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  • irrelevant
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    About six weeks ago for me - I only ever go to the bank to pay in cheques... I can do that at the ATM, but since the only ones that accept credits are at the actual branch, and it seems to take a day longer to clear, I might as well go inside!

    Actually .. I tell a lie. I was there last week - but just to use the internet banking screen to swap money about so I could then go back outside to the ATM - it was faster than doing it on the mobile; does that count?
  • Paulgonnabedebtfree
    Paulgonnabedebtfree Forumite Posts: 2,740 Forumite
    I use ATMs almosat exclusively. I pay into my business account via ATM. Any cash I need for out of pocket expenses doesn't get deposited in the first place. I did need to pay in over the counter a couple of months ago but this was only because I had a cash flow issue. Paying cheques and cash in via ATM takes longer to clear. So in order not to bounce some direct debits in my personal account, I paid cash, and some cheques in my personal name, over the counter for the much faster clearance. Were it not for that cash flow issue, it would have been several years since I last used the branch facilities.
  • isofa
    isofa Forumite Posts: 6,091 Forumite
    With the advent of phone and internet banking and ATMs, people need venture in their bank less and less.

    Such a sweeping generalisation.

    I'm a personal and business customer of my main bank, and usual go in weekly.
    There is always a queue, it's a very busy branch.
  • Sublime_2
    Sublime_2 Forumite Posts: 15,741 Forumite
    The last time I went into a bank was just over a month ago. I like my bank, as the staff are friendly, and the customer service is excellent. I also feel more comfortable, if "I'm in the city" withdrawing funds from my bank rather than a machine outside.

    I do a lot of my transactions online, but I still need cash for certain things. If I was nearer a branch, I'd probably go in more often.
  • twhitehead
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    As Church Treasurer I went in yesterday to bank the collection. Try pushing a pile of coins down a phone which is what I always tell the bank staff who are attempting suicide by trying to get people to use internet banking. I am dreading the demise of cheques (another forum perhaps but no time to look)
  • harryhound
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    I would be happy to pay a quid a cheque - because a cheque is a legal promise to pay (a bill of exchange) and can be used almost anywhere on the planet (under water might be a bit difficult)
  • PeteW
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    Only when some luddite gives me a cheque. Can't wait until they're banned.
  • jeanmd
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    I miss my bank so much since I moved home. I had always lived close to a town up till now and took my bank for granted. I now living in a village miles from the nearest bank and have had to move to internet banking (yuk) and making trips into town just to go to the bank. I love it when I go back 'home' to visit my mum and I pop into the Santander there. They all speak to me like a long lost friend asking how we are doing etc. You really can't beat a friendly face behind a counter.
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  • tanith
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    G cos I actually can't remember going in for the last 10yrs at least probably longer... I am with A & L (used to be Girobank now Santander) and do everything online or occasionally on the phone.. no need to ever go to a branch..
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  • poppy10_2
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    Never understood why people spend half an hour queuing up at the bank when virtually all accounts these days allow you to manage your account online or via the phone. Haven't been in a branch in ages.
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