How best to spend £13.93 to live for a week?



  • the OP has just explained the reason why ,
    its called tact , my dear , something you do learn about on here

    Yeah, if you look at the timings, I was typing my response as the OP was also responding. Which is exactly what happened with you and I, it appears.
  • 10p Tesco Curry Sauce is your friend...
  • OwtForNowt
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    Buy a Chicken, Cheap Curry sauce, spuds, carrots ect.

    Have roast chicken 1 night, then use the left over in some of the curry, then make a soup from the rest.

    The goodfellas frozen pizzas are nice and £1.24 at Morrisons, you could buy 11 of them. :D lol
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  • taka
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    c-m wrote: »

    I live next door to tesco, but can do to Lidl/Aldi.

    I was thinking getting the following:

    £1.75 Lidl Nougat Pillow (750g) - these will last the week for breakfast
    £1.50 mince beef - I can make a chilli and use the beans and rice i have - 3 meals
    £0.50 two tins of chopped tomatoes
    £2 frozen chopped onion / peppers - can use these for chilli and enough left over to make something else.
    £1.50 - tofu, can use this with the onions, peppers and curry sauce to make a curry - 2/3 meals
    £0.89 curry sauce
    £0.50 - milk (not a big fan so 1 pint will last me the week for cerial

    Thats about £7

    What about lunch? You could have some kind of soup maybe? Things like carrots and potatoes make a decent basis for veg soup and are pretty cheap.

    You can use any extra carrots to bulk out the mince a bit too. If you get a bag of cheap potatoes you could have some for lunch or tea (with a spoonful of the chilli maybe?).

    Frozen peppers are 85p/bag (500g) and fresh onions are likely to be cheaper fresh (half the price or less per 100g) than frozen. According to mysupermarket 1 large onion = ~16p in Tesco or a HUGE bag of market value ones is 77p (2kg :eek: - you'll be eating them forever! :rotfl:).

    I've no idea what a nougat pillow is... :o - it sounds yummy though!

    Have a look at Weezl's meal planner and her blog too. She and various others are road testing feeding a family of 4 for £100 a month. There are lots of exceptionally frugal (and yummy :drool: :j ) recipes for very little ££££ for all meals and snacks.

    Good luck!
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  • what is nougart pillow??????? :)
    ect ect ect ect ect ect ooohhh the blood is boiling! :rotfl:
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  • c-m
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    These are Nougat pillows. Bloody tasty too.


    Going shopping later to lidl so will post up what i bought.

    750g for less than £2 and they contain 6 whole vitamins - lol ok not whole as in chealated vitamins i guess. Still they are awesome and can be eaten with milk or munched on on their own as a snack.
  • eleanor73
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    I know it can be tiring and boring but try a few of the bargain bins (but don't impulse buy unless you know you can use it) So far this week the tescos in town has privided me with 2 frsh chicken breasts reduced from £3 to 90p for 2 (I bought 3 packs to freeze), Covent garden soup from £2 to 61p, Pizza (fresh) from £2 to 60p and today 50:50 rolls x6 for 28p. I know I've been lucky but that is a lot of food for quite cheap. I would recommend buying stuff like this when you see it and freezing it. I often end up with £13 (or less!) with a week to go but I always have a few bits in the freezer I've hoarded!! Also Somerfied had loaves of bread for 19p today (nice ones)! Good luck!!! Eleanor

    P.S Don't you just find spiders the most annoying creatures!!;)
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    bizarrely my local tesco doesn't reduce bread or baked stuff, it wait until they are stale and throws it out. It does have a tiny reduced section for fresh stuff though.

    Its a tesco metro so not a large one, but not a small express one either. Still pretty rubbish.

    I used to love shopping at Lidl but it can be difficult to get everything. Morrissons is the answer.
  • 1ubthrifty
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    My word littleyellowspider! Get a grip! Its best not to reply unless you can be 'normal'.
  • ahhhhhhhhh i see :) they look tasty

    let us know how you get on with your budget.
    ect ect ect ect ect ect ooohhh the blood is boiling! :rotfl:
    2 little people who I love dearly and a excersise mad husband:T
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