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Report Bank Charges successes and failures

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    London907 said:
    Any advice would be welcomed
    My advice would be to read the advice on  your other threads where you have posted identically. 
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    Thank you MSE! Ten years from the last post I see here I have just received a goodwill gesture from HSBC going back 7 years for disproportionate Bank Charges on a current account and Credit Card which was keeping me stuck in a cycle of debt.
    I was refunded £1500 of charges (approximately half of the interest paid over the seven years) when the actual debt only amounted to £1250 in the last years (£2k at it highest point).
    I made the case explaining what I would express to the Financial Ombudsmen should it be necessary to go that far. In the earlier instances, HSBC wanted to placate me by throwing smaller 'recharging' gestures at me, until I insisted the complaint be escalated beyond the usual customer service support. They were happy to write a verbatim complaint for me, read it to me, and then also send me copies of it. At this point a 'Consumer Advocate' at HSBC stepped in. She was actually very compassionate and understanding to my situation and why it may have taken me so long to step forward and give the full picture given my life circumstances at the time. So credit to HSBC as a bank, they handled the matter quickly and fairly and I had a good outcome.

    Anyone can fall upon hard times and difficulties, and I strongly recommend pursuing a dialogue towards a refund if you are stuck in a cycle of debt because of disproportionate charges. Don't be afraid to be firm, and don't always accept the first offer. You can ask for what you think is right and just and fair. I did, and I am very pleased with the outcome - for the first time in seven years I am completely debt-free!

    Thank you again MSE for the guidance and step-by-step approach. It made things easier and empowered me to ask for what I felt was right.
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    coled said:
    Bank: Natwest
    Amount Reclaimed: 1800
    Amount they paid: 1800
    How long did it take: since Sept 09

    Wrote a letter to Natwest claiming hardship, they quickly sent reply asking me to fill out financial form. Filled it in and returned, after 2 weeks they sent me a letter saying I had undervalued my income and they didnt think I fell under the hardship category, I then sent them a stern letter with more evidence of hardship and threatening to go to the Ombudsman.

    About 2 weeks later the supreme court ruling occured, thought that was it to be honest but I got a letter last week saying they are offering me the full amount :O)

    Great Xmas present, thanks to all the guys on the forum especially Martin.

    Hope this gives hope to other people to pursue it, you have nothing to lose.
    That’s great could u send me the letters as im struggling with NatWest 
  • zx81zx81 Forumite
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    That’s great could u send me the letters as im struggling with NatWest 
    Unlikely, since that was posted 11 years ago...
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    That’s great could u send me the letters as im struggling with NatWest 

    You will struggle unless you're in current finanacial hardship. Historical financial hardship cuts no ice.
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    Hello, I have been paying Barclays overdraft charges for years. £90 a month which I know is extreme! But due to a bad credit rating I've not been able to get a good loan deal to pay it off.   I am working hard to get my credit rating improved as I want a mortgage within the next 12 months.  When I last spoke to Barclays all they offered me was to get help, which would affect my credit rating.  Can anyone advise if this is the only way?  The last thing I want to do is harm my already low credit rating.
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