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**UPDATE January 2010 - Searching for Information**

This is the Part 3 of the Anything and Everything New York Thread. There have been over 3000 posts on the previous thread, and 2000 posts before that so we're starting with a clean thread.

However, this doesn't mean that the information is not there. The old thread still has LOTS of useful information in it, and the 2009 version too, and below, are links to useful snippits of information, and also to the whole old thread, which is now locked.

Almost every topic has been covered at some point. To help avoid unnecessary repetition and allow the regulars to best assist you, please search prior to posting, by clicking "Search this Thread" (drop down box at the top right) and enter the search terms. Results will be shown as posts from within the thread.

Anyway, welcome to the New York Q&A Thread - take a look here for guidance on details to include in your post - this makes it easier for the regulars to help you out

There are old threads for specific queries, however nowadays these don't get used, and we just stick everything in this thread:

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General Reviews

[1207] Hotel: Hampton Inn Manhattan Chelsea Hotel, Sights/Eats: The Rock, Shows, Ground Zero

[1658] Hotel: Colonial House Inn, Chelsea, Sights/Eats: Gershwin, Boathouse, Mariott Marquis, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry, Fashion Stores

[1837] Hotel: Cosmos, Sights/Eats: Reade St Pub, Morgan Market Deli, Soda shop, South St Seaport, Heartland Brewery, Staten Island Ferry, Marriot Marquis, Top of the Rock, Chinatown, Little Italy, Canal St, Times Square.

[1838] Hotel: Novotel Times Square Sights/Eats: Macys, NHL Ice Hockey, World Trade Center (Ground Zero), Madame Tussads, Grand Central, Rockerfeller, Central Park, Hard Rock Caf!, Planet Hollywood

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Time for some hints and tips.

1 - The centre of New York is Manhattan, in a tourist sense.
2 - You can't have a hotel close to everything, as Manhattan is 2.5 miles wide and 13.5 miles long. If you're near Central Park, you're not near the Staten Island Ferry
3 - New York is safe. it isn't like the movies or CSI:NY. It is the safest big city in the USA, and i think the 3rd Safest in cities over 100,000 people.
4 - The Subway is easy to use and safe, and runs 24 hours a day.
5 - the cheapest way to get from the airport is to walk, However, it is miles away, so public transport is the second cheapest.



  • MARKY!!!!! Your back :T :j :D
    New York ♥..........These street will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you.
    No place in the world that can compare ♥ 2nd October 2010 ♥
  • Thursday25th (we land at 12pm)
    hotel, drop our bags
    cab to century 21
    broklyn bridge (take loadsa pics)
    cab back to our hotel in times sq and have a look around ts

    Woodbury common first thing in morning
    Totr (in the evening)

    Shopping all day!

    Statue lib (stanten island ferry)
    esb (in the day)
    more shopping!

    central park
    back to hotel to get our bags
    leave for airport for 7pm flight!

    Is that ok or do i have too much/less going on? Any ideas guys?

    Thanks, Maria x

    Maria, bet you cant wait 8 weeks will go so fast.

    I personally think TOTR is a much better view then ESB however I dont think you can go to NY without going up the ESB!!:D
    If you want to do one in the day and one in the evening ( I have done this too) I would do TOTR in the day and ESB in the evening. This is the way I done it.
    You can see central park from TOTR so to really appreciate it it would be better in the day. Also ESB gets so so busy and the day I went the 2nd time I couldnt get close to take a picture too many people and no spaces to look it was driving me mad was glad to go. Where as in the evening it will be much quieter.

    On the Sunday could you not do Statue of liberty, Brooklyn Bridge & Century 21 all together? As its all downtown.

    Then ESB on the friday evening after WC and TOTR & Times sqaure on the Thursday when you get there ( as its all midtown)

    I agree if you can use the subway just a few times it will save you money, especially if you can get it downtown. More money for shopping ;)

    P.S Marky I hope your staying around??? Have missed you its just not the same!!!
    New York ♥..........These street will make you feel brand new, Big lights will inspire you.
    No place in the world that can compare ♥ 2nd October 2010 ♥
  • InnysInnys Forumite
    1.9K Posts
    I'm amazed you have bothered to come back. Some of the comments you have been subject to were, IMHO, totally unjustified and unwarranted.

    Yes, I don't agree with everything you have written in your posts, but the world would be boring if we all had the same opinions. At least you have made the effort to help people.

    Welcome back.
  • greenfacegreenface Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee!

    WELCOME BACK MATE (missed you )

    Maria good advice from thats fab will shuffle around after

    try to get a show in if you can buget it
    :cool: hard as nails on the internet . wimp in the real world :cool:
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    Hi Maria,

    I assume your itinerary comes from the previous thread.

    One piece of advice I was given in here is to do the ESB or the TOTR, perhaps not both in the same trip. We did TOTR because you get to photograph the ESB!!! Another advice was to do it before sundown, that way you can see the city in the day and in the night with all the lights - and save some cash, sicne there is also a sunrise/ sunset ticket for TOTR that lets you in twice in the day.

    Personal note: I stopped visiting the NY forum some time after our trip, so was not aware that there had been some less polite exchanges in here involving markymoo (only that he had been missing). It is sad to see that internet forums are all the same - we had a lovely boots thread here at MSE that was shut down because of unfriendly behaviour. I personally only have praises for the guy. He was relentless in answering and helping and was always present during all the time I was doing my planning. So thanks to him for helping out, without even having the recognition of being a moderator. He is the true "destination expert" (to borrow from tripadvisor) since like visitors to NY he is an out-of-towner, which is a lot more useful than a local when it comes to helping tourists.
  • InnysInnys Forumite
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    pcg2001 wrote: »

    He was relentless in answering and helping ...

    This is an understatement. The number of times Marky has asked the same question in these threads, even though the answer is made clear in his opening "set the scene" posts, is countless. And yet......he still doesn't lose his rag. If only I could be that patient.

    Nevertheless, when someone disagrees with his opinion (and it is only that, an opinion), the attacks can quickly become personal.

    If I was Marky I would be thinking "Why the **** do I bother?"
  • :) I would definately do the TOTR, just for the reason that you get a picture of the ESB! Also, get dessert at Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man restaurant in Union Square. You will NOT be dissapointed!
  • bb69bb69 Forumite
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    Top of the rock is breathtaking! Try and go in daylight to watch the sunset it is so amazing! I could have stayed up there for hours but it was cold (Dec) think stayed up for about 11/2 hours - popping in at times for some warmth before the sunset.

    We bought tickets the day before as usually sunset tickets are sold quickly.


    As its a new thread for this year can I just sing...

    "New York!
    Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do,
    now you're in New York the streets will make you feel brand new,
    the lights will inspire you
    lets hear it for New York, New York, New Yorkkkkk...." :):)
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
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    Thursday25th (we land at 12pm)
    hotel, drop our bags
    will be around 2-00pm
    head towards central park
    enjoy the park take a meal and a drink
    visit strawberry fields or one of many museams alongside
    enjoy the journey back Try the subway to 42nd st
    or walk back along 5th or 6th and do ToTR (eve)
    take in Times square have a few drinks or coffee
    back to our hotel in times sq and have a look around ts

    Woodbury common first thing in morning.
    back to hotel with all my goodies
    book one of many great shows you are stying in theatre land
    enjoy it or i dont know you but The Dan Band are playing in BB kings Blues Bar in times square (funny rude & crude) google them.
    Have a great meal before or after.

    Shopping all day!No doubt you will pass ESB & ToTR at least twice if your shopping around Macys 5th 6th Park or Madison ave Tiffanys blomingdales etc go up ESB then spend a hour rest your credit cards. Go into trump towers and Grand Central Station for the deco designs also the crysler is around for photos
    what about the evening ??
    show? meal ?drink?

    cab or train downtown
    Statue lib (stanten island ferry)
    battery park/ south seaport
    centry 21 & ground zero
    wall street
    brooklyn bridge.
    Make full use of the subway drift up and below ground
    have a meal (try a pizza a deli or american burger bar)

    more shopping!

    pack and leave your bags behind the desk
    enjoy times square
    chill out have a coffee in Bryant park
    people watch have a meal
    pack and leave hotel by 3 for 7 oclock flight
    sleep all the way home

    leave for airport for 7pm flight!
    :cool: hard as nails on the internet . wimp in the real world :cool:
  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    Is there really anything to see on Wall Street on a Sunday ? If time is short I'd skip that.
    I Would Rather Climb A Mountain Than Crawl Into A Hole

    MSE Florida wedding .....no problem
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