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Wild Living ... No Renting, No Buying, No Selling ...



  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Posts: 70,698 Forumite
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    I'd love to do something like this. But I do worry a little about not having an address.

    Loved the blog on building and living in a tree house:
    He's clearly a rich kn0b/knows people ... how on earth did he get PP for that?
  • Wine_of_the_World
    Wine_of_the_World Posts: 414 Forumite
    edited 3 March 2010 at 1:36AM
    My ex bought a van / mini bus in the hope of turning it into a camper. However the vehicle chosen wasnt very reliable to begin with - it would have cost alot to get it running reliably.

    However making it liveable would have been fairly straightforward - remove the seats, then there is room for a bed space with storage underneath. No showers / running water - but we did buy a big black bladder bag thing that you leave in the sun to heat the water and then hand it up and can have a shower (depending on how much sun there is!).

    I also saw this show call "Tightwads" (its on youtube) and there was one man who lived in his van all year around. He showered at work so didnt stay on a campsite.
  • Fire_Fox
    Fire_Fox Posts: 26,026 Forumite
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    They seem to be trekking in dangerous and remote mountain regions around the world ... I was thinking "Devon".

    You will be a lot less likely to drive off a crumbling road or get van-jacked then! :cool: On a serious note you can have extra security locks fitted: if you have a roof light that needs securing too. Like with any property if its a mission to gain entry another vehicle will get targeted.
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  • dealwithdebtdot
    He's clearly a rich kn0b/knows people ... how on earth did he get PP for that?

    I think he knows to owner of the woods...being 'rich' doesn't preclude you from wanting to live more naturally!
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  • dopester
    dopester Posts: 4,890 Forumite
    fc123 wrote: »
    It was a safety issue really...the poster who lived in a van with a baby may have more info...she wrote last night.

    Yeah security is something you have to really consider - when mobile - but there is a lot you can do to minimise risk.

    Tents are not really an option in the UK for fulltime living unless you really have few other options - in my opinions - but have you seen these tents which came out a little while back?

    Invented by a young British female engineering graduate.
  • Jonbvn
    Jonbvn Posts: 5,562 Forumite
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    Does this mean you will be joining the caravan club???
    In case you hadn't already worked it out - the entire global financial system is predicated on the assumption that you're an idiot:cool:
  • Jowo_2
    Jowo_2 Posts: 8,308 Forumite
    In Brighton, a local councillor is dealing with complaints from residents about van dwellers living in residential areas. They've had to introduce residents parking permits for some areas because of this. They are setting up some kind of cross party group to look at its impact.
  • [Deleted User]
    I used to have a pretty much average transit van...used the roof insulation to line up the interior, stuck it up with gaffa tape and nailed the cheapest mdf boards i could find onto it. Then coated it up with 3 layers of emulsion paint and it was all nice and good looking (weld shut and boarded up the rear doors as well). Then fitted in some freezer curtains near the side door for better weather protection.
    Used a single bed inside this cosy space, mobile internet, spare battery setup with inverter....all mods and cons really...
    Now for the important bit, I had it parked in a free parking street near in Hendon Central Station, opp. which there is a nice Virgin Active gym - got myself a membership..they open early and shut late...used them all i can for everything, toilets, shower n shave, internet browsing..I even managed to lose some weight..
    It could not have been any better, it was perfect life. Sold the van late last year on gumtree...didn't lose any money either, including what I spent on doing up the van.!
    Good luck, and way to go really...:T
  • carefullycautious
    If you are only spending 6-10k on a motorhome you are not going to get a reliable van with mod cons for that price. Be very careful that you either take someone who knows what to look for or get an RAC check.

    Surely if you drive you could maybe stay in a travel lodge for a couple of nights whilst you have your interview.
  • ~Chameleon~
    ~Chameleon~ Posts: 11,956 Forumite
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    Have you ever read Anya Peters' story? She lived in her car, initially in Brighton and later in London (Epping Forest, I think) for 9 months. I followed her blog at the time and have since read the book that was borne from her experiences, and how she ended up in the situation!
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