How best to spend £13.93 to live for a week?



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    wssla00 wrote: »
    approved food
    Food bargains

    Both sell things either short date or after the best before. Pretty good value

    Goldenfry Chipshop Batter Mix 170g

    From the Savoury Baking Mixes shelf - see rest of shelf


    Is the above, from Tesco, the same thing as this
  • tesco value cream cheese 200g (a bit like philly) is 25p good for adding to pasta sauce and on bread
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    Let me get this right. You joined this forum in August 2006 and haven't learned enough to prevent yourself getting in this situation in the first place?

    How did you manage to get into this muddle?

    Why are you being so judgemental?

    Edit: Have since read all the posts on this forum and have seen the 'apology'.

    I also joined this site in 2006 but it doesn't mean i'm suddenly amazing with money, nor does it mean that family/life circumstances don't change. I have been up and down with my finances, through illness, gaining and loosing jobs/hours, having to pay out for unexpected things like car break downs etc. Sometimes i've been too poor to buy shampoo and had to nab it off a friend. The point of this website is to give and take useful advice.

    It should also be noted that a quite a few people who are in debt also have psychological issues related to this, depression etc, so when they are coming on here to get friendly advice you should take heed and realise that they don't need your critisism and superiority to make them feel worse.

    There are too many people on here who are judgemental and rude, the forum seems to be loosing it's friendliness which is so important.
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    My suggestion for shopping list:

    3 Loose Carrots 0.24 p
    2 Tesco Value Low Fat Yogurt 4x125gx 2= 0.40p
    3 Loose Brown Onions 0.51
    2 Tesco Value Instant Mash 250g 0.32p
    1 Tesco Value Beef Mince 800g £2.00
    1 Market Value Bananas 1.5kg £1.34
    1 Tesco Round Lettuce Each 0.57
    1 Pitch Chocolate 8pk 1.00
    2 Tesco Value Baked Beans In Tomt/Sauce 420g 0.58
    3 Tesco Value Chopped Tomatoes 400g £1.05
    1 Tesco Value Pasta Quills 500g 0.32p
    1 Tesco Value 6 Eggs £0.91
    1 Tesco Uht Value Skimmed Milk 1 Litre 0.49p
    1 Tesco Edam Slices 250g £1.50
    1 Tesco Value Thick Sliced White Bread 800g 0.47
    1 Tesco chickpeas 400g £0.48p
    1 Can of Tesco Ratatouille £0.46p
    1 packet value savoury rice £0.28p
    1 tesco value 6 pack chocolate wafers £0.42p
    1 can value tuna chunks £0.55p

    Price estimate: £13.89

    Choc chip brioche for breakfast, cheese & lettuce sarnies for lunch with a banana and or yoghurt, evening meals:4 egg omelette, beans and mash, cottage pie, chilli with savoury rice, pasta with ratatouille (with or without tuna), chickpea curry, Scrambled eggs on toast with beans. Snacks choc wafers.

    Good luck, hope you have a good week
  • peewit23
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    Tesco have 2.5kg of baking potatoes on offer for 95p. Should do a weeks worth of lunches if you add in 3 tins of beans for a pound or less depending on offers and some value grated cheddar for £1.96. 15 eggs (or add another 15 if you want bigger omelettes and extra boiled eggs for snacks) for £1.45 will sort out omelettes with the extra cheese and an onion or 2. Value porridge oats are pretty good for 58p so a 4 pint milk for £1.53 should also do enough for tea and coffee. Again always check for reduced items again at end of night, normally a couple of hours before closing but I seem to find that a few big stores by me London near old kent road hold off till the last hour for the biggest discounts. Tins of things like ravioli 44p and mixed beans 38p from Lidl are good fillers so always worth scouring Lidl Aldi Netto for bargain tin fillers!
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    It's the end of a week now .... wonder if the OP starved or not.
  • im always on a tight budget when out shopping etc! look in the ooops isle sometimes they have some great deals in there and somtimes you can drop on an offer like BOGOF etc iv had that in the past ind it works at the till look for coupons too there can be good! if i don,t need a coupon i take it with me and place it next to the item so fello MSE can take advantage of the coupon etc! sainsburys ane good for taking coupons you hav not brought scour the papers and cut them out worth a try!! :T
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    If you were repeating your budget this week the £2 tesco cooked chicken offer would be a super buy
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    Well i have survived without issue and still have 50p left.

    The pasta i bought was enough for 4 meals, I still have some left.

    The only problem now is that i was suppose to be paid to toady, i.e the money should have been in my account and its not. I'm sure my director will sort though.
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    I'd always go for bags of frozen veg at less than £1 each, they can go into all sorts with rice and pasta; eggs from Farmfoods £1.50 will last the week; yesterday i got 550grams breaded haddock in Heron for 99p so that must cover 4/5 meals.
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