Vibe Leisure

Those of us who remember the long-drawn out saga involving PCN UK Ltd and allied companies will undoubtedly recall another seemingly associated company - Vibe Leisure Ltd.

Well, it is pleasing to note that, according the the most recent membership list available on the BPA website, the company have achieved membership of the BPA Approved Operator Scheme - a most auspicious event :cool:.

Vibe Leisure have a new web offering and this may be viewed here.

A quick trawl through the documents on their website suggests that V-L have moved away from the "old", "real" offices in Chorley (as opposed to the mail-drop Reg. Office in S. Wales) and have taken up residence in different premises only a short distance away.

The one immediately available "name" is by no means unfamiliar.
My very sincere apologies for those hoping to request off-board assistance but I am now so inundated with requests that in order to do justice to those "already in the system" I am no longer accepting PM's and am unlikely to do so for the foreseeable future (August 2016). :(

For those seeking more detailed advice and guidance regarding small claims cases arising from private parking issues I recommend that you visit the Private Parking forum on


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