Old style things that 'only you' do...

I thought this as I put the kettle on for my PROPER coffee this morning...
Am I the only one who alternates use of the rings on the hob so they wear out evenly :embarassed:

Are there any OS quirky things that you are convinced only you do?
Dare you tell us?
A friend's mum at primary school washed sandwich bags :rolleyes:

Member no.1 of the 'I'm not in a clique' group :rotfl:
I have done reading too!
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  • twink
    twink Posts: 3,827 Forumite
    i have a bagless hoover now but when i had to buy bags i would carefully open and empty them then i had a clip to close them with, lasted ages
    i used to grudge paying about five pounds for four bags
  • Gingham_Ribbon
    Gingham_Ribbon Posts: 31,520
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    When my washing up sponge needs replacing, I put a fresh one out and take the old one up to the bathroom and use that to clean in there. I do the same for cleaning the bathroom floor as I don't like to use the mop for the bathroom AND the kitchen. (The bathroom is tiny so it doesn't take long to do it with the sponge.)
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  • wigginsmum
    wigginsmum Posts: 4,150 Forumite
    I save used envelopes for shopping lists and ocasional takeaway orders (not sure that's very unusual).
    The ability of skinny old ladies to carry huge loads is phenomenal. An ant can carry one hundred times its own weight, but there is no known limit to the lifting power of the average tiny eighty-year-old Spanish peasant grandmother.
  • After using face wipes (tesco value are great) I give the bathroom basin and other bathroom surfaces a swish, then I give the loo a wipe too.

    They are strong enough to rinse out between wiping each surface if you like....is this just me?
    If I screw my eyes up tight I can just about see where you're coming from
  • Becles
    Becles Posts: 13,163
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    Too many things to mention :o

    Hubby says I'm too frugal and laughs at me for some of the things I do, such as:

    When the soap gets so small it snaps into tiny pieces, I squash them all together and keep using it. Then when they get really small I squash the remaining bits onto the new bar.

    Leaving bottles upside down, so every last drop drains out.

    Wiping marg tubs out with greaseproof paper when baking, so every last spot of it gets used up.
    Here I go again on my own....
  • I think OH thinks I'm tight too Becles!

    I always turn things upside down to get the last drop out, and as OH has a nasty habit of not using the last drops in the his bottle of hairstuff, I tip the last bits into his new one and feel much better about it lol

    I usually grab loads of those mini sachets of mayo & salad cream if we go out for something to eat, as they are ideal to take to work with a salad and they're probably built into the cost of the meal anyway!
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  • vik6525
    vik6525 Posts: 16,347 Forumite
    LOL littlemisslotsofdebt! my oh is bloody OBSESSED with those little sachets of sauce you get when you go for meals! i cant count the times ive left a pub or resteraunt with the 'extra' ones in my handbag! hes had to stop doing it so much now though, as last time we went out, he accidentally sat on my bag, and my purse, mobile and make up got covered in mayo as the blinking sachets burst!
    You lied to me Edward. There IS a Swansea. And other places.....

    *I have done reading too*
    *I have done geography as well*
    COOLTRIKERCHICK Posts: 10,510
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    when ever i use a jar of curry sauce ( as they have been on offer ) i allways after pouring the sauce out put a bit of water in it and give it a shake, so every last bit of the sauce is out

    .....also tomato sauce bottles when there is only dregs left i put a little bit of vinegar in there and shake, so we can use every last bit of the tomato sauce....

    not quite the same, but in the spring i put the fluff from the dryer into an old peanut feeder, so the birds can use it for nest building....

    i do loads of other things,, :rotfl:
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  • Smashing
    Smashing Posts: 1,799 Forumite
    catowen wrote:
    I put extra plastic bags, the ones you get for your fruit and veg in supermarkets, in my trolley, and then take them home and use them as sandwich/freezer bags. I think its my birthday when i find a shop that still has them on rolls, and not pull off idividually!!!!!

    Lidl are great for these - nice & roomy and on rolls!
    Also re-use hoover bags, rinse out sauce jars and turn stuff upside down.

    My mother was also insitant on cutting bottles in half when no more will pour/squirt out - I still do and I'm still pathetically impressed with how much more I can get out. :D
  • Softstuff
    Softstuff Posts: 3,086
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    So far the only one on this list I haven't done is alternate cooker rings for wear and tear... though that's only a matter of time I guess!!
    I think my oddest thing is collecting fabric... doesn't matter what it has come off I'll collect it and find a use for it later. And also, if it was originally a garment, I'll strip it down and keep the buttons and zips for use. Think I get this from nan, she used to have a button box... must have been thousands in there.

    Guess I'm lucky with my OH, he applauds all efforts to save money no matter how odd they may seem (we're discussing everything from hen keeping to soap making at the moment), I have occasionally teased him that he is so tight he squeaks when he walks :rotfl:
    Softstuff- Officially better than 007
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