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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 December 2009 at 10:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Declaring £163.69 for January. Oh Dear. Must try harder...
    Grocery Challenge 2010:
    Jan: £163.69/£150 :mad: Feb: £84.27/£150 :D Mar: £150.84/£150 :cool: Apr: ??/£150
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  • skapsskaps Forumite
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    Did a big shop at the end of Jan so i would not need to go shopping in the first few days of February for a bit which took my Jan GC total to £241.96/£200. :( I was only going to count what i had eaten that week but that would be cheating. The advantage though is that i have not been shopping in Feb so far though have had takeaways and a work dinner. Will have to go shopping this week though.

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  • poohbear59poohbear59 Forumite
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    spent £7 on potatoes, carrots and milk yesterday. Now £20 over my limit!
    Grocery challenge £35/£200 business mortgage £13798))''(+ Barclay's business kitchen loan £7116=Total of £20914, 69% paid off was £68105 Weight to lose [STRIKE]42lbs[/STRIKE] 0 to go!! :D PPI claimed and received £13527 Save 12k in 2017no 116. £0/5000
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  • RuthGRuthG Forumite
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    Well, I did say it wouldnt last - had to do a bigger shop today as running out of various things.

    Total shop today for groceries was therefore £53.07, bringing the total for the week to £60.60, wich is slightly over budget for the week, but still well within budget for the month.

    And I shouldnt have to get anything else except milk and veg for the rest of the month :)

    Sealed pot challenge no 889: £143.96 saved :j
    DayDream fund: £931.82 :j
    GC JAN£62.58/£200;Feb £100.39/£200
    NSD Jan 18/30; Feb 20/27
    Ideal weight:aim 8st7lbs; weigh in Mondays: started Jan 2010; so far: 3lbs/23lbs :(
  • herewegoagain2010herewegoagain2010 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Finally got my computer working again and am delcaring £185.67 for Jan. Not quote on target, but did stock up on meat for the freezer. I've missed the Feb challenge, but will be joining again for March. Feb has been ok so far, as I'm eating up the contents of the frezezer! See you all again on the 25th Feb :-)
    Starting again and working towards our new df life!
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  • I too have just been (one year after brodie) robbed online. £605 went out of my account and nwmc duacredit rt was who it was given to. aswell as £30 to lycamobile uk ltd. i was looking up duacredit online and this is the only reference that came up.
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    jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    Another thrifty day!

    We had roast pepper and lentil soup for lunch.
    The peppers were whoopsied (11p for a large mixed net). As they were so wrinkly, I popped them in the oven whilst I was cooking. When they had gone cold, I skinned them over a bowl (as they are full of sweet juice when roasted!) then chucked them in a large pan (with the roasting 'juice'!) with vegetable stock, a chopped onion and a couple of cups of red lentils and blended them when done...yum!
    Mega cheap n nutritious!! Will do us for a few lunches!

    I have also done a beef lobby (btw, did you know lobby is supposed to originate from when housewives would 'lob' ingredients into a pan to slow cook!). We will have it tomorrow but reserve some for a pie (the pastry is ready in the fridge as made some surplus especially!) Our tea was left over hotpot from yesterday.

    I want to get some dried peas in as I am eager to try pea soup. I wonder if they sell em in out local Asian shop? The pulses are in big quantities there and very cheap. Must look next time I go.
    Here is the very cheap recipe:
    Pea soup

    soak 8oz green split peas overnight in
    2 pints water
    next day add 2 large onions
    2 stock cubes
    lots of salt & boil until peas are soft
    15 mins in pressure cooker, maybe an hour normally
    blend & serve
    you can add cubes of ham or gammon if you wish!
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    Grocery Spend Weekly Challenge (Sat-Fri):£30.50/£40
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