How best to spend £13.93 to live for a week?



  • lynzpower
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    Brilliant. Now, £13.93 to play with.........

    You understand my query though, don't you? If this situation was self inflicted then I'd be less sympathetic.

    No rudeness was intended.

    No ones asking you to be sympathetic love, quite simply if you dont have anything nice to say then dont bother.
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
  • tbs624
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    Indeed, anything can happen. However, what did happen?

    I'm willing to offer help, but will advising on how to eat for the next 7 days prevent the same thing occuring this time next month.

    As for being a newbie, I'm unsure of the relevance of this comment.
    Generally good forum etiquette to go easy on newbies, and that includes you with just 12 posts behind you. Maybe people will extend the same forbearance to you as you perhaps don't get that its easy online for folk to "read" some posts as being a tad rude and/or condescending. :D You don't "advise" btw - you make suggestions that people are free to use or not, with no strings attached.
  • FannyHill
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    When I go to supermarkets I check the section where they have stuff that has to be sold that day owing to the sell by date and they also have bashed tins of stuff as well at Sainsbury's.

    It's sometimes tricky to know the best times of day to check.

    I usually won't buy unless it's half or less than the retail price.
  • katholicos
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    c-m wrote: »

    Its not really a situation. Its enough to survive on for 6/7 days just about, so i'm not too concerned. I was just asking to see what others might suggest buying.

    I was Ill in February and lost around £300 in lost earnings. My previous employer only paid stautory sick pay (the figure above takes that into acount too, so I actually lost more)

    That meant that I couldn't pay some bills in March.

    As such I had to pay them in April. And now with all my April and March bills covered I £13.93 left in my account.

    Oh add to that I changed jobs and my current salary gets paid in a little later in my new position.

    You don't need to explain the ins and outs of your situation. It is no ones business but your own. The poster who condescended to ridicule you is bang out of order.
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  • Hi

    have you had a look on the Grocery Challenge thread on Old Style? Theres loads of us wanting to get shopping bills down for one reason or another, and it might help with some meal ideas that might be of interest to you.

    Also Morrisons at the moment have 30p potatoes, apples, pears, manadarins and kiwis i think, and i believe Asda are doing some fruits at 27p per pack at the moment. If you have one the local market is always a good place to get a few bits too for a cheapish price

    Hope you manage to get some shopping in
  • eleanor73
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    katholicos wrote: »
    You don't need to explain the ins and outs of your situation. It is no ones business but your own. The poster who condescended to ridicule you is bang out of order.

    I agree - let us know how you get on. I'm glad you seem relaxed about it. It is definitely do-able!
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  • andreavinne
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    10p Tesco Curry Sauce is your friend...
    it used to be 4p for ages. when has it changed?
  • elainemn
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    I have just got the following in Tesco for under £4:
    2.5kg baking potatoes
    2 pineapples
    2 loaves Hovis thick sliced
    2 bags satsumas
    2 big bags carrots
    Pack mushrooms
    They were all reduced / 75% off but good condition & will last in fridge. Suggest you do the same & could make some great meals & snacks. I do this every week & get great deals. Also got a spit for £6 off £40 for next weeks big shop.
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    OK so it won't help this time but have you got a freezer? We live out of ours and save a fortune because of it. it means you can get the reductions and offers when they are available and freeze until you need them. We live like this and have for years. There are now five of us and two furrys miaows (their food is more expensive than ours sometimes and we eat excellent food!!) and we do pretty well out of it! We make our own bread too.
    3 kids(DS1 6 Nov, DS2 8 Feb, DS3 24 Dec) a hubby and two cats - I love to save every penny I can!
  • merlin68
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    Me too I have a freezer full of reduced items, then every week I do a big order from approved foods and food bargains. I could live out of my house for about a year. I am having to poke food in the most strange places. lol
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