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  • wolfman
    wolfman Posts: 3,225 Forumite
    I've tried ScreenSelect (1 year) and LoveFilm (1 year).

    Love Film was by far the best. I started to have problems with ScreenSelect. They decided (a few months ago) to change the pre-paid envelope from a standard brown one to a custom red ScreenSelect envelope. These were notoriously bad, as they often arrive already slightly split open. Quite a few DVD's were getting lost in the post because of this. I mentioned my concern to the customer services, and they assured me they were in the process of improving the envelopes, but in my opinion there was no change. Due to DVD's getting lost it slowed down the service I was being provided, and the customer services were very slow at responding. I used their "problem solver" tool to report the missing DVD's but it would sometimes take a week or more before any action was taken. Originally a good service, I wouldn't recommend them in their current state. I also found their whole web system a little basic and unprofessional looking, the LoveFilm one is much better.

    I've just switched back to LoveFilm, hope they are still as good as I remember. I've noticed they too have adopted ScreenSelects custom envelope too though. Will have to wait and see how that works out.
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  • thetheboy
    thetheboy Posts: 327 Forumite
    Sarahsaver wrote:
    i signed up to a free lovefilm trial and they took money from my account after ONE DAY:(

    Just found that this haf happened to me the buggers - something needs to be done I have emailed the blighters and got this very clear reply...
    Thank you for your E-mail. That specific promotion you entered was only
    entitling you 1 free dvd rental. That was sent out on the 31/01/05 so
    your billing date was set to the 01/02/05. Your next billing date is the

    I hope that helps clarify.
    Have a great weekend.

    Kind Regards,

    Carl Robey
    LOVEFiLM Customer Support

    so double grrrrrrr
    I have emithered back and am now waiting....................
    It's better to travel hopefully than arrive...
  • i joined free trial with DVD to ME on 1st feb 05 for 2 free weeks, yet a full months payment came out of my bank on the 5th feb 05.. i am awaiting their reply to my puzzled email to them.

    Any one got experience of these lot please. Ta.
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  • navid_2
    navid_2 Posts: 142 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Shame that you have been charged just after 1 day of the trial start. It could be to the promtion code you entered.
    Do you remember the code? Its will be best for others to avoid that code.
  • freeak
    freeak Posts: 41 Forumite
    wolfman wrote:

    I've just switched back to LoveFilm, hope they are still as good as I remember. I've noticed they too have adopted ScreenSelects custom envelope too though. Will have to wait and see how that works out.

    Been with Lovefilm and now with blockbusters

    Really liked lovefilm though I found that the envelopes often split a bit, I just cellotaped them up when sending them back. The online system is much better at lovefilm though blockbusters envelopes are better.

    Also I have ordered films with blockbusters and got 2 discs at once. With lovefilm you would have to use 2 of the 3 dvd's to do this.
  • Just a quick update - Love Film have sorted out my money i.e refunded me the £14.99 and updated my trial to 4 weeks - ace!

    I love love film
    It's better to travel hopefully than arrive...
  • I don't love LoveFilm.

    I signed up on sunday, got my first dvds yesterday and they sent me dvds that have never been on the rental list. So now I have to send them back to get the correct ones
    Titch :)
  • I've used Screenselect and am currently on Lovefilm. So far I found Screenselect to be much better at delivery - they'd send out a dvd the same day they recieved one from me, and I'd receive it the following day. If i watched it on that day and sent it back they'd receive it the next day. Very fast turnaround.

    Lovefilm claim they are sending out my next dvd the same day they receive one back from me, but I get odd delivery days. For example, they claimed to have sent me Shrek 2 on friday, and I, Robot and Zoolander on monday. On the tuesday, Shrek 2 and Zoolander turned up, but I, Robot has only turned up today. This is usually the case with them. That said, I do like their system of a list whereby they try to give you the top one. I feel this is better than how Screenselect do it.
  • marnstars
    marnstars Posts: 183 Forumite
    As mentioned before, on my 2nd freebie now - Blockbuster to Qflicks.

    Just received my first three discs, nice packaging from a nice website - but 2 days in despatch! Good job royal mail were on the ball to get these delivered to me on time. I am just comparing Blockbuster to Qflicks - but Blockbuster had 3 films here the next day!

    On the other hand - why am I complaining or even comparing? I am only in it for the freebie!
    Explain yourself Mr. N. Loggin. :mad:
  • xela_17
    xela_17 Posts: 421 Forumite
    I have had trials with Blockbuster, Lovefilm, Screenselect, dvds365 and now sainsburys.
    Blockbuster and Lovefilm were both good, screenselect was ok but dvds365 was awful. They sent me the wrong disk twice and in a 2 week free trial, this doesn't leave much time to see anything else, once you've sent back the wrong disk.
    Am not too impressed with sainsburys so far as have had 3 disks from them. 2 were numbers 10 and 12 on my list!!!! I can't believe they are that popular that they couldn't send me any higher films. Will wait and see how the rest of the month pans out.
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