'When did you last go into your bank?' poll discussion

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Poll between 06 April and 13 April 2010:

When did you last go in your bank?

With the advent of phone and internet banking and ATMs, people need venture in their bank less and less.

When did you last go into your bank? (excluding using a cash machine) Pick the highest up the list that applies.

A. Within the last week
B. Within the last month
C. Within the last three months
D. Within the last six months
E. Within the last year
F. Within the last three years
G. Over three years ago
H. Don’t have a bank account

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  • minerva_windsong
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    I voted B - I think it was about three weeks ago, and it was to pay a few cheques and some cash in to my current account (if by 'go in' you don't mean 'actually spoke to a cashier other than to tell them you didn't want whatever they were trying to flog').

    If you do mean 'spoke to a cashier', then we're talking about a year and a half ago. However depending whether or not my tax stuff gets sorted out I'll probably be going back in in a few weeks to discuss moving my student account to their top pick current account (and yes I've checked and it is actually halfway decent!)
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  • ThinkingOfLinking
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    A. I went in last week and I am going in again tomorrow.
  • cw18
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    Had to log into an account to see when I last went in....... just over a year, so had to vote

    F: In the last 3 years

    even though 13-14 months would be closer to the mark

    I used to go in fairly regularly, but I that was when I worked just around the corner from a main branch. I now have to make a special trip out (by car or bus) if I want to visit either of the banks I hold an account with.
  • kaspar
    kaspar Forumite Posts: 68
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    the poll should be more clear in whether it means actually using a member of staff in the bank or if it includes going in and using a machine to do something like deposit a cheque without talking to anyone.
  • skaps
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    I do all my banking either via the telephone or the internet. The main reason I started doing this was due to lack of time to go to banks, its so much easier and helps me to keep up with my accounts. I mainly go into banks now to pay in cheques - if only you could pay in cheques via the internet it would be so much better. Sometimes I have had cheques in my purse for 2 weeks before I have had a chance to go into the bank.
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  • skaps
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    kaspar wrote: »
    the poll should be more clear in whether it means actually using a member of staff in the bank or if it includes going in and using a machine to do something like deposit a cheque without talking to anyone.

    Interesting dissertation.
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  • MSE_Martin
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    I've clarified that going into a branch to use a cash machine doesn't count - though to use other electronic facilities not available on atms (e.g. paying in) do.

    THe relatively small number of voters so far compared to the usual 10,000+ votes mean any different vote due to the clarification will have a relatively small impact.
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  • concerned43
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    D - As I am sick of going into branch as they pressure me to buy some product or other. Too much sales not enough customer service, now do all my banking online and hope i never need to into branch again.
  • nearlyrich
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    Strictly speaking I haven't been into a branch of my bank since 1992 as I bank with First Direct, I have been know to use the HSBC branch to pay in the odd cheque though.
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  • Tarry
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    Today as I had to sort things out with them....
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