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Old style things that 'only you' do...

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  • trutru Forumite
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    joannasmum wrote:
    I took the glass bowl out of the washing machine door when it broke. It makes an excellent bowl for salad when we have a BBQ
    I did that too :D

    Also, I took the washing machine apart and used the drum as a BBQ, broke up the concrete block and used it as hardcore under the patio.

    Hubby put the drawer, bits of wire and tubes in the shed "just in case" :rolleyes: There still there now :rotfl: This left just the shell of the machine which we managed to fold up small enough to fit in the bin, so we saved the £5 the council would have charged to dispose of it :T
  • scuzzscuzz Forumite
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    Back in the days when we used to use bars of soap, we used to press the slither of the old one onto the new one so it got used up

    I make gravy for the dogs dinner by swishing out the tin with water - seems to go down well!
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  • AlikayAlikay Forumite
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    I cut dry Brillo pads (cheapest own-brand versions!) in half coz I never use a whole one at one go and they always go rusty if I leave them to use next time.
    Any old clothes that aren't any good for charity shops get ripped up and used for cleaning. The kids are horrified when they see me washing down the doorstep with their old pants!
  • meerustarmeerustar Forumite
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    Smashing wrote:
    My favourite thing to do with the sandwich bags my mum gave me was to blow them up and burst them just behind someone's head. :D

    She switched to foil shortly afterwards.

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • meerustarmeerustar Forumite
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    I do many of the things here ...soap, rinse out bottles etc...

    I also save coffee jars for rinsing paintbrushes out with

    Wipe the car windows with old Bounty kitchen roll after spills (the cheap stuff doesn't last 2 mins whereas you can do more with a Bounty sheet)

    and if I have made a cuppa and it has gone cold, I put it in the microwave for a bit then drink it.

    (This thread is hilarious in parts but money saving at its best! :D)
  • Tiff_2Tiff_2 Forumite
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    I use all my grocery bags as rubbish bags. It saves a fortune in bin liners, bin cleaners etc & means that there are no nasty kitchen bins to clean out or huge bags full to bursting (yes I have a 16 yr old!) :) and they can also be used to empty cats trays. It makes the rubbish bin slower to fill up too.
    Also if I'm sleeping, I'm not spending, eating or making a mess!;)
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  • poorbutrichpoorbutrich Forumite
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    "Why has no one mentioned yet the free soap and shampoo from hotels? Usually good quality and you can use them to fill Posh jars in your bathroom"

    I do this! Also, I use the shower caps to cover food, thereby saving money on cling film. Get some interesting looks when I take salad etc to work!
  • tanithtanith Forumite
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    I always cut face scrubbing cloths in half , they are so expesive but now last me twice as long and also when I have scrubbed my face I do my heels with the same cloth , keeps them nice and smooth:rotfl: OH thinks I am mad also....:rotfl: but now one of my daughters does the same thing... the other daughter thinks we are both bonkers:rotfl:
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  • miraklmirakl Forumite
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    I have a room full of empty jars of all shapes and sizes because I make jam and pesto, and am always looking for other uses for them.

    I give out the jam at Christmas as presents and think I'm going to try and work on some other chutneys and preserves to save a few quid.

    I break my dishwasher tablets in half.

    I re-use teabags.

    I freeze even a leftover tablespoon of curry in my "curry box" so by the end of the month there's a random mixed meat curry in the freezer for a lazy dinner.
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    I've snaffled one of the small person's numerous felttips today and have been colouring in the stair carpets where it's worn through!! Will get a new carpet later in the year when funds permit and now I've seen the tip about walking different ways up the carpet this scenario should be a thing of the past!!
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