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Anyone know how to keep cats out my neighbours garden and his racing pigeons

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I read the tread here on how you advised "I'mcomingbackasaman" to keep cats out of the garden while she was baby rabbit sitting. Would any of them suggestions work if I put them on just one side of the garden where my neighbours garden meet? I need a good solution that doesn't scare my cat away from our house but keep him away from my neighbours.

My cat keeps going over to my neighbours garden to try to catch his racing pigeons. I cant afford to buy and build a fence and I'm not sure it would help. My neighbour doesn't want to (he is in his late 70's)and he says its my problem. The two previous owners to our house used to have dogs and they keept all cats away from his pigeons
But I also got all the neighbourhood cats coming in to our garden because of the pigeons.
In the last 4 years my cat has caught/killed a few pigeons and it's coming to the point where my neighbour is getting nasty about it.

Since racing pigeons has been around for donkeys years this problem must have occured previously. Have you got any sound advise?


  • Does your cat wear a collar with a bell ? That's supposed to alert birds to cats, not sure how effective it is though.
  • Sorry, it's just occured to me that racing pigeons can't really escape a cat can they because they're shut up. So sorry for useless advice:o
  • Not useless advise at all. He used to have a bell on the collar but I just checked and it is not there no more. I will get another one (or two :) )
    My neighbour takes the pigeons out once a day whilst he is cleaning the hutch and let them fly around, for a couple of hours. It's usually then my cat strikes...
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    Just wanted to say good on you for being so considerate,
    Kaz x
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    My neighbour was just telling me about a plant he uses to keep cats out his garden called scardey cat ( not the techincal name but it is a freely available plant at most garden centres ). All I could think is that you could try planting this where your neighours garden meets.
    A fence probably would not help unless your cat is timerous and doesnt really wander as my cats love jumping fences !
    On the other side I am afraid it is cats natural instinct to hunt birds and it wont just be your cat but ANY cat in the neighbourhood will see your neighbours garden as being like a mcdonalds drive through ! Partly it is also his responsablity to look after the pigeons , just as I have to with rabbits in mine, from dogs,foxes etc. Where we stay the local council has banned the keeping of pigeons from houses because of the health risk they cause to humans.
    I just noticed you said your neighbour takes the pigeons out , why not agree to do this at a certain time and keep your cat in door then.Then it will just be the other cats that he will have to bother with.
  • You can get sonic repellents to keep them away. They are installing these in my kids school, as theres a bit of a pigeon problem!
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    How about having some bells along the fence as well as his collar so the pigeons will fly up when they hear them?
    Really it is not your problem either as cats are considered to be wild animals and are not governed by the same laws as dogs but I can see how it is distressing. I've got a cat but really like birds too .We tried belling his collar but the bell aways mysteriously dissappears.
  • You can get sonic alert collars which let of a high pitched noise as the cat goes to pounce. I can see it driving you mad in the night though when he jumps on a chair!It might be that you have to take his collar on and off. We used to have a cat that was only allowed out with his collar, but we took it off when he was inside - if he saw his collar - he would get really excited ab it like our dog does now if you say walk - ( or in fact spell it - she can spell!!) these are the ones -
  • Not being funny but isnt it in a cats nature to chase birds? If he's chasing the pigeons theres not a lot you can do about it and the bloke next door should be doing something to protect his pigeons.
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  • Sorry that link didn't work properly here
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