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  • dreamteamgirl
    Having recently quit (well jsut over 6 months ago) I can see why a travel toothbrush is a really good idea. When I wanted a fag I cleaned my teeth instead using the stuff in my desk, but having a travel one would have been really cool.

    I also used a thingy from nicorette to keep myhands busy and found that useful.

    I second whoever mentioned the quit services too- I used Quit4Life in Hampshire and they were just amazing

    Great for you if you could quit without it all ( the 'tosh' :confused: ), but hey I guess we arent all perfect and as strong willed as you huh?
  • Jojo_the_Tightfisted
    If I had been perfect and strong willed, I wouldn't have started smoking in the first place. And I did take advantage of the NHS stop smoking service when they offered useful things, like nicotine patches and a nurse to write the prescription for them.

    But if you like someone implying that you are too unintelligent to brush your teeth or count how much you spend on cigarettes, then be my guest.

    If someone wants to quit (not feels guilty, or obliged, or poor, or in any way coerced, blackmailed or forced to quit) then they will stop smoking. If they aren't ready, a toothbrush isn't going to help.
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    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • Saetana
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    I gave up years ago, but think that this is probably one of the most useless NHS ideas imaginable - if you give up smoking, you can download some relaxation stuff (like everyone who smokes has computer literacy/access), a toothbrush (because you would never normally use one), a gadget to add up with (because you are too stupid to do that normally?) and a squishy thing?

    Well, thanks for the squishy thing. Patronising wombats.

    Glad I gave up without this tosh.
    Well I personally was more interested in the information pack (I got one a while ago and now can't find it), although I do want the stress ball (supposed to help with RSI which I seem to be developing again) for a different reason. I think we can reasonably assume that everyone who uses this forum has computer access of some description - being as it is an online forum, lol!

    As regards the toothbrush etc, hey the stuff is free, why moan? Besides which it is well known that long term smoking is very damaging for your teeth (anyone seen that pic on some of the cigarette/tobacco packs?), not necessarily to suggest people don't clean them.

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  • jamespir
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    And I think its disgusting that the Welsh get free prescriptions at our expense :D
    But im sure you didn't kick up a fuss saying thats unfair on the English :p

    its not at your expense tho

    the prescriptions are free form the welsh nhs(whos money si provided by the welsh assembly whos taxes come from people in wales ) becasue there spending there money on something people actually need rather than spending on drunk people or smokers who both have a choice on there lifestyles
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  • stewb
    stewb Posts: 11 Forumite
    I just wanted to endorse the other replies supporting the NHS quit services - they really work. You are far more likely to quit with their help (4 times more likely), and its not just groups. They have 1 to 1 services as well.

    We all know that smoking is bad for us, but I was really shocked when I found out just how bad. Most of us start in our teens, but did you know that if we all keep on smoking half of us will die from smoking diseases like lung cancer and heart disease, BUT and its a big but, half of those deaths occur in middle age (before 65). On average those dying in middle age lose 21 years of life.
  • michellem1978
    Good luck to everyone trying to give up smoking. I did it 4 years ago and know it is not easy. If a toothbrush, or a cessation group, or a magic spell will help you - just go for it !
  • Humf_2
    Humf_2 Posts: 273 Forumite
    Thank you, will get one of there kits for my OH,
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  • grumpynotoldman
    12 weeks smokefree today with help from this service in Group/ 1:1 / text and email, Snailmail, NRT (patches) and my own Won't Power.
    Saved £600!
    Can't believe I didn't do this earlier!
    This is my 4 th attempt to stop and I use my hatred of the shennigins of Big Tobacco to keep me on track.
    Plus the money saved is a great incentive.
    You need all the help you can get to stop smoking, one of the most addictive substances deliberately manipulated by Tobacco scientists to become even more addictive.
  • BigSister2008
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    thanks - OH needs this

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  • maria932
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    have ordered this for my partner, thanks
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