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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 December 2009 at 10:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • So far this month we have spent a total of £154.80 out of a budget of £380, so I'm really pleased with only 9 days left this month we should be well under.

    It has not been through choice if I'm totally honest, DH hasn't really been paid since mid december so we've had to manage with what we had in freezer and get the odd bits and bobs. It has been pretty tough. :( So really we wont really feel the benefit this month as we didn't have the money anyway. Hopefully next month if we have the funds available but don't spend them it will feel better:o IYKWIM :)
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  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    Little Miss Frugal Well done for surviving the month it's amazing what we can do when we have to isn't it! Good for you it'll set you up well for February. Hope he gets his money sorted xx
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  • noodle84noodle84 Forumite
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    Am so glad that I started this now, thought I was well over estimating with £250 but with what I've spent so far looks like I wasn't far off, its amazing how much we spend on the "little" bits here and there. Will be making it a priority to cut down on the little shops next month and might have a go at setting some no spend £196.58 so far for me....
  • PablosmummyPablosmummy Forumite
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    Just updated sig to add the takeaway we had last weekend ( know we shouldnt have it - I was debating whether to add this on but guilt got the better of me)

    Should manage until the 28th when OH gets paid. No signs of a job for me so I'm going to have to try and lower the budget again next month. Especially as he's been told there might be redundancies made (we relocated here 8 weeks ago for this new job, which is why I'm out of work now having given up a good job, left all our friends behind etc etc, so to be told it could have all been for nothing is a bit upsetting really)

    Anyway I'll carry on budgeting, I'm trying to plan my meals for next month, going to read Weezls thread as I've used quite a few recipes from there before.

    I'll do my final update on the weekend as we need milk and salad for the guinea pigs.
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  • Had to spend again today - DD10 now on antibiotics for an infected toe nail, so needed some Actimel for her: I always give my lot Actimel when they are on antibiotics (which is actually not that often!) to help their tummies cope. That was a £4 hit (bought 12 pots), and then I got a loaf too.
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  • Hi,
    my thoughts are with the redundacies meni:(ioned.

    Yesterday was nsd day. Today went to coop for a main shop, spent 26.93. DH had to add jam donuts :rotfl: Got some whoopsies Naans we are having alot of curryat the moment and they were even cheaper than the ones I make. Whoopsised cat litter (which was actually on my list) 60p offer on basmati rice and 50p offer on goldensyrip cake:)
    Lunc/come tea was pasta with pesto and some whoopsied king prawns, very cheap and filling. Son has a gig 2night so we will be out to the early hours so needed to fill up.


    so I have 27.59 for the next 9 days...................................
    :jBrodie 1/ july 300/330.62:oAugust300/322.49:o
    September 300/239.78:jOct300/258.50:jNov 250/282.24:) December 300/300.01:j JAN 2011 300/288.72 :j . September 300/319.19:(, October 300/351.59:jThree adults, 1 dog and 1 cats and cleaning stuff, toiletries, beer.
  • I have updated sig Spent 10..00 in Co-op but got the big pack toilet rolls and a few bits and milk so leaves us with £48.00 for next 9 days and do-able. Shopping sometime over weekend but do need decaf coffee for me so hoping to get good deal.
    best wishes to redundancies been there and not nice we are also having probs finacially so trying very hard to reign in shopping.
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  • Please put as down for 200.00 again for febuary
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
  • russetredrussetred Forumite
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    Welcome back,Mrs M! :jGlad to hear you're on the mend now.
    Last week was a low spend one as I'm trying to stay out the shops but its hard.I've got a birthday tea for 6 tomorrow but just about everything came out of the whoopsie section and the freezer level fell by a foot by the time I hauled it all out.Have a good weekend folks.
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  • Had a couple of little spends over last 2 days. Still need a few bits tomorrow but have plenty in for main meals. I’ll have to do some careful planning for next week to avoid an overspend.

    I will not fail - not on the first month of the year :p

    Welcome back MrsMc and a big thanks to Helen Jelly.

    Take care all, K
    Merry Christmas
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