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Free stationary from Royal Mail

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  • djblamiredjblamire
    299 posts
    shelly wrote:
    I have no idea if they do these for recorded delivery.I'm sure if you call them they can tell you as you do speak to a person and not a machine.
    I thought for recorded you get a sticker stuck to the item instead of a bag to put it in though? Maybe I'm wrong...I hardly ever send stuff recorded.

    I will try calling them tomorrow.

    Yes, normally with recorded you stick a label/barcode sticker onto the parcel (just like with Special Delivery).

    Thanks again
  • I ordered some today, coincidentley i asked if they could be used for recorded delivery, but the lady down the phone said only special delivery.
  • ian1966_2ian1966_2
    10 posts
    Thanks Looby
  • ShaunJUKShaunJUK
    727 posts
    ShaunJUK wrote:
    Just ordered 1 pack of each size
    Thanks op
    Wow recieved today, wtg Royal Mail, why cant you deliver mail I send that quick?|
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  • cheer's got the bags . and used the tip to turn them inside out. great!!!!! :beer:
  • Me too, you saved me £20 I was about to pay for some of these!
    Like my avatar, took the photo myself with the free digital camera I bought from boots with all my free points! I love moneysaving.
  • I just called and ordered one pack of each size. The guy told me thought that they are only in three sizes Small, Medium and Large. He did say what sizes these are but I can not remember. I will post the sizes once i get them.

    Cheers that just saved me a small fortune :)
  • I phoned up today and I dunno if they have caught on or something however the lady asked me "and you ARE going to use them for special delivery arent you?", I said yes, she then said "because they do scan the barcode" or something like that, I was going to be sending some stuff to ebay buyers but I'm not sure now, I mean i dont want to end up with them paying a handling fee or anything (or worse me paying one :p)

    Anyone else had this?
  • In that case just peel off the barcode label! I just tried and it comes off easilly enough.
  • shellyshelly
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    Forumite ✭✭✭✭
    They can't scan the barcode if you turn them inside out.Once turned inside out they are just a plain grey poly bag....they have no markings on what so ever.
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