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Change A Week Challenge



  • gwinnie
    gwinnie Posts: 9,881 Forumite
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    Hi Icemaiden, I usually like to iron with the telly on, so normally it's either early morning or mid evening. DS is now 6mo and sitting up in a wobbly fashion, so now I iron in the middle of the day when he's playing so I can supervise.
    Context is all.

    "Free your mind and the rest will follow."

    "Real eyes realise real lies"
  • Mrs_A.
    Mrs_A. Posts: 443 Forumite
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    great thread,
    im going for the declutter next week, not an easy task in my house
    good luck everyone
    mrs a
    total debt jan 06= £15441.97 dfw nerd no 112 proud to be dealing with my debts.
  • Chipps
    Chipps Posts: 1,550 Forumite
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    Chipps wrote:
    Hi Nabowla
    This sounds like a good idea. As I have pretty much always been a bit OS, but falling off every so often, the changes are more likely to be "get back up on the wagon again" type of thing! ie things I have done in the past when times were tougher, but really ought to do again so that we have a bit of a financial cushion - if that makes sense.
    I will have to think about where to start....

    I have been thinking about it: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :think: :idea:
    On Monday I will do a menu plan. Please don't let me get away with not doing it!!!!:o
  • gwinnie
    gwinnie Posts: 9,881 Forumite
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    Chipps! Time to do your menu plan!

    I'm about to start decluttering in our office/kitchen/diner. DS is having his powernap so I'm going to whizz around NOW!
    Context is all.

    "Free your mind and the rest will follow."

    "Real eyes realise real lies"
  • ASG_2
    ASG_2 Posts: 90 Forumite
    After much deliberation - a spending diary it is. Money is not particularly tight ATM but a little control could help it go further.

    BTW my good intentions usually run out by Wednesday lol!
  • nicki_2
    nicki_2 Posts: 7,321 Forumite
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    I'm in. This week it's to keep my to-do folder empty! I have one thing I need to work on for OH to do and thats it so my plan is to not procrast this week and keep ontop of the paperwork - could prove interesting as it's the last week in school and I just know DD is going to be bringing all sorts of papers home :rolleyes:
    Creeping back in for accountability after falling off the wagon in 2016.
    Need to get back to old style in modern ways, watching the pennies and getting stuff done!
  • astonsmummy
    astonsmummy Posts: 14,219 Forumite
    Can i join in too? I HAve not long started a new job, so have a bit more income but i dont wnt to waste it, Shopping is my worst!
    I am working night shift tonight so will have the time to sit down +properly and sort my finances etc out, then will do my shopping list - am hoping to spend £100 pm for me and DS (age2) - currently been spending up to £40pw! on cr*p!!
    :j Baby boy Number 2, arrived 12th April 2009!:j
  • Floss
    Floss Posts: 8,233 Forumite
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    Icemaiden wrote:
    Ironing is my bug bear. I have to admit Iam a bit of a clean freak when it comes to washing and wash everything all the time, clothes only worn once, all bedding once a week, bath towels used once, you get my drift. So I always have a megga pile of ironing which I can never seem to get to the bottom of. Do people allot certain days/times to do their ironing? Mine is just whenever

    I always used to do my ironing on a Sunday evening - DS x 2 school shirts, my stuff etc - after my BF had gone home or when I had come home from his place. Then when my mum was ill last year I was off, so washing went on the line, ironed & away (kept me occupied!), i have a pile under the stairs that grows & grows!

    I need to join in, coz I am moving to my BF's in Blackpool in a couple of months, and we need to consolidate 2 x 3-bed semis into 1! So I currently have the remains of my loft all over the landing & charity shop bags in the spare room - and no space to sort anything! ;)
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  • nabowla
    nabowla Posts: 567 Forumite
    So, how's everyone getting on? I eventually decided that my Week 1 challenge would be to have a proper evening meal every day. I've been eating really badly lately and I'm sure it's affecting my energy levels. If I can start eating properly then perhaps I might have enough energy to tackle a few more challenges in the weeks to come!

    I don't think I'm brave enough to do an OS meal every night though. Some nights it might be an M&S healthy ready meal :o As I said in the OP, it's going to be baby steps for me!!!

    Can't think what to have for dinner tonight. I have to go to the supermarket so might pick up some fresh fish. Not sure what to serve with it though - any ideas? It's too hot to cook!
  • Penelope_Penguin
    Penelope_Penguin Posts: 17,288 Forumite
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    Hi, Nabowla. Good start in the Penguin household! I've sorted a load of food in the pantry that needs using. Tonight's tea is pasta with a sauce made from fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, with fresh basic and chilli.

    Fish - an easy way is to poach (cod or haddock) slowly in some milk. Remove the fish and keep warm. Thicken the milk with cornflour, and flavour with parsley or cheese. Serve with salad and new potatoes.

    Penny. x
    :rudolf: Sheep, pigs, hens and bees on our Teesdale smallholding :rudolf:
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