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Change A Week Challenge



  • overbudget
    overbudget Posts: 232 Forumite
    Great idea. Mine is to clear enough clutter to take to the local car boot at the weekend - have just moved house so it is a good time for a clear out. Need enough to make it pay!
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  • bj-sailaway
    bj-sailaway Posts: 972 Forumite
    Icemaiden wrote:
    Well I've done it, the ironing basket is now empty:j Iam ashamed to say it has taken two days on & off to do it and the only problem now is not enough hanging/drawer space to put them away:rotfl:

    Bedding to wash tomorrow so will time it right so I can iron them straight away and get them back on the beds instead of using the another set.

    Top tip - when it's this hot, don't spin your bedding when you wash it, hang it out dripping wet and it will dry in the sun and not need ironing. I do this with t-shirts as well, I hang them on the line on a hanger, then put them straight in the wardrobe. In this heat, with no spin they still dry really quickly.
  • franr43
    franr43 Posts: 57 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Dear Nabowla (hope I've spelt yr name right), is your freezer working hard enough for you?

    I cook once - and make enough for 2 or more meals. Cooked pasta - cook for 2 meals, freeze second lot, reheat in microwave - I get it out in the morning and leave in the microwave to defrost and pasta pieces naturally separate. Tomato pasta sauce ditto (one can cheap tomatoes per person, bit of oil, tiny bit sugar, boil down until reduced by half), cook a chicken, freeze meal sized portions e.g.roast, curry made with a sauce jar, cooked with onions and cider, cooked with onions and cinnamon. Make homemade quiches (easy, fill with 3 eggs, bit of yogurt and anything else that takes your fancy e.g. tomatoes, spring onion, broccoli, peas. ) re-use those foil dishes the shop ones come in. Rice, garlic bread (do when french sticks being sold off) all the same formula. Once a week vegetable basket soup, cook, purree and freeze meal sized portions, I used empty fruit juice cartons with top sliced off.

    Its far too hot and feet-aching to cook every night.
    Hope that's maybe a bit of use. cheers Fran
  • thriftmonster
    thriftmonster Posts: 1,712 Forumite
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    Just found this thread as I have slipping a bit - but I'm up for it.

    1.Storecupboard challenge till the end of the month - easier at the moment as dh is in Japan till the end of the month and the boys won't complain about strange meals as much - they wouldn't dare:D

    2. Declutter rooms one by one - I'm hoping to start a couple of A levels in the mornings in September so it would help to have the house easier to clean.
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  • kscour
    kscour Posts: 665 Forumite
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    Well just found this and I think it's a great idea - our whole house/life is a mess at the moment as we had to rip the whole ground floor up in the house due to a big leak in water pipe. I've gained a new kitchen but everything is in bits! Still got painters & builders in and still partly living in rented accomodation due to dd's but I need to start getting our lives back together. Trouble is I seem to spend most of my time wondering from bombshell hit room to bombshell hit room wondering where to start and trying to avoid workmen:o .
    Right crunch time - I work from home & office is only workman free zone so thats the place to start I guess. Going to be awkward as we have stuff piled everywhere but a clear desk would be a start.
    Today - Desk, nothing else unless life threatening emergency
    Sat - Day off?! Got to pick carpets etc.
    Sun - Depends if plumber ever turns up, if not empty bedroom as much as possible ready for carpet (also had a leak in upstairs bathroom that spread into our room). If plumber in then office floor
    Mon - as above

    Will plan rest out later - I have a desk to sort:D
  • I desperately need to join in this challenge. I work part-time and should have time do do this, however I seem to have got into bad habits lately and I find myself spending FAR too much time on MSE in my quest to pick up much-needed money saving tips, freebies etc.

    I'm really annoying myself now :mad: My job for this morning was to do 3 loads of washing and give the lounge a major tidy up and clean. I've spent so much time on here this morning all I've done is put my 2nd load of washing on and haven't touched the lounge yet.

    I AM going to do this, I am, I am, I am :o:o:o
  • nabowla
    nabowla Posts: 567 Forumite
    Well, it's the end of Week 1 and the Start of Week 2 of the "Change a Week Challenge". I've not been posting much as I'm doing two jobs at the moment :eek: However, I'm pleased to report that I completed my first challenge and cooked a proper, balanced meal every evening last week! It's actually been great fun and I had some fantastic meals. I haven't graduated to freezer cooking yet but I might do that this week.

    How did everyone else get on? What are your challenges for next week? My challenge for the week has got to be keeping a spending diary. I have absolutely no idea where all my money went last week, perhaps my purse has a hole in it somewhere.......
  • kiwichick
    kiwichick Posts: 1,857 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Hi All,

    I REALLY need to get back into some sort of financial order, everythings gone pear shaped since the house move.

    SO, my task for this week is to write out a complete household budget. IT WILL GET DONE!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all with whatever your challenge.
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  • Mrs_A.
    Mrs_A. Posts: 443 Forumite
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    mine will be exercising for this week i really need to so some on gp advice
    so try to incorporate some exercise into my life daily this week
    good luck everyone
    by the way i did well decluttering my junk
    mrs a
    total debt jan 06= £15441.97 dfw nerd no 112 proud to be dealing with my debts.
  • Chipps
    Chipps Posts: 1,550 Forumite
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    Mine is to get started on keeping the place tidy..... again! I did have everything just fine, so that it didn't bother me if people came in unexpectedly (not that I'd ever turn anyone away - but would feel a bit embarrassed about the mess!) But now there is a pile of unironed clothes on the coffee table, sorted clothes on one sofa, and the dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen not yet in the d/w (cos it's still full)
    Not a major disaster, I know, but if I keep on putting things off it will become worse. And I want to get back to how it was before we went on holiday & somehow disrupted the system. No excuses - I just got lazy!
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