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Making cards - Ideas for beginners (part 4)



  • Tired_MomTired_Mom Forumite
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    As I say Mad-Frog - we are all entitled to our opinions, and I'd be a lousy friend if I didn't defend my own - just like you are all doing :)

    Nobody has a problem with you defending your friend it is the way you went about it. You came onto a forum that you are new to and basically called one of our friends a liar.

    Had you come on and said "I'm really sorry to read you are having problems. I know Sarah personally and I am sure there is some breakdown in communication somewhere because she would respond if she had received the messages/texts. I will get in touch with her and ask her to contact Rusty". You would have had a far different reception.
  • Tired_MomTired_Mom Forumite
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    Glittermum - Not sure how it compares in cost but I'm sure I have seen somewhere magnetic tape on a roll if that would be more economical.
  • Tired_MomTired_Mom Forumite
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    Flourgirl - How do you do that clever thing wher you say it is here, and the here is the link to the webpage (does that make sense?)
  • Charlie23 wrote: »
    Rusty, it's shame you have to copy and paste your emails. Hope you sleep well and can relax tonight after you've had a terrible day. Hopefully everything crap has happened in one day and tomorrow will be better


    I am so pleased that you received a response tonight Rusty :) and even more delighted, that there will be a happy ending.

    Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather, and I hope you improve shortly.
  • it is NOT a new ID .... i've been a member under THIS ID for almost 3 years :)

    Why isn't it looking good for me at the moment ???
  • TomsMomTomsMom Forumite
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    Tired_Mom wrote: »
    Think this is where I apologise for snipping you but I'm not sure.

    What you are looking for is something called a Sahara hat/cap. It is basically a baseball cap but with the material down the back that covers the ears and neck. They are brilliant. I get them for DS who is 7 but has to wear adult hats. OH's family all have big heads and don't I know it!!


    Thank you so much for that Tired Mom. I didn't know they did adult ones - I saw kiddie versions in Oz. Better get sorted quick, if the weather here the last few days is indicative of what's to come we may be in for a long hot summer ............... er, maybe that's wishful thinking :rotfl: .
  • Mad-FrogMad-Frog Forumite
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    As I say Mad-Frog - we are all entitled to our opinions, and I'd be a lousy friend if I didn't defend my own - just like you are all doing :)

    OK ....

    Rusty After the horrible day you have suffered I hope tommorrow you will feel better (would do the hugs thingy but can't find it) :o

    No.. Rusty is not really my friend I don't know her from Adam..... what I DO know is that within a couple of weeks of posting on here some very generous people have posted to my address some ribbons, and a bow maker .... totally generous nothing wanted in return.... that's why I and so many on here .... love it!

    I also posted some pens to someone whose response nearly made me cry.... that is what MSE is all about

    Think it's best if we leave this between You and Rusty now..... Or Sarah!
  • Thanks Mad-Frog, sounds as if there are some really nice people here after all. :)
  • Well, its time for bed - catch y'all soon xx
  • The petite scallop circles large are the ones I use all the time - think it's just the actual scallops that are smaller - the biggest die is 4 inches across.

    The ones I've used on my relax card on my blog is the second smallest one HTH
    Here's the sizes for the small petite ones largest is 3 3/4

    Thanks they look good but you have large i ordered small so i will see. I am sure they will be ok. I can always sell them on if not as they were only £9.99 which i thought was good.
    The only thing is the seller doesn't seem to have matching plain circles in the correct size. So i will have to get them somewhere else it's just she would have combined the postage.
    :)Mummy to 2 wonderful boys :)
    Want to be fit for 30 not fat at 30
    but i want never gets!!!
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