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Old style things that 'only you' do...

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  • Lillibet_2Lillibet_2 Forumite
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    I save one sided junk mail & use the plain reverse for scrap paper.

    I save all those return envelopes which come with junk mail etc, stick a peice of paper over the address etc & use.

    I save cut hair & give it to a relative who puts it around the edges of his garden to keep rabbits out.

    I always check that stamps on incomming mail have been franked, I get really excited when one hasn't been. If you stick it back on with sellotape the frank doesn't mark it on it's next journy. My mum & I had one stamp make 11 journeys between us at one time!

    I save mesh nets which satumas etc come in & when I have enough scrunch together with an elastic band for a disposable scrubbing thingie for manky pots & dishes etc.

    I cut j cloths & songes in half.

    I only buy white or cream towels. When tehy start to look a bit discoloured I dye them a darker colour to give them a new lease of life.

    I water down coke.

    My nan collects paper napkins where ever she goes & always uses one of these for her lunchtime sandwich at home to save washing up a plate.

    My mum used to have a cat who would ONLY drink single cream, not milk or water. The cat was hydrated entirely on little cartons of coffee cream from coffee shops etc.
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  • poorbutrichpoorbutrich Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    When I fill the car up with diesel, I take some of the free disposable gloves, and then use them for cleaning the bathroom. I must have saved almost a pound not buying rubber gloves over the years!
  • vik6525vik6525 Forumite
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    Kelinik wrote:
    Better than sauce sachets, my sister treated me to a cup of tea and a bun in a posh department store when we were out shopping (well she was shopping, I was there to keep her company) and much to her embarrasement I came home with a whole handbag full of those mini glass jars of jam and 10g flora tubs!!! I was subtle, well subtle ish and didn't stand there shovelling them in my bag or anything and no one noticed. Sis said it was a bad as stealing but as we bought stuff in there its it? :undecided

    Anyhoo they lasted ages and hubbie felt spoilt on his birthday when I took him breakfast in bed and he had proper hotel style individual pots of jam and butter.

    OK farrrrrr too excited about free pots of jam!! :o (when the men with white coats come for me I'll go quietly I promise)!

    My parents do that too! we went camping last year, and i popped up to their house on the way, where they handed me a carrier bag full of coffe sachets, sugar, salt, jam, butter, those little pots of uht milk, everything! Came in useful mind you.... aherm....
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  • aurora_borealis_2aurora_borealis_2 Forumite
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    When my washing up sponge needs replacing, I put a fresh one out and take the old one up to the bathroom and use that to clean in there. I do the same for cleaning the bathroom floor as I don't like to use the mop for the bathroom AND the kitchen. (The bathroom is tiny so it doesn't take long to do it with the sponge.)

    I wash mine in the washing machine and use them again and again :o

    My OH is also a sachet fiend.

    He also collects all of his (and everyone else's that he can lay his hands on) loose change.
    He used to spend hours sat like Scrooge counting his pennies.

    We spoiled all his fun and bought him a coin sorter for Father's day :rotfl: .
    de do-do-do, de dar-dar-dar ;)
  • TondellaTondella Forumite
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    .....also tomato sauce bottles when there is only dregs left i put a little bit of vinegar in there and shake, so we can use every last bit of the tomato sauce....

    aah that brings back memories of my gran who would do this
    not quite the same, but in the spring i put the fluff from the dryer into an old peanut feeder, so the birds can use it for nest building....

    and just aaaaaah for this, how sweet!
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  • bulchybulchy Forumite
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    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    This thread is great, sorry I cant think of anything to beat you lot, your all mad.
    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • mocolomocolo Forumite
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    joannasmum wrote:
    I took the glass bowl out of the washing machine door when it broke. It makes an excellent bowl for salad when we have a BBQ

    this made me really laugh out loud!! you madd mad women. I know someone who one screwed one of these to his van sides and we used to call it the zanussi!

  • sophiesmum_2sophiesmum_2 Forumite
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    my teenage daughter is a terrible brand fiend. She insists she cant possibly use cheap nasty shampoo and conditioner on her hair, and insisted on chucking a particular (expensive brand in the trolley). I let her get away with this the once and over the past year have been refilling it with asda own brand stuff. I cant help sniggering to myself as she carries the shampoo and conditioner back and forth between her bedroom and bathroom so that us lesser mortals don't use up her "good " shampoo.....:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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  • jo101_2jo101_2 Forumite
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    I love some of the replies - especially the carpet stairs ones!

    We have economy 7 therefore have cheap electic during the night, quite often in the morning when it is still cheap I boil the kettle with enough water to fill my flask to use during the day for tea without having to re boil the kettle.

    I cut my husbands and my childrens hair, have made a bit of a hash of it at times and my little girl hides when she sees me with the scissors!

    I have started collecting sachets, straws, little milk pots etc.

    My husband collects loose change on the floor and sometimes we do very well from this.

    From some of the replies I can see I have a long way to go though!!!

    Starting with a clean slate.

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  • sarahmelitasarahmelita Forumite
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    This is a fab thread, made me smile loads!
    Don't think I do anything too mad, do the water in the curry jar thing with just about everything - even swill out soup cans! Also cut up old clothes for dusters. Do the stealing jam and butter thing, my mum's going away next week and I've made her promise to bring me back loads!
    Will have a think and post again when I've thought of what else I do!
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