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I rarely swear at people.... but....Blog Discussion



  • lemontart
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    I had a call from James tonite from a with held number wanting me to do a survey - I asked who he was calling from..............could not understand what he said ..............I asked why calling from with held number - he offered to give it to me - I asked why I would want it as I was not going to be calling it ............silence - then I said why would I answer the questions of someone who hides there identity when calling, does not openly say who they represent - silence - then i said not nice is it being asked lots of questions by strangers for no good reason...............I then hung up.

    I am responsible me, myself and I alone I am not the keeper others thoughts and words.
  • ricgre
    ricgre Posts: 5 Forumite
    If you have 5 minutes keep the call going with pleasant conversation. I used to just hang up but the calls kept coming, then I decided to get into a debate as to the usefulness of their phone when I had a company phone. Then began to try to sell him a Pipex account and we could share the voucher. He gave up.

    The next one who rang was asked, " Do you want the long call when I do not have a phone or the short call when I do not have a phone". We got into a long, sometimes humourous conversation. When I worked out he was calling from Mumbai, we got into a conversation about my trip from Mumbai to Pune and my plan to visit again in September. He told me it was his birthday in September and if I told him when I will arrive he will pick me up from the airport. I told him if he did I would buy him a birthday present ............................. a mobile phone.

    If you want to waste a little time you can have some good conversations and a bit of fun. And do you know I have had no calls for weeks.
  • sausagefans
    armarda wrote:
    hmmm you know I think I might try this tact next time. We're TPS registered and on more than one occasion I've had a similar conversation where I've insisted to be added to their "do not market" list but they have refused to do so. It is so galling that they think they are free to invade my private line with their calls against my wishes!

    Did you report them?
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  • sausagefans
    ts_aly2000 wrote:
    I've always wondered if it would be worth setting up one of these £1 per minute premium rate numbers and registering that as your home telephone number, and then giving it out to every company that wants your number.

    Would this work? As if it did, you'd make an absolute fortune!!

    You must legally tell the would be callers the call cost but yes it would work.
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  • sausagefans
    Martin (do you read this?) - if you number is an Orange originating one or possibly Vodafone it is possible for them to generate them, for example they know that if they call 07979 95XXXX it is likely to be a Vodafone number (or was once) so the goon might not have been able to remove you.

    I am assuming TPS doesn't cover international calls in which I guess most are these days but I've not had cause to complain yet.


    also known as The Sausage King
  • whistler-alison
    I'm with the TPS and rarely get calls. The only ones seem to be from companies connected with Sky who offer me insurance on my Skybox. The other week someone called me. I was so annoyed because I was rolling meat balls when they called - a messy job. He said to me, "Hello, this is X calling from Y, how are you today" (I hate all this over friendly preliminaries). I just replied, "Not so good, my herpes has flared up again" and put the phone down. I felt quite bad after because the guy was only trying to do his job. But it is so irritating.
  • skylight
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    John_T wrote:
    the best course of action is to waste their time, ask them to hold on a minute then leave them on the phone until they give up and disconnect, if everyone did this it would become uneconomical to do this type of cold calling.

    This is now what I do. At least while they are wasting time shouting down the phone gtting me to hear, they are leaving some poor old person alone.
  • Skiduck
    Skiduck Posts: 1,973 Forumite
    At my old office, we used to play a little tag game with them -When they asked for the manager or whomever, one person would say "hang on, I'll just go and get him/her" then transfer the call to another extension (who knew it was this tag game). They would be asked if they were the manager, they would say "no, I will just transfer you across". The phone was transfered to another extension and it goes on and on and on... Had us in stiches each time. We regularly had them on for over 5 minutes and tearing their hair out.

    You could also do this at home passing the phone around.
  • itsmylife_2
    I've been plagued by these calls since having my baby 5 months ago (I'm blaming the well known name that gives you freebies in the hospital and takes photos) ... all really awful things like "what would you do if your child developed a critical illness and you had to take a long time off work?" - offering various forms of insurance - talking about playing to your vulnerable side... I didn't know about TPS, but have now signed up!!! Thanks!
    tying hard to cut down grocery shop bill...
  • kriptone
    Hi all,
    I'm new here so treat me gently lol.

    I signed up for the Telephone Preference Service and the Mail Preference Service years ago but I STILL get unsolicited phone calls and letters, leading me to believe either I did something wrong or they just don't like me and so ignored my request to have these things stopped. Anyone got any suggestions?


    PS Thought for the day: when you answer a phone call and it's a wrong number, how come you are ALWAYS in!
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