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Wild Living ... No Renting, No Buying, No Selling ...



  • PasturesNew
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    Fire_Fox wrote: »
    Home Bargains is the wonderland of tat that Woolworths was in our youth, a sort of big sister to the ubiquitous pound shop. Next couple of interviews your challenge - should you choose to accept it - is to locate and visit a Home Bargains en route. Ours gets full of screaming brats so try to go in school hours!
    It looks like they're in the Midlands and oop North ... places I don't actually intend to go ... ever.
  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Posts: 70,698 Forumite
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    What MPG is this van getting?
    I was thinking 30mpg.

    Maybe people are thinking of the big HGV based motorhomes .... I'm thinking more of a transit van hi-top size.

    I expect to travel maybe a maximum of 1000 miles/month, so 30mpg with petrol at £1.15/litre works out about 17p per mile.... so let's say 20p/mile. £200/month, when I'm on the go.

    Mathematically, if I have a base and go to/from an interview, I have to make the journey twice.... with a van, I make the journey once and stay probably ... my next journey starts from there, not back at any base. Thus, an overall saving on mileage over using a base.
  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Posts: 70,698 Forumite
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    silvercar wrote: »
    So buy online, but then what postal address when your in your van?
    I wouldn't know the answer to that. Address would be whatever I could manage along the way, but I don't expect to be buying stuff online.
  • Jonbvn
    Jonbvn Posts: 5,562 Forumite
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    I used to have a pretty much average transit van...used the roof insulation to line up the interior, stuck it up with gaffa tape and nailed the cheapest mdf boards i could find onto it. Then coated it up with 3 layers of emulsion paint and it was all nice and good looking (weld shut and boarded up the rear doors as well). Then fitted in some freezer curtains near the side door for better weather protection.
    Used a single bed inside this cosy space, mobile internet, spare battery setup with inverter....all mods and cons really...
    Now for the important bit, I had it parked in a free parking street near in Hendon Central Station, opp. which there is a nice Virgin Active gym - got myself a membership..they open early and shut late...used them all i can for everything, toilets, shower n shave, internet browsing..I even managed to lose some weight..
    It could not have been any better, it was perfect life. Sold the van late last year on gumtree...didn't lose any money either, including what I spent on doing up the van.!
    Good luck, and way to go really...:T

    Sounds like a luurv shack:p
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  • DawnW
    DawnW Posts: 7,466 Forumite
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    DawnW wrote: »
    I found a great book in a charity shop recently called 'off grid living' or something like that. There is a website as well I think - I will go and find it and report back.

    Great idea though - I would do it, if were different; my job ,OH's job, grown up kids thinking I am insane etc :D

    It is called 'How to live off-grid',by Nick Rosen, I would recommend it if you can get it from the library or whatever. I was lucky and found mine in a charity shop for £2. He talks about his own camper van experiences, and about interviews with other 'off grid' people (not just in camper vans though,all sorts,)

    It certainly makes you think. Definitely one of those books I will keep and read again and again....
  • Triker
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    I'll get you some microfibre cloths from Home Bargains as a Home Bargains.:D

    As I said on the other thread that got deleted, water is a problem but if you're on camp sites that shouldn't be a big issue. I'd get some water carriers or a big plastic container for a supply whilst you're going from place to place.

    I used to take a million bin bags full of dirty washing to the local launderette, washed, dried and folded, didn't cost too much. There is one of you so things aren't as full on, I had a baby....hard work.

    Re campers, its good to get something that means you don't have to put your bed away everyday, it gets tedious, maybe bed over the cab??

    You'll need somewhere to hang your suit (interview clothes), the rule is the more cupboard and shelf space the is the key.

    You could have something where you can attach an awning, in summer this will be lovely to sit out under....

    Incidently Scotland is great for free parking up, especially in the Highlands, the Scottish have a much more enlightened attitude, as long as you don't leave a mess, its fine, I've parked up next to beautiful Lochs, gathered mussels from the Loch and cooked them for my tea on an open fire....absolute bliss. I know Scotland is probably not in your radius of travelling but you never know how adventurous you can get.
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  • Blahah
    Blahah Posts: 61 Forumite
    edited 3 March 2010 at 11:18PM
    I 'lived wild' for three months last summer whilst cycling around Europe. It's easy - nobody cares at all as long as you keep yourself out of the way. We travelled trhough Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy and France and slept out every night. We slept in tents in the rainier countries, and slept out under the stars in the warmer countries, sometimes in camping hammocks if we wanted a comfier night's sleep.

    It was so easy that I'll probably do it every year. It makes going on holiday MUCH cheaper - no accommodation costs and you get to enjoy the thrill of living wild, with an interesting new place every few days.

    I appreciate that what you are contemplating is really not living wild - you're just talking about sleeping in a camper van, which is basically a small house on wheels. I've heard that many councils will clamp camper vans parked in normal parking spaces overnight. I've also been warned several times that if you sleep in a camper van at the side of the road you risk getting 'gassed'. This is where thieves pump an intoxicant gas through the vents on the van to knock you out, then nick your stuff. Just something to think about - I'm not sure how prevalent this is in the UK.

    Water really is the biggest problem when you live wild. The solution is petrol stations. Legally a petrol station must provide an outside tap. You can always fill up your water tanks for free - we did this every day in Europe without fail. It actually saved our asses a few times finding a petrol station in the middle of nowhere. Make sure you run any outside taps for 30 seconds before filling your tanks, to make sure any rust-contaminated water from the surface pipe is run off.
  • chiefgoobster
    chiefgoobster Posts: 1,152 Forumite
    silvercar wrote: »
    So buy online, but then what postal address when your in your van?

    What about buying online and getting it delivered to the campsite you are on or are you able to collect it at the local postal sorting office ?
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  • dopester
    dopester Posts: 4,890 Forumite
    I think I will be spending £12k now .... just been out to a dealer. They had one they sold last week at about £13k.... so now I have to wait and see if he gets any more in. Even buying one means moving out of the area, which I can't do reallyy without it. Catch 22 when you're in a remote area.

    I don't know anybody to take, RAC check seems a good idea... I don't plan to buy from a private person though.

    I'm feeling very uneasy about it. I don't want to see you buy an overpriced lemon, and I've not seen you narrow down a list of suitable motorhomes.

    I hope you're not about to race into this without some more research. I'm not sure why I'm uneasy... partly I'm unsure whether these market prices for these types of motorhomes might fall significantly (but they may actually rise?).

    If it were me I'd be looking for a decent value buy for a first motorhome (with a measure of tested reliability) where it wouldn't be such a big deal if it developed a major mechanical fault, even though I could afford something fancy. I still think hiring one for a week and seeing how you adapt to the lifestyle might be money well spent, before handing over £12K+ (if that represents a big chunk of your savings).

    A few links which might go towards useful further research.
  • houseboatdream
    I wouldn't know the answer to that. Address would be whatever I could manage along the way, but I don't expect to be buying stuff online.

    The address thing is really important. You need a proper UK address for the 'van to be registered at - DVLA don't accept a PO Box, also you need an address for insurance, there are a couple of coy's that insure fulltimers with no postcode of their own, but I've heard premium can be £1000+. Also you will need address for your post - what about your job offer letters!!!
    Problem is not without solution - most people use a relative's address. i think I read on one of your other posts that you used's your mum's address or similar when you were between flats??
    Back after 9 years in France ... starting again
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