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Report Bank Charges successes and failures

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    Very happy with the offer they offered us....

    It has come at the right time as our house was flooded by sewage in Nov 09 and we can pay our debts off now and maybe treat the kids as they have had a tough time...

    Many Thanks
  • Brilliant news ! Well done.
  • Bank: RBS
    Amount Claimed £1870
    Offered: £1870
    Accepted: Too Right!

    I claimed back in September 2009. Although there were one or two hiccups, I have just received my goodwill offer. I am so grateful to this site for all the template letters etc. I am also very grateful to you all who have supported and given me the will to keep on! :AIt is very easy to be disheartened and give up! DON'T GIVE UP! Thanks also to RBS who have now given me a chance to get myself out of a mess.:A I've learned alot and I'm not getting myself into this mess again! :j

  • I used Martins advice and calculator to determine Barclays owed my £2,000 in unfair charges.
    I wrote to them 2 years ago, then followed Martins advice as the cat and mouse game began. To cut a long story short I took them to court, because I am not afraid of the court system in the slightest.
    Then in the Summer 2008 (I think) the "Big" court case in the High court put my action on hold.
    Well last December I read Martins tips on Hardship, and boy did I qualify. So I wrote to the court, who agreed and re-opened my case. They Set a court date for January 09 and that's when Barclays solicitor started calling making offers to settle.... I simply told her that I would settle for the total of my claim and nothing less. And thats what they did.
    Now in view of the final finding of the High Court and the big4 banks I feel quite priviledged that I got the bank to settle in full without going to court. I was lucky.
    But not so lucky as my Creditors took every penny of the "refund" and I never saw a penny of it. !!!!!!!!!!
  • Barclays

    claimed £2981.40

    they have paid me £1832.25 as a gesture of goodwill

    started claim April 2007

    paid January 2009

  • Nat West
    About £700 claimed under hardship.
    They sent a hardship form to fill in outgoings etc. They said I didn't fill the criteria for hardship. I sent another back adjusting spending and other costs which showed me in the red every month. I received no reply.
    I complained to the ombudsmen regarding the hardship factor they sided with the bank.
    I was on channel 5 news the day the OFT lost. The example loser.
    I am now going back to the ombudsmen to claim the charges pro the court decision. I won't give up!
  • Well I have reached the end of my reclaiming fight.

    Although I am in extreme hardship at the moment with 0 income and am staying afloat only through the tremendous kindness of family and friends paying my mortgage and essential outgoings; Abbey have only paid me £500 (as a good will gesture) of the in excess of £2000 in charges I have claimed.
    I complained to the ombudsman, not that Abbey had refused to refund my charges, but that Abbey had rejected my claim of hardship due to the fact that I am not in mortgage arrears, my point being that these are not the criteria set-out by the FSA; incredibly however the Ombudsman ruled in Abbey’s favour, stating that Abbey are only obliged to treat me ‘fairly’ and within the law.

    I cannot see what is fair about being told that I am not a hardship case despite being penniless and up to my proverbial in debt, because I am fighting by the skin of my teeth not to incur more charges…apparently if I were still incurring charges they would consider me a hardship case, or if I had let myself get into rent arrears or mortgage arrears…Abbey have made up their own set of guidelines for judging hardship and the Ombudsman (at least the one who looked at my case) is fine with this.

    Considering my financial difficulties were so greatly exacerbated by Abbey’s £2000 worth of ridiculous charges in the first place, one would have thought that they might see fit to reward my struggle to keep from incurring more charges, but apparently my mistake has been allowing family and friends to keep my head above water…I should have just stopped struggling and let myself sink…

    I am incredibly lucky that (so far) my family and friends have put their own finances at risk to help me and I feel extreme guilt and gratitude hourly…I was also very grateful for the £500 from Abbey that helped take the strain for a couple of weeks, but considering how hard I am trying to play by their rules I do feel a little cheated when I read about all of the many success stories…pleased for others but cheated never-the-less.

  • Bank: NATWest
    Amount Claimed: £58.00
    Amount Refunded: £58.00

    24 April 2008 I returned from holiday. On-line bank account showed that a Direct Debit had been paid that day and run my account into "overdraft". I made an immediate transfer into that account i.e. the same day.
    NATWest charged a total of £58.00 for the privelege.
    Queries revealed that the DD went out of my account at around 3.00 pm whilst my deposit went in at around 8.00 pm.
    I complained that the high charge seemed unreasonable and was fobbed off with High Court case. Later, after the Court case, I received a "Dear John" since which I have argued the situation up the chain within NATWest and eventually been advised that "the bank had not made a mistake .... but on this occassion .... they would refund".
    MAJOR POINT: One reason given me for the charges was that the bank was "Closed" when I did the evening deposit - electronic, on-line banking closes, does it?
    Anyway, give them their due, I did get a refund in the end but not without effort on my part and a number of letters. Hey-ho!
    9TH JULY 2007
    Rejected 13th January 2010 and my case will be closed 8 weeks after that.

    HELP !
  • natweststaffmembernatweststaffmember Forumite
    12.1K posts
    9TH JULY 2007
    Rejected 13th January 2010 and my case will be closed 8 weeks after that.

    HELP !
    It's a standard letter from the bank so send a revised new template one. Are you in financial hardship?
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

    This username is no longer active.
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