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I rarely swear at people.... but....Blog Discussion



  • ksh123
    ksh123 Posts: 1,248 Forumite
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    I signed up for TPS yonks ago when it first arrived and then refreshed my preferences a few months ago. It has made little or no difference to the amount of calls and junk mail I receive. These days I am often rude, often hang up I don't feel guilty anymore......

    But a sales call this morning really broke the record for cheek because it wasn't even from a person!! It was an automated call from some ridiculously cheerful woman selling God knows what...something to do with phones, I didn't listen for long.
    Oh well, at least a machine doesn't argue back!
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • liuhut
    liuhut Posts: 1,269 Forumite
    My mum is registered with TPS and she kept getting calls from the Indian call centres. She spoke to TPS and they said that they only cover calls made in the UK not from ones that originate outside....this was a few months ago so may be its changed?
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  • hollydays
    hollydays Posts: 19,812 Forumite
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    Tps can only stop the calls of companies that register with them-its voluntary.The firms that do register can also get round it if the call is classed as a marketing call ie doesnt try to sell you anything.It has worked for me though.
  • rubix_76
    rubix_76 Posts: 216 Forumite
    My Dad suggested this one to me: when answering these calls say to them "This call will be recorded for complaints/TPS/XYZ purposes" and in many cases they will hang up (whether you do or not).

    Lets face it, if THEY recorded all their calls for "training" purposes they wouldn't call you back if you asked them not to.

    I mostly give my mobile number out as most companies won't call a mobile, but I have read from some of you that does happen, I just must be lucky.
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  • ksh123
    ksh123 Posts: 1,248 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I think that's a good suggestion of your Dad's Rubix tho I don't know if I would have the bottle to use it! I'll try and give it a go!
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • Kernow_Kid
    Have to say I agree with Martin's tactics.
    Up until recently I was getting as many as 3 calls a day from telesales and stuff. Even after signing up for TPS I had two companies calling again and again.
    One was a double glazing company and the other was of Asian origin, phoning on behalf of BT!!
    I kept on telling them I was not interested and was TPS registered and their calling was tantamount to harrassment. Nothing was working, the BT guy even got abusive to me when I asked to speak to a supervisor.
    Leaving them on hold for an hour a go hadn't worked, asking for a supervisor hadn't worked, and the BT guy said that if I changed my number, then BT would just call up the new one even though I'm ex-directory, and with Talk-Talk. I complained to BT and said they would look into it.
    The calls continued for a few more weeks, always in the evening, sometimes they left messages on my answering machine.
    In the end I started screaming abuse at them, and I didn't hold back. The stuff I hurled at them was unbelievable but in my mind completely justified.
    The window people said they would put me on a list of abusive clients (I never wanted to be a client!) and would not call again, I said 'At last, Thankyou'.
    The BT man put his supervisor on who then berated ME for being abusive. I calmed down and explained what had been going on for months and he then apologised and said they won't call again.
    To their credit, none of them has called since, about 3 months now, but I still get the occasional call from a recorded voice saying I've won a hoilday. At least when you hang up on this one it doesn't ring you back 4 more times in the same evening!
    Sometimes a few choice words are exactly whats needed. Good on you Martin!
    Be Pure, Be Vigilant, Behave!:A
  • barginboyrob
    yeh 3g (from india keep calling me)...sometimes i just me and my brother keep talking to them just to waste their time...

    but last time they called i loaded up http://www.ebaumsworld.com/arnolds4.html

    and said speak to my dad and loaded up an arnold swazeneggar soundboard and tried having a conversation using the pharases on the site and putting the phone up to my computer speaker haha

    now i can't wait for them to ring me!
  • tomstickland
    tomstickland Posts: 19,538 Forumite
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    PS Thought for the day: when you answer a phone call and it's a wrong number, how come you are ALWAYS in!
    Er,because you wouldn't answer the phone when you weren't in?
    Happy chappy
  • hb1444
    hb1444 Posts: 521 Forumite
    :mad: I swear a lot now, I tried not to but decided it was inevitable due to a bullying incident at a train station, and it's turned into a real habit, and I think these calls would be the light of the dynamite.:mad:

    My dad got a call to buy a mobile phone, he refused but they persisted and he ended up agreeing to a Nokia 6280 contract, when the phone came, it wasn't a Nokia 6280, but a lg u880, RUBBISH! :mad: We tried calling to return the phone and they said first they can't replace it for the original phone:eek: eventually they took it back, and personally I'd have told them where to shove their phone (and it wouldn't be nice:eek:) and they can report me all they like but they were the ones in the wrong and they started the whole thing, so really all we can do is be victimised and be pressed into getting a new phone (I got a new phone but I wanted pay as you go not monthly), and perhaps into DEBT!:eek: :eek: :eek:
  • scheming_gypsy
    scheming_gypsy Posts: 18,410 Forumite
    the simplest thing to do with mobile phone companies phoning you is to tell them you've recently upgraded. You've just upgraded, got into a new 12 month contract so they can't do anything except stick you on record as being a waste of time to re-try.
    I rarely get any calls about them now.
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