings.


    5 second pause which you know means it's from India.

    Bloke with really strong Indian accent, "Hello, Mr SS?"

    "Yes thats me"

    "Hello Mr SS, my name is Dave"! :rotfl:
  • alarmfan
    alarmfan Posts: 35 Forumite
    I just tell them to explain in depth what they're selling and I gently put the 'phone down while they waffle on to absolutely no-one.

    If they waste my time, I'l waste theirs!

    And I'm not adverse to swearing on occasion either!!
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