Money Moral Dilemma: Should Ashley get more £££?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should Ashley get more £££?

Jessica is a bit broke so her sister Ashley lends her £30 shopping money. They both go the newsagent's, and Jessica decides to get a scratch card on the off chance she might win. Low and behold, she gets £1,000. She tells her sis she'll give her £100 as a thank you. Ashley thinks it's unfair to only get £100 as it was her money to start with. Surely she should get half at least?
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  • scotsbob
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    If Jessica hadn't won, but lost, would her sister have coughed up half the stake money? I don't think so.

    Jessica is under no obligation so Ashley should be grateful, 10% of £1000 is better than 100% of nothing.
  • I agree with scotsbob - the money may have started life in Ashley's pocket, but she lent it to Jessica (presumably to do with as she wished).

    If Jessica had bought a dress, would Ashley have expected to wear it half the time ?
    Or have expected to eat half of the ice-cream that Jessica bought or drink half of the cup of coffee that she bought . . . . . .
  • Jessica lent the money to Ashley, as long as she gets her £30 there should be no issues there, so she's lucky to get an extra £70!
  • rlp
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    Ashley does not have a right to any more money but if I was Ashley I would be frustrated to see my sister gambling when she is broke. She won this time but it could easily be indicative of a habit which contributed to her being broke in the first place. I hate scratch cards as they get people hooked. A small percentage goes to charity but not enough to redeem them in my eyes.
  • LOUY_2
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    She should be grateful and happy that she got 100quid !!!

    The winning is the risk takers rewards. Jessie did not take any risk - apart from lend.

    The bank lends money and only expects the money back (with interest). If I risked the money from the bank loan and made a lot of money, I am still only oblig to repay what I borrowed.
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  • she should be grateful for the £100, it was 'leant' to her sister for her to do with as she pleases
  • janaltus
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    Let's ignore greedy Ashley! I think Jessica should pay for MSE Penelope to go for a few extra English lessons. Maybe one hundred quid would cover the cost of learning how to spell and punctuate the scratch card retailer correctly, e.g. newsagent's shop (singular noun possessive) or newsagent (singular) or newsagents (plural).:D
  • poppy10_2
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    Ashley's fault for lending her sister money to buy scratchcards. She shouldn't get a penny.
  • elliep_2
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    I'm concerned that Jessica would gamble when she doesn't have any money of her own. However, this time it paid off. As long as Ashley gets her £30 back then Jessica doesn't have any obligation to give her any more. I think £100 is a nice thank you gift and Ashley is ungrateful and jealous to expect more.

    The situation changes somewhat if Asley is frequently lending Jessica money and not always getting it back. If that is the case then I think a 50/50 split may be more appropriate.
  • Jessica lent the money to Ashley, as long as she gets her £30 there should be no issues there, so she's lucky to get an extra £70!

    This. If I was Ashley I'd just be happy to get my £30 back, so I'd feel very grateful to Jessica for offering me £100!

    Of course if the lending money and the scratch cards are a regular thing, then I might think differently, but as it's described as being 'on the off chance' I think £100 is very generous.
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