How do you keep motivated in the fight against debt?

Have finally written ALL my debts down in black and white.

They are not massive but it is still going to take me over a year to pay them all off and I am trying to save for a chunky deposit for a house.

I intend to ebay everything bar my soul and kidneys and hope that when I see some money coming in it will keep me going.

How do you all keep motivated/ any hints and tips would be great

Thanks :o
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  • This forum will keep you motivated, the best thing is to keep on top of things, write down how much is being paid off each week/month and keep track of your target date!

    And see how much more you are enjoying life by tackling the problems instead of hiding them away!
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  • I keep myself motivated by updating my signature EVERY time I make a payment, even if it's only pennies beccause the debt is still going down.

    I've also noticed that I've because a lot happier since I started paying off my debts. The baliff letters that no longer come play a huge part in this.

    I've also become more aware of what I can and cannot afford. And I look at it this way; if I can pay over approximately £300 of my debt a month, when I no longer have the debts, I'll have an extra £300 for myself and DD.
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  • Thanks both :)
    Make £10 a day, October 2023 - £105/£310
  • This forum keeps me focused. Knowing that people are in the same 'kind' of situation as me and have found their way out of the debt tunnel gives me hope!
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  • Give yourself a treat every so often. Does not have to cost the earth, some can be free.
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  • Malky
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    Differentiating between what you want and what you need. This is what has mainly kept me on the straight and narrow.
  • The forums help loads and I am liking the idea of treats :)
    Make £10 a day, October 2023 - £105/£310
  • I always keep a check on the forum even if I don't post every time. I like reading the threads 'I am debt free yay!' because it's a little reminder to myself 'that will be me one day'

    Feeling different about money, thinking about what you want and what you need stops those silly impulse buys, also looking for little bargains whilst doing food shopping, checking prices etc.

    Finally knowing our monthly DMP payment is making a dent to our total debt, even if it is small and will take up to 6 years to pay off. We talk about what we will do with that money once the debt is gone and that makes us keep going.
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  • Honestly, I'd forget buying a house. You end up in misery trying to get enough money together for a deposit only to see that every year you need more. Even then, when you get the mortgage the repayments are that high that you continue to struggle for years. And then an unexpected cost comes along (in my case a front door) and you've got to figure out how to pay for it.

    I think the time of home ownership for all is over and we're going to go back to where it was 40 years ago where most people rented. You can get a far better house than you can afford to buy and the maintenance problems are the landlords responsibility.
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    i've kept motivated by coming on these boards pretty much daily, it's made me realise that there's worse folk out there than me, there's lots of folk like me who are trying to clear debt and are having to say 'no' to things, and that there are folk who do actually get debt free.
    Also i have a spreadsheet (one of many) on which i calculate my debt and DF date and i like trying to see if i can bring it forward even if it's only by one month every so often.
    I also keep thinking of what we could do with the money if we weren't paying so much of debts, and the fear that we wouldn't be living in of things going wrong or one of us losing our jobs.
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