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Change A Week Challenge



  • kiwichick
    kiwichick Posts: 1,857 Forumite
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    I've done it!!!!!!!! Iis might have taken the best part of 2 hours and lots of effort but I HAVE drawn up an accurate and complete budget for August 06. And the best bit is that there seems to be a tiny surplus at the end of the month. I simply cant explain to you how badly I want that surplus to be left at the end of the month. Fingers crossed please.

    Some advice if you dont mind.................I have budgeted literally everything I can think of;

    *all the direct debits (this includes all bills as we pay them all dd)
    *payment of child support to DH's ex
    *allowing a food budget per week
    *savings plans we have
    *allowing for diesel (guessing by using average of last 3 months spend)
    *even put in monthly spend on playgroups/weightwatchers etc.

    My question for the, more experienced among us is this.........with the surplus there is going to be money spent from it as I HAVE NOT budgeted for outings/misc spending. Do you think it sensible to withdraw the surplus amount in cash as the begining of the month and split it into 5 lots (5 weeks in august)? This way I can have a weekly amount of cash on hand, I figure if I can physically SEE the money I will be less inclined to spend it than if it was VIRTUAL (cashcard). Sensible or silly???? Any money not spent from each weeks amount would be put away for a rainy day (more likely the credit card bill).

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  • Churchmouse
    Churchmouse Posts: 3,004 Forumite
    Only you know what you're like! For me having it so accessable would make it MORE likely to be spent. Especially if It had some spent and then a little left I'd be "oh well, not worth saving that little bit"
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  • nicki_2
    nicki_2 Posts: 7,321 Forumite
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    Well last week I was doing great until Friday when I ended up spending until 1.45pm at DD's school (so there are downsides to being a parent governor :p ) and then by the time I got her home, her stuff together for her going away on the Saturday, packed her off to my mums (we were going out so she went up there while we were out), got OH and my stuff out and ate it was time to leave to go to the concert :rolleyes: Then we left here at 9.30am Saturday and didn't get back until after 3pm yesterday so things just got slung into my to-do folder. Never mind though as it's basically just filing but I'M HAVING A DAY OFF :D I'll file it all, or whatever it needs :rolleyes:, tomorrow.

    This weeks challenge is to not do any shopping, and do the storecupboard challenge :eek: I have £1.40 to last me until Friday when I get paid (from OH), so I'm not even going to go out and buy milk until DD comes home on Thursday as we hardly use any ourselves except in coffee and I have powdered milk for that (or Coffeemate if OH gets REALLY fussy ;) ).
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    Need to get back to old style in modern ways, watching the pennies and getting stuff done!
  • lizzie12_2
    lizzie12_2 Posts: 409 Forumite
    Well, an not too bad here. One weekly challange is to keep the downstairs tidy at the end of every day.
    * Mugs and plates in sink ready for morning.
    *Papers in recycle bag
    * Shoes in the shoe rack
    * Set the table for breakfast

    Have now recycled all the magazines and articles had kept over the years and forgot about - also not bought a single mag since!!! What a saving.
    Now get them from the libarary for a week.
  • fredsgirl
    fredsgirl Posts: 19 Forumite
    I want to join -since retiring it's all gone to pot I'm always going to do something but never do ie sort out overflowing wardrobe , tidy up my PC it's a mess I keep seeing these articles how to do this and that I do it in a moment of boredom and then forget what I,ve done. Also did some selling (if you can call it that) on ebay but it's such a stress people bid and then change their minds so you have to relist ahhhhh Question How do I motivate myself although it's great to do this I miss company and companionship hense the apathy Well good luck everyone I,m in now wheres my cooking on a shoestring book
  • ASG_2
    ASG_2 Posts: 90 Forumite
    Hi all, well done for last week.
    I did semi-ok with my spending diary, so I'm having another bash at that before I start anything else.
    (I'm amazingly good at starting things, just not so good at continuing/finishing them)
  • Icemaiden
    Icemaiden Posts: 641 Forumite
    First Post
    Last week went really well and have kept up to the ironing, I'm finding the easiest way for me is to do it straight away from bringing it off the washing line instead of putting it in the basket and leaving it.

    My week 2 challenge is to sort out all the paper work in the study area before we drown in the stuff. Will need to buy some more files from wilkos which I will do tomorrow.
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  • julesangles
    julesangles Posts: 147 Forumite
    spending diary for me. didnt think i spent that much till i started the thing.
    i have sorted out my mums wardrobe and hid her gold shoes! decorated my DDs room and been to loads of things at school. today its school again and then a tidy up this arternoon again!
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  • joannasmum
    joannasmum Posts: 1,145 Forumite
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    I'm going to join in, since coming back from my holidays everything is up the wall. I'm going to start by healthy eating / cooking from scratch. I'd already decided this when I was away so have made a start on it.

    Today meals will be
    Breakie: Tea and brown toast
    Lunch: Left over HM Chicken Chow Mein
    Tea: Smoked Haddock, New Pots, Baby Corn and Poched egg.
    Sorting my life out one day at a time
  • kscour
    kscour Posts: 665 Forumite
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    Well I managed the desk last week (and it took a weight off my mind knowing it was clear) downside was it took the best part of the day and it's starting to accumulate little piles of stuff again! I think 1st job of every morning is going to be to clear it. And this week I've decided to get back into some good shopping habits ie shopping list and checking I haven't been overcharged. Also want to use up some of the food in the house as my shopping habits have been a bit haphazard over the last 12 weeks.
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