May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    well I went over this month, £175.60 and that doesnt even include the celebratory pizza (and starter..and dessert...) that we ordered when OH was offered a new job which is BETTER than the one he was made redundant from, better prospects, more money, nicer people!! so happy this week!!! :j

    well done to everyone who has managed to stick to their budgets! one month I will manage it.
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    hiya am declaring that we went 47p over Mays budget. Not impressed! :(We spend too much on treats I've decided now its down on paper - but I have bought some more today.

    May total £300.47p
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    welshkaz wrote: »
    ive fallen off the wagon massively for last 2 months through very ill hubby in hospital and pure laziness really so can i declare £280 for june please xx
    Sorry to hear that Kaz & I'm sure it's NOT laziness that has caused a blimp in your plans((HUGS)) Hope there's good news on the way very shortly x

    On paper I'm £16:76 over my budget BUT..that does include the pack of six water filter cartridges that I found on offer in Robert Dy4s (16:99) & also not taking off £18 of vouchers. So in reality, even with the refills I have £1:24 should an emergency crop up between now & Tuesday morning :D

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    Hi all

    Not so good...I'm £49.95 over and there are 2 days left which will probably not be cheap days!

    Will declare Monday night and set things a little bit higher next month!
    May Shopping Challenge. 10/5. Budget £310 Spent £118.25.. £191.75 left. So £9.13 a day.
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    Declaring for May at €220.66, a mere €60.66 over budget....not sure why that happened but hopefully at €200 for June I will do better.

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  • KadeeaeKadeeae Forumite
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    Declaring total for May @ £261 which puts me £11 over :(

    Have upped it a bit for June, we'll see how it goes . . . .
  • ZendZend Forumite
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    Hi, overspent by £5 this month. Not too bad really as I took £30 out of the grocery money to pay for OH's birthday meal out.
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    Hi I have been very frugal this month and shopped quite a bit from my food stores so have only used £89.64 out of my 'food money purse' so have an extra £30. 36 to go into my holiday fund for August.
    So onwards and upwards for June and I am going again with £120.00 for June as it will give me a bit of leeway if I run a bit short of anything.I am really pleased with this month as lots of bits have been used that were just sitting in the cupboard.:j:j:j:j:j:j
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    Declaring for May at £423.45 against a target of £450 - a very rare under budget for me :T:j

    I like this stay out of the shops lark :p.
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    Sorry, posted on the wrong thread-have reposted on the June thread.
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