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Making cards - Ideas for beginners (part 4)



  • flourgirlflourgirl Forumite
    3.4K Posts

    :bdaycake: Have a fab day xxxx
  • Happy birthday Craftygranny! Hope you have a great day.

    Shall we just draw a line under last nights goings on and get on with what we do best? Crafting and spending money :rotfl::rotfl:
    Officially a non-smoker but still rounder than recommended :p
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Craftygranny. Have a fab day. x

    Off to try and catch up with the rest of the thread now.
  • THE-WIFE_3THE-WIFE_3 Forumite
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    It's craftygranny's very own

    :bdaycake: CAKE DAY :bdaycake:

    Have a great one!
    :whistle: Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CARP, SHE'S UP"! :whistle:

  • GlittermumGlittermum Forumite
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    Happy Birthday CraftyGranny!

    and thanks to you and Flourgirl for the magent info.

    have great days everyone x
  • Morning ladies, hope everyone is well today :)

    :jHappy Birthday Craftygranny :bdaycake:
    Hassy wrote: »
    Craftyju ju Poor you with your aches and pains.. don't over do it.. I bet you feel your house feels a lot 'lighter' with all this decluttering and tidying.. with me, it's the thoughts of doing it sometimes, but once I start tackling it and complete it, there is a sense of achievement.

    Yes it does, thankyou :rotfl: I'm the same with these types of jobs, the thought of it puts me off so much but once I start I can't seem to stop!! :rotfl: I've promised the kiddies a mummy day with crafting but I have to confess I've already done a little clearout in Alex's bedroom...I only went into open the curtains....I think I need help!! :rotfl:I'm sat here now thinking 'oh I'd like to go up in the attic & do some sorting in there' but NO I'm not allowed today...someone please help me I don't know whats happened to me!? Before you think it I'm not pregnant & way! lol :rotfl: (thats what someone from work said!) I think I've just got to a point I'm fed up of it all! Sorry will stop going on about my clearing out obsession I have at mo :)

    Rusty - Hope you are feeling better today & please come back soon :D

    Craftygranny & Flourgirl - Thankyou for the links to the magnets, I was after some too :D

    Hugs to all today, catch up with you later :beer: x
    :wave:Hi, I have a passion for crafting.......I'm always up to something :rotfl::rotfl:

    :j I have found the key to weight loss.....ZUMBA :j
  • Happy birthday craftygranny. hope you have a good day. We are still on half term here so have got to keep ds1 entertained, why is it that they have all the toys under the sun and they still don't know what to do or just want the tv on?

    I guess i do need a mat as over night i also won some Impressabilities £5 for 2. Must stop now lol.
    :)Mummy to 2 wonderful boys :)
    Want to be fit for 30 not fat at 30
    but i want never gets!!!
  • GlittermumGlittermum Forumite
    388 Posts
    Craftygranny - I've also rethought the extedned plates thing. I though as I only really want to do boxes I'm going to try and use my Scor Pal more! It's just a shame there aren't more metric tutorials....
  • I just wanted to come and apologise for any upset my delay in replying to Rusty's e-mail has caused. Her post was brought to my attention late last night & I immediately found her e-mail (lurking in the junk folder grrrr) and responded. We have been rather overwhelmed with the response to our £75 for £25 goody boxes (I know some of you have mentioned having them - I do hope you liked them!) and I have been delayed in replying to e-mails as most time has been taken up getting the boxes ready for the postman to collect each day, along with the day to day orders

    I hope that the matter has now been resolved with Rusty and she has all of my contact details going forward

    I am so sorry for the upset this has caused all of you and invite any of you to contact me directly should you wish to discuss the matter further (I was not aware of this section of these boards until last night)

    Very best wishes

    Sarah's Cards Ltd
  • edited 14 April 2010 at 9:38AM
    ali.b.123ali.b.123 Forumite
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    edited 14 April 2010 at 9:38AM
    Oh my goodness, came on to catch up and what a night it has been:eek: can I come out from behind the sofa ?? (lol).

    Rusty - hope you had a good nights sleep and feel better today((hugs))
    CRAFTYGRANNY - Have a lovely Birthday!!!:bdaycake:The wife have you got your cossie ready for some cake diving ??
    Bit brighter here today - so hopefully will get out with the boys - have a lovely day everyone!!
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