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April 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 March 2010 at 3:29PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    JayJay14 - thanks for posting the Aldi Super 6, I'm so glad it's fruit this week, perfect for the kids 2nd week off School - they eat looooaaads when they are at home. Shall pop there later and get stocked up.:D

    Dinner tonight will be Curry using leftover Pork from last night's roast and shall throw in some peppers, mushrooms etc from the freezer.

    Have a good day everyone.;)
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  • alipops1986alipops1986 Forumite
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    I spent another £3.31 in Mr S yesterday :o) [Including £2.40 on 3 reduced lamb chops!]
    Shall update signature!
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  • KITTY_2-2KITTY_2-2 Forumite
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    I don't normally have much to brag about when it comes to my spending habits BUT.........for the first time ever I have had a no spend week

    Having over spent in March I decided to eat up what we have in instead of dashing to the shop for inspiration. We have had a couple of interesting meals but all has been eaten so can't have been too bad. We still have the main building blocks of several meals left in the freezer but will need accompaniments. I also need pet food, milk etc so must go to shop at some point, just trying to put it off as long as possible.

    Happy Birthday to slowandsteady and anyone else celebrating this week.

    I also want to send hugs and support to russetred. My 16 year old son has multiple disabilities and I know only too well how overwhelming it can get occasionally. Be kind to yourself! The difficult times do pass but just every now and then we need to ask for a little extra help to get through. I’ve had to swallow my pride a few times and admit I’m finding him hard to deal with, fortunately I’ve got a good support network. I hope you can get the help you both need to get through this rough patch.

    Best wishes K
    Merry Christmas
  • lizboblizbob Forumite
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    did a sccopaway on saturday, enough tvp and sosmix for the next two months plus rice, spices, stuffing, vegan cake mix and burgamix.
    plus aload of different ingredients for yesterdays make your own pizza party so not feeling too bad about all this. syill leaves about £16 for veg and milk top ups till the end of the month. little tight but never mind, we'll cope
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    Winged_oneWinged_one Forumite
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    Sorry, double post half way through - confused.....
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  • It was an expensive shop this weekend, but a good one. I spent €126 in Mr SQ - but there were LOADS of BOGOF offers on things I use (one I only found when I checked the receipt, as I know my fav brand of grapefruit juice is not going to be stocked anymore so I am buying up stock now). And I needed some jars of curry sauces (instead of takeaways as we are fairly manic these days), and lots of snack packs of crackers, yoghurts, eggs, butter, loo roll, washing up liquid etc. So for the amount in my LARGE trolley, I was very pleased with the cost.

    I also spent €9 in Mr L - mostly on cheap fruit and veg. Almost €2 in Mr SV - we needed bread last night for this week's sambos.

    But I shouldn't have to go to the supermarket next week at all. I got a good bit of meat this week - lots of it for freezer. I don't need yoghurts or other basics. I have lots of F&V to use, and will be able to get plenty in the local F&V shop. I think I can plan on about €20 in F&V shop (or less), less than €10 in the local butcher, and perhaps a trip to the fishmonger on the pier for another €10ish, with the Mr SV (small supermarket) for milk and bread and some sambo meat - another €10.

    This week's menu, roughly, is:
    Sat: Pork ribs, lamb chops, boiled potatoes and HG PS Brocolli
    Sun: Lunch - egg sambos
    Pork chops in sweet pepper marinade (old trial pack not used last summer), potato wedges (HM) and roasted mediteranean veg.
    HG Rhubarb for desert
    Mon: Chilli (DH made last night)
    Tues: Lamb chops, potatoes, carrots
    Wed: Single dinner from freezer for me
    Thurs: Gorgonzola pasta
    Fri: Meatballs and oven chips
    Sat:Roasted chicken breast with roast spuds and HG baked baby leeks
    Sun: Fish?

    And we are also getting the veg garden back into production properly with the leeks finally reaching edible size (even if only babies yet), the PSB still giving a few bits, and the rocket starting to give leaves for sambos/salads. It won't be long before we start getting other veg too. And the rhubarb looks like it will do well this season too...
    GC 2010 €6,000/ €5,897

    GC 2011:Overall Target: €6,000/
    €5,442 by October

    Back on the wagon again in 2014
    Apr €587.82/€550 May €453.31 /€550
  • ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    £70 spend yesterday in Tesco but do now have enough nappies and pull ups for the month. Also have a mountain of veg as we were given a box full yesterday. Have been roasting parsnips for the freezer and will be making soup later.
    Ragz is busy studying ;)
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  • ellemmellemm Forumite
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    Busy this weekend so still to catch up with all the posts and alter my totals.
    Went to a huge Chinese Supermarket in Glasgow called See Woo which was great. I was actually looking for Lemon Grass to make James Wong's Mozzie oil (Grow your own Drugs). He used 10 sticks of lemon grass and I knew that would be expensive in the usual supermarkets hence the trip to See Woo.

    Got 5 x 6 sticks for £2.65 :T (£5.50 a kilo) so was well pleased - of course a few more exciting bits and pieces made their way into the basket too :o but thoroughly enjoyed the trip and will certainly go back.

    As for the Lemon Grass, plan to put some in water to hopefully sprout some roots and freeze the rest.

    The Mozzie oil was easy to make, smells lovely and time will tell if it works when we return to Greece in 4 weeks time.

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    charlyze2charlyze2 Forumite
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    Evening all.

    So far ive spent £100 in MrA at the beginning of the month. On saturday i went to Mr A agin and spent £33.62, A*di and spent £10.77 some of this was on nappies that should last a while and then little one will be back in reusables. I also went to L*dl and spent £50.36 however £16.99 of this was for a new tefal wok cause ours was damaged and every where else ive looked for a wok was around the £25 mark
    After taking off the total for the wok
    Total so far is £177.76 out of budget £250. £72.24 left

    Im not too worried though as we should have enough store and freezer stuff to last the month. just meed to get milk and fresh stuff.

    On the plus side though i came home from work today with a free pack of large tomatoes and a yellow pepper. Must remember to visit staff sales to get veg.

    On another not from thursady 22nd April Sp*r will be doing 500g (250g + 250g free) pack of lean mince beef for £1.89. So i willl be stocking up.

  • Linda32Linda32 Forumite
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    Starting with a budget of £300.00 last month was £314.00.

    Finish on or around 21st April when I have done that weeks shopping.

    Total £81.84

    Co-op 20.54
    Tesco 36.82
    Morrisons 6.85
    Tesco 23.22
    Asda 20.08

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