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January 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 December 2009 at 9:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Welcome back Mrs M!!! Sorry to hear recovery took so long :( - but better late than never :)

    We're at £336 against £400 (our lowest monthly budget yet) - we still have 10 days to go and I'm not sure we'll do it, but am hopeful....

    I'm in hospital on MOnday for an op, so I'll be in there for a few days so need to ensure DH is organised for the children. Also need to order a shop for delivery for the beginning of Feb (I won't be able to drive/ lift/ carry) - so should try and mealplan for next week so I can order replacements for Feb. Trouble is, OH is likely to go 'oh - I'm tired, let's have a takeaway' to everyone - which will quickly eat into our remaining budget! - even if I mealplan - grr! Theoretically we should only need f&v, bread, milk and some biscuit-y things - so it *should* be achievable....(I did plan on doing some baking before going in, but I've got a bug and am so cold and achy that I want to concentrate on getting rid of it before Mon so op doesn't get rescheduled. Baking is not on my list of priorites right now!) 4 out of the 6 of us are unwell :( Tea is simple pasta or soup and sarnies, as people aren't up to eating much

    Anyway, we're all on the home stretch now, folks!!

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  • jtb2412jtb2412 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, MIA for a bit here, but still with you and doing ok. I have a streaming cold so feeling a bit sorry for myself atm :(.

    I have just over £60 left of my challenge amount for this month - do-able but cutting it a bit fine ! This is mainly due to me stocking up on washing liquid and dishwasher tabs (all better than 1/2 price), branston beans, cheese, ham and a few other bits and bobs that I will use over the course of the next few weeks/months. Too good an opportunity to miss but I'm wondering if by stocking up it will take me over this month's budget :think:

    I'm not going to let it concern me too much as I do have an annual budget too so it all fits into the bigger picture.

    Mrs M lovely to have you back and pleased you have made a good recovery even if it did take a little longer than expected. I can't imagine anyone being better than you for finding bargains - do tell about DH's escapades ! :D

    Dinner tonight is sausagemeat plait (bought one too many packs at xmas), mash and baked beans (I have a few to use up :p).

    Need to do food shopping on Saturday, and do a mealplan to ensure I buy only what I need and make sure I come in under £60.
    :jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j
  • HShungry.gif Hi all!!

    MrsMc - Welcome back hon! Glad you are feeling better now. Sorry it took longer than you thought but good to hear you are feeling better now.
    Helen - From what I can see you have done a really really good job in MrsMc's absence, so thank you.

    Well we are doing really well this month and I am so proud of us both!! woohoo1.gif My OH has really curbed his impulse spending (Well, it's down to about £10 a week which is fabulous for him!) and though I haven't managed to meal plan for an entire week, I can do three days in a row which is an achievement for me. Plus we have managed 5 NSDs which is a miracle for us.

    Total so far for the month £115.22

    Personal weekly challenge wk 3 - £38.24

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    To be frugal, you need to spend money wisely, simply spending less is not enough.
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  • Fi27Fi27 Forumite
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    Last 'shop' of the month for me coming in at £52.36 which was split between M&S & T's. Am lovin the offers in m&s just now especially the 3 for £10 deal plus the £5 off vouchers :T. They have some super deals on things just now. Freezer is well stocked with meat for next month too so am very pleased :j.

    Am under budget at the moment and my budget was £100 less than we usually spend in a month :)! We havent had any take aways tho but are suffering slight withdrawl symptoms now :(, trying to hang on till next weekend when we get paid :A Also very little alcohol bought as plenty left from xmas/new year so less spent there.

    I keep having to tell my self to stop buying food as i feel i have to stock pile. It's a slow process getting used to only buying what you need rather than what you think you need or want. I must be saving money buying things when they are on offer tho, surely?

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  • gilly41gilly41 Forumite
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    Well it has been a long long time since I did this challenge but since I have joined lots of other challenges I thought i need to sort out our monthly food shop again!!!
    I have kept all the receipts for the last month(pay day is next Friday!! ) and I am totally horrified to see that it adds up to £364!!!!!! That is for just 2 adults(kids all left home so cant blame them!!!) and a dog!!!!!!
    I honestly feel disgusted with budget on paper is £200 for the month so as you can see we are nearly double that.
    Anyhow........4 weeks between pays this month so that allows £50 a week to keep to budget.
    Sooo here goes.....starting from the 1st Feb I will be joining in
    Sealed pot challenge number is 2144.....started Nov 29th ....
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  • JayJay14JayJay14 Forumite
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    Hi MrsM - so lovely to hear you are on the mend:jwe have all missed you even though Helen has been a godsend in your absence.

    Should have been an NSD yesterday but OH got the opportunity to buy two trays of eggs (60) for £6, so that has been added on. My target for February MrsM is £125 OH will be finishing his current temp job next Friday and may be out of work as nothing has come up yet. I'm hoping it won't be for long but you never know. There is usually work about but it's the gaps that are the problem.

    Anyway must go and talk to DD2 - she's on the phone and I think she's on the cadge so I need to concentrate:D
  • Went to Sainsburys at lunchtime today as needed some toiletries (included them in my total which has bumped it up :() My body spray and deodorant was on offer though, so not too bad. Bought a bag of citrus fruits as well and a carton of smoothie (which definitely bumped it up!) £13.79 in total today.
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • Maisie_MMaisie_M Forumite
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    Hi all

    £21.71 spent in M&S today which takes my total to £138.83. I am definately going to go over this month but I am okay about that as both my freezers are chocca with bargins between the things I got just after new year and also the ones I got due to people not being able to get out shopping and the supermarkets having too much left over. I also have been taking advantage of the M&S meal deal and 3 for £10 offers as I have had some £5 of a £25 spend so those have added in extras.

    I am now looking at doing three online shops in tesco over the next three weeks as that will be 1000 points (special offer) which is £40 in deals so my budgets will take a bit of a hammering until March.

    In saying that I am sticking to having a budget as it stops me having the odd supermarket 'pop ins' and also saves me just flinging stuff in my trolley without really thinking about it.

    Anyway trying to minimise the overspend in January and will rethink my budget for February.

  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    Mrs M foryou.gif Welcome Back! Glad you're on the mend now too xx

    Helen Jelly HSflowers.gif Thank you for all of your hard work xx

    No spends to report today although I was very pleased when DH rang me earlier when he was out walking the dogs & asked if I wanted him to pick a sandwich or cake up from the shop as I'd had a headache all day? Thanks to this thread & getting myself organised I could honestly answer no thanks as I had organised baked potaotes for tea along with a grated carrot, sultana & peanut salad followed by ice cream & pears. How things have changed due to the Grocery Challenge yay.gif
  • Hi all:hello:,have been shopping today and spent £22.53 so not too bad,fingers crossed will end next week with a :D on my face !!

    Off to update sig,have a good weekend everyone(bit early i know):o
    £365 in 365 days challenge(dec 09/ dec 10)£62 banked:D
    Feb GC /£390(me,DH,DD(17),DS(12)2dogs)
    (food,drink,household goods,toiletries,petrol)
    Drop one thing in 2010 challenge-Magazines
    50,000 situps by end of 2010 1024/20,000(own target):)
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