Making cards - Ideas for beginners (part 4)



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    Happy Birthday CraftyGranny. Hope you have a super day & invite the spendy elevs to party up big time.
    I shall be awol most of the day as we have tennants moving in this week so last minute jobs to do. Hopefully Nanny McFee later, we'll see how I feel.

    I need to make a bereavment card too, something I've not done before.

    Bought 20 sheets of black A4 in Sainsburys yesterday for £1.25 which I think is a bargain & also 8 sheets of A4 cream linen effect from Wilkos for £1. I have a tight reign on those elves.

    Have a nice day everyone, lets all get back on track.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAFTYGRANNY _party_ hope you have a brill day whatever you choose to do :j
    Self imposed crafty stash ban: started again 22/8/10 1 whole month stash free!
    I must not buy stash, I must not buy stash, I must not buy stash! :o
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    OMG!!!! Nothing else to say really - best to ignore 'wind-up-merchants' like that if you ask me!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Craftygranny - hope you have fab day!!
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    I just wanted to come and apologise for any upset my delay in replying to Rusty's e-mail has caused. Her post was brought to my attention late last night & I immediately found her e-mail (lurking in the junk folder grrrr) and responded. We have been rather overwhelmed with the response to our £75 for £25 goody boxes (I know some of you have mentioned having them - I do hope you liked them!) and I have been delayed in replying to e-mails as most time has been taken up getting the boxes ready for the postman to collect each day, along with the day to day orders

    I hope that the matter has now been resolved with Rusty and she has all of my contact details going forward

    I am so sorry for the upset this has caused all of you and invite any of you to contact me directly should you wish to discuss the matter further (I was not aware of this section of these boards until last night)

    Very best wishes

    Sarah's Cards Ltd

    Sarah thanks for calling by. Your contact I am sure is very much appreciated. I have heard only good things regarding the boxes so know how well they are flying out the door. Business is good which is a huge bonus, well done.

    I know Cal could have worded her reply much better as she is very educated & good with words & felt it necessary to defend you but if you check to see how many emails Rusty did send, you might be able to clarify to Cal that perhaps Rusty did have a point. Friend or not, stuff not showing is annoying. I am sure when your stock doesn't turn up as planned, short it annoys you too as customers are waiting to buy. We all get effected by no shows somehow.

    Anyway I for one would simply like Rusty to get back on the thread as she isn't well & chatting with friends is a tonic in itself. All the events of last nights postings have got her down & considering how unwell she is I think the timing of it all was very bad ( not that there is ever a good time )

    I hope this resolves the matter for eveyone concerned
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    Happy Birthday Craftygranny! I agree on the spendy elves let them run a mock! Hope you have a fab day.
    GC July: £0/£120
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    Happy Birthday Craftgranny, hope you have a lovely day!

    Love and hugs to everyone else too.

  • Gemm85Gemm85 Forumite
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    Happy birthday Craftygranny! Hope you have a great day.

    Shall we just draw a line under last nights goings on and get on with what we do best? Crafting and spending money :rotfl::rotfl:

    Speaking of spending money, I had a late night visit from the elves :D they very kindly selected me a load MORE jewellery making stuff and paid for it too :rotfl: hope it comes before the weekend but goodness knows what I'm going to do with all the stuff I'm planning to make!!
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    Happy Birthday Craftygranny :bdaycake:

    Rusty I hope we haven't lost you for good, please come back and post

    Been trying out my Martha Stewart punch around the page, without much success lol there is obviously a knack to it, I think I had better have a look on you tube, does anyone have one of these and do you have any tips please?
  • Tired_MomTired_Mom Forumite
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    Craftygranny - Can't get the blinkie things to work so I'll have to sing instead I'm afraid.

    "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear craftygranny, happy birthday to you"

    And incase anyone wants to go diving I thought we needed one for everyone.


    Right better dash, I'm in school this afternoon and then hairdresser coming so need to tidy up.

    Will post my piccies on blog tonight.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Forumite
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    Have a wonderful day.

    Rusty I hope you are going to come back to the thread, we're missing you already. I hope you're feeling a bit better today.

    The sun is shining but quite a bit cooler today. OH is going to carry on laying the carpet tiles in the loft bedroom, I'm itching to get back to my craft desk but will have to be patient.

    I wonder if the postman will bring my digi cardstock from Craftwork Cards today - I could get on and print some images off if he does, my printer is downstairs so don't need to be in the loft for that.

    Have a great day everyone.
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