I'm having a DFW baby!!

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Hello :hello: Oooh, feeling a bit nervous - first time I've started a new thread heehee!

Just hoping for some advice/ideas, as I would really like to have a baby (no, not THAT kind of advice - I KNOW how babies are made :rotfl: ). We are currently in the 'actively trying' phase ;) - I would be over the moon to find out that I'm pregnant but I'm a bit scared of the financial implications.

I thought I would start a thread, firstly to get tips off anyone that has had a baby whilst still remaining DFW-compliant :D , and secondly as a sort of DFW diary, to keep a log of how much I am spending (I keep reading in the papers about how much it costs to have a baby :eek: and want to make sure I don't lose control of my finances if I DO get pregnant).

Even the pre-pregnancy bits and pieces are expensive (folic acid, pregnancy testing kits etc). I already have a 5 year old so have some of the things I will need tucked away in the loft, but will probably need the occasional kick up the backside to stop me buying lovely shiny new things when I already have them.

So that's it really, I hope no-one minds if I keep track of things on this thread, and wont be offended at all if you choose to ignore my ramblings (I suspect that they will become more random/deranged if I do 'conceive' due to sudden rush of hormones etc lol)!

Love Snaggles xxx
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