May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • hi, massively overbudget, yet again, £405. But there are once again, two freezers, and a cupboard full. Have banned husband from shops again ! and am hoping once the garden starts producing food the bills might go down a bit. I need to get into the habit of doing some baking to keep the hungry boys out of the fridge. off to junes board with a higher budget,
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    Declaring at £267.45 for May
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    Declaring £248.66 which is £108.66 over budget. :o In my defence though alot of this has been alcohol as it was on special offer. Have now got enough for the OH to last him through the world cup!
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    morning all,total for may £298.52.going to try and spend less in june ,maybe i should just stop eating lol,i have put 8 pounds on since feb!.diet starts today i think .
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  • declaring £600.77 :(
    total debt at LBM £4800
    Debt as of Mar 2016 £1790 Hope to be debt free July 2016:eek:
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    We spent another £21.17 over the month meaning we came to a total of £91.92 with £16.08 left over out of the £108 budget for the month :).
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    Hello all,

    Finally getting round to adding up my last few purchases of May (have been away/busy for over a week), and my final grocery total is £124.01, so overspent by £4.01!

    Not too bad I suppose, but must do better in June. All a bit complicated as DH still in hospital, but I'll post my new goal on the June page.
    Will meanwhile update my sig.
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  • Still over budget! I really have to knuckle down this month and try and keep the foody bill right down as my cupboards are well stocked but my fridge looks very sad with a few wilting vegetables and eggs and more eggs courtesy of "the gals".
    I'm declaring at a ridiculously high figure of £304.98 for May and after reading through how other people have also overspent then I can only suggest that it was something in the air!
    See you on the June challenge;)
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    Hi everyone, sorry at the cows tail as usual - just totted up spend for May declaring at £582.19 !!! that's a staggering £149.19 over budget. Must try harder this month. please put me down for £433 in June.
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    I have a few packet cake mixes that i've got from Approved foods, and wondered if i'd chucked a bit of fruit of some sort in would they work the same?

    I don't want to eat cake for cake's sake if you get what i mean. I'd rather it be a little healthy.

    I think i've got Devil's food cake and Angel cake, and scone mix (but i know i can add fruit to that, obviously).
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