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    Please PM me with any suggested questions for the FAQ or if you think any of the answers below are wrong or misleading or any of the links are "dead". I'm seldom on MSE these days, so apologies in advance for any delay in responding to PMs. :)

    Latest updates in RED.

    Boots FAQ

    How many AC points do you earn per £?
    You earn 1 AC point (known as "Normal" AC points on here) for every whole 25p spent. So spend £1 and you'll earn 4 points. Spend £1.25 and you'll earn 5 points.

    I left my AC at home! Can the points I've missed out on be added to my AC later?
    If you don't have your AC with you, ask the Sales Assistant (SA) to validate your receipt. The receipt will then have a barcode printed on it. This barcode contains the points you've earned without your AC. When you're next in Boots with your AC, the barcode can be scanned and the points will then be added to your account.

    If you don't get the receipt validated, you may not be able to get those points later added to your account. However, if you call Customer Care (see below for Tel No) and explain the situation, they may add the points anyway as a goodwill gesture.

    How do I check my AC points balance??
    See Checking your points balance on

    :o I've lost my AC! What will happen to my AC points - will I lose them?
    Call Boots Advantage Card as soon as you're sure you've lost your card.

    You will only lose your points if someone finds your card and immediately uses your saved points to buy goods before you notify Boots. If this were to happen, try asking Boots Customer Care to reimburse any "stolen" points as a goodwill gesture.

    See "Other Useful Information" below and follow the tip to keep your AC details in your mobile phone.

    Another good tip from personal experience is to not move from the AC machine until you've replaced your card in your wallet - rather than to do so as you go wandering off looking for bargains!

    There is currently a "Spend £10 - Get a £5 off voucher" promotion on. I used my AC points to spend over £10 but didn't get the voucher. Why?
    You have to pay for the goods in cash or with manufacturer's coupons (not Boots own coupons) to qualify for the voucher. You may also get a voucher if you are exchanging goods worth over £10.

    Frustratingly, this may all vary depending on the individual Sales Assistant.

    What are Bonus Points?
    Bonus Points are the points earned by redeeming the AC vouchers from the AC machine. They will show up on your receipt as "Bonus Points Added".

    Do I still get Bonus Points if I use my existing points balance to pay for the goods?
    No! To get the Bonus Points you have to pay for the goods in cash.

    Boots have sent me a Double Points voucher to use with my AC. Will this double any Bonus Points I receive?
    Not usually. The Double Points voucher only doubles your Normal AC points. Some people have reported in the past that the vouchers have doubled their Bonus Points too, but that seems to be just a lucky till glitch. You may not be able to use the Double Points voucher more than once in a 24 hour period. (thanks to PaleScene)

    If I use a Double Points voucher during a Double or Triple Points promotion in store, how many points will I get?
    During a Triple Points promotion, you'll get 5 x the points back. (The double points added to the triple points value). (thanks to Teerah)

    Presumably, you'd get 4 x the points during a Double Points promotion.

    How do you get "decent" AC vouchers out of the AC machine? I never get any good AC vouchers.
    This is a very difficult one to answer. Boots themselves say the AC vouchers offered to you are based on your previous spending history. If you've got a relatively new card, you might not get many decent offers until you've bought lots of different things on the card.

    Always remember that different AC machines will offer you different vouchers! Even if they're in the same store! So try different machines and different stores to see if you get offered better promotions.

    The following are links to FAQ's on that may also be of help:-

    Advantage Card - your questions answered

    What do I do if I have a complaint?

    Shopping online - General queries - customer offer emails

    Boots Parenting Club

    This is a mailing programme for parents of children aged up to their 2nd birthday.

    Check out the (rather bare) Parenting Club FAQ

    And then visit the Parenting Club microsite here

    Parenting club offers are tailored, based on the stage of your pregnancy or the age of your child.
    For information about these offers, see About the offers

    As mentioned in the Offers link above, if you’re up to 28 weeks pregnant, you ‘ll receive a “Little Book of Treats” – the list below states what these are, but Boots may vary these vouchers for each member.

    1. FREE Any single product from the No7 range up to value of £16 (says £16.50 on the back).
    2. FREE Any single product from Boots Mediterranean pregnancy range up to the value of £5.
    3. FREE Botanics 5 Minute Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.
    4. SAVE £2.50 when you but any single Avent Isis Breast Pump.
    5. SAVE £2 when you buy Avent Future Mother Indulgent Body Cream.

    Some members have received various other vouchers in addition to those above or more than one lot of vouchers for no apparent reason!

    Also, if you’re having a baby or have a child aged up to 3 months you currently get:-

    1) A Huggies® newborn starter kit packed with must-have products for your baby -

    A blue 'HUGGIES' changing bag
    A blue 'HUGGIES' changing mat
    1 pack Kleenex super soft tissues (sample size)
    1 mini pack of Huggies baby wipes
    A medicine travel pouch

    This pack actually goes through free at the till with a parenting club voucher without the need to buy the nappies! (thanks to Gem_)

    2) A voucher for a free Boots Baby Sensitive Product (with no obvious restrictions on the voucher). (thanks to anta)

    Again, some members have received various other vouchers with the mailings.

    Also, Parenting Club members can get a 1500 points discount code when they spend over £75 at

    On, sign in then click parenting club (left hand menu), select member offers (left hand menu) which gives you the current discount code for a £75 spend.

    This is useful as the mailed 1500 points voucher (sent to some members) has an expiry date, whereas this offer appears to be valid on for as long as you're a Parenting Club member.

    Other useful information

    Phone numbers
    0115 9181201 or 0800 9150004 Advantage & Gift card
    0115 9182000 Customer Care

    Boots Customer Care:
    P.O. Box 5300, Nottingham, NG90 1AA

    Note - you may have trouble being put thru on the freephone number above, so you may have to use the geographical numbers instead.

    Tip - In your mobile phone, add the Advantage Card phone number plus your a/c number, so that you can easily cancel your card should you ever lose it. (But make SURE you've actually lost it first, as replacement cards can take several weeks!)
    Example entry - "Boots AC, (your account number) - 0115 918 1201"

    Boots returns policy - Information from the back of a receipt regarding returns.

    Please keep this receipt...
    ...and we'll happily give you an exchange, giftcard or refund if you change your mind. Without a receipt, we'll give you an exchange¹. There are some exceptions² and we'll always make these clear. For the safety of all our customers we can't accept returned medicines, cosmetics³ or foods, unless faulty. This does not affect your statutory rights.

    ¹ Tip - If there is nothing you want in exchange, ask to have your mobile "topped up" in exchange for the goods you've returned. (thanks to chelltune)

    ² According to Boots Customer Care, "skincare" is classed as a "beauty product" and NOT "cosmetics" and is therefore suitable for return if you change your mind."

    ³ According to reports on this thread, Boots will generally accept returns of cosmetics where you've had an allergic or other reaction to the product.

    If you spend over £10 and receive a £5 off voucher (for No 7, skincare etc) and then return the goods, you do not have to give back the voucher - even if the return means you've now effectively not spent over £10.

    According to Boots Head Office, the voucher is given as a "GIFT" and has no monetary value. If you experience any problems ask the Sales Assistant to ring Head Office. (thanks to bear1)
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    please keep this new thread just for posting the offers and not chatting as it prevents people finding the information they require.

    Thanks. :)
  • lotts_2lotts_2 Forumite
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    sorry we forgot to mention the 300 points voucher that was in the ACM to use with the No. 7 Glycol (?) peel actually made the item go through at BOGOF and, therefore, you also got two of the No. 7 gifts. I think the peel costs about £16, may still be going through, HTH

    Thanks Freebie Junkie.:T and outrageous_monkey :T
    I do hope all you 'tarts' will still keep posting any glitches you do find. I think all the newer bootsers will try our best to find some glitches in return for you to check up on this thread - although i'm afraid we're not quite up to your standards yet, but we are trying!!!:j :j :j

    sorry redfox, no more chatting!
  • KylieKylie Forumite
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    Originally Posted by freebie_junkie
    sorry we forgot to mention the 300 points voucher that was in the ACM to use with the No. 7 Glycol (?) peel actually made the item go through at BOGOF and, therefore, you also got two of the No. 7 gifts. I think the peel costs about £16, may still be going through, HTH

    If they go through BOGOF, can you put 2 x No. 7 gifts through at once? I.e. is it 1 x No. 7 Gift PER £15 spent?
  • This link is for a free sample of a new lancome product. You have to print the voucher off and take it to boots to redeem it. More details are on the link. HTH some one

    Posted this yesterday but thought i'd post it on the new thread too
  • debdeb Forumite
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    can anyone please confirm whether the No 7 Glycol thingy is still working? Also - what was the free Tony and Guy Offer referred to in teh last thread? Don;t think the machine gives me T&G vouchers - only Trevor Sorbie...
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    does anyone know if the 200 points coupon out of the boots magazine works with the sunless tanning wipes still? as i bought these wipes yesterday at £1.50 but the points did not go on and i wondered if boots had realised the glitch with this now?
    Just about to give up!
  • chelle333chelle333 Forumite
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    traceya89 wrote:
    does anyone know if the 200 points coupon out of the boots magazine works with the sunless tanning wipes still? as i bought these wipes yesterday at £1.50 but the points did not go on and i wondered if boots had realised the glitch with this now?
    They dont work with the coupon, but sa will put points on your card,because of the wording on voucher,they have got to honour it!!:j
  • chelle333chelle333 Forumite
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    If youve recieved the voucher for 10% off summer essentials eg beach towel etc, if the item is reduced, they take off 10% of original price.
    eg towel normaly £10 now reduced to £5 are going to be £4 after voucher.
    plus the towels in my store are showing full price on ticket ,but are realy half price when scanned.
  • NETTYB3NETTYB3 Forumite
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    I got the pink Med. pregnancy pack at £9.99 last week for a very heavily pregnant friend who was fed up! Bought it off e-bay for a couple of quid with some other vouchers as they do not have the persons name on them so anyone can use them. SA did notice even though I had other items but just said wow it took off the whole amount rather than just £5 that it says on the voucher' and then carried on, so it may depend on the SA.


    Netty x
    :A Official Boots Tart :A
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