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How best to spend £13.93 to live for a week?



  • imataloss
    imataloss Posts: 283 Forumite
    c-m wrote: »
    Well i have survived without issue and still have 50p left.

    The pasta i bought was enough for 4 meals, I still have some left.

    The only problem now is that i was suppose to be paid to toady, i.e the money should have been in my account and its not. I'm sure my director will sort though.

    I would like to say well done on surviving the week.

    Not good news about the pay though but hopefully this will be sorted out very quickly by your director.
  • yelowee
    yelowee Posts: 83 Forumite
    A good cheap pasta sauce can be made buy simply putting some dry rosemary, basil or Italian style seasoning (varying quantities of each or all three to taste) in a cup and adding 100 ml or so of boiling water, leave this the infuse for several hours, I have a young child who dislikes the herbs left in the sauce so I drain the water off and add to a tin of chopped toms and heat through before adding to pasta, when I buy ragu at buy 1 get 2 free in morrisons I get complaints for not making the cheap easy one!

    also try adding any old veg you have and blending to a smooth mixture, frozen swede and carrots are cheap and taste great in it, as is fresh celery which is often reduced (all 3 together with a few mushrooms and you're on to a real winner!), the resulting mixture is quite good at thickening the sauce so you may find you need more water.

    add some chicken stock or tomato juice (50p a litre for the cheap stuff) and use corn flour to thicken it like you would gravy or the veg mix above potatoes are good for thickening it if you have used a lot of liquid.
  • julie777
    julie777 Posts: 340 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    HI there is a web called supercook.com dont know if i am allowed to put that here. enter in what you in your cupboards and it generates meals for you please delte this if i shouldnt have put the web name.helped me out a few times i can tell you x

    I will definitely use that site!
  • julie777
    julie777 Posts: 340 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    wssla00 wrote: »
    approved food http://www.approvedfood.co.uk/
    Food bargains http://www.foodbargains.co.uk/

    Both sell things either short date or after the best before. Pretty good value

    Hi there. I didn't know about foodbargains so thanks for that! Just wondered how you feel the two compare? Does one have advantages over the other? I did feel approved food was over packaged with loads of little boxes within the big boxes. They can be Freecycled or recycled I guess.
  • willbdebtfree
    i agree, littleyellowspider your comments are completely unhelpful. Perhaps you need to understand that the DFW board is about support not judgement.

    The relevant of you being a newbie (like me!) is that you are unlikely to endear yourself to others with that kind of attitude.

    It took me a long time to brave posting on this website, largely because of comments like yours, and I wouldnt want you to deter others
  • sillywilly
    sillywilly Posts: 701 Forumite
    Iceland do 4 tins of Crosse and Blackwell beans or spaghetti for £1
    4 pints of milk - all varieties £1
    12 eggs - £1
    2 loaves of Kingsmill - all varieties £1.50

    Most supermarkets usually have an offer on branded cereals - I got a 500g box of Shreddies in Asda and a 750g box of Kellogs bran flakes in Tesco recently for £1.

    In theory that is enough to survive on for £5.50 or al least breakfast sorted for a week!

    Asda stonebaked frozen pizzas are pretty good and filling for £1.17 and you still have half your money to get other bits.

    You might be doing a lot of smelly farts if you just eat what I suggested!
  • Scooter_McKenzie
    If you need to economise but don't want to eat pre-packaged rubbish or goods that will go off in the next 24 hours, my one tip is to buy some strong bread flour and some yeast. A 65p bag of flour (along with some yeast, water, salt and fat) will give you 4 large loaves. Alternatively you can make your own pizza bases and using some tinned tomatoes and some store cupboard bits, create a pizza topping. Also, add one egg to 100g of bread flour and you have fresh pasta. Take out your frustrations on the dough, roll thinly and cut however you fancy. It also takes about one or two minutes to cook so you save energy too.
  • BostonMan
    BostonMan Posts: 12 Forumite
    This thread seems to be carrying on despite the OP surviving the week :) so I hope folks won't mind if a very ancient person gives his two-pennyworth. I've been up to the top and down in the pits and when one is down and out the answer is porridge, porridge and more porridge. It has a high GI rating so it keeps you full for longer. Just put half a cup or oats and a cup of water in a biggish bowl and microwave for three mins, stirring halfway. Then a dash of milk and a teaspoon of sugar and you have dinner! It will keep you full till bedtime. Look on the bottom shelf in the cereal aisle and you will find big bags of oats at very low prices. Personally, I always get the best quality tea, bread and butter and cut down on other things; that way one never actually feels destitute. Good luck all.
  • formertvpresenter
    Tesco sell tins of Curry Sauce for £0.04! Brilliant when you add some real spices to it! Recommended!:beer:
  • c-m
    c-m Posts: 770 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    just been paid for my month and a bits work. feels good.

    Still i will be carefully budgeting this time.
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