Are you ever embarassed by your money-saving ways?

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    Maybe they are jealous, but I think they genuinely think what I eat is weird, one of the comments was 'it looks like you're eating a garden'

    Er, well,.. yes, I am - I picked the salad fresh from the garden in the morning...!!!!

    (Actually, I'm down to just home grown tomatoes and herbs now, as the lettuce and cucumber is now gone.)

    I wonder why people think it's ok to be so rude about other people's choices?
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    forever i can remember, our children (now 15, 17 & 20) call salad, garden:D
    because when they were small we would go out and pick whatever we were having

    they still to this day call it that
    and because all their friends have always come about our house, they do too
    they ask for xxxxxx & a bowl of garden:rotfl:
  • Could this be a regional thing?..or maybe dependant on work areas?,its just that i find it weird that people would think it weird that someone made their own lunch...if you know what i mean.:)
    I work in a hospital ward,and recently we had a big fight on our our hands when management threatened to remove the microwaves and fridges from ward based areas(we clubbed together and bought our own fridge,micro and toaster so that we could bring in our own meals)
    Thankfully,we won and we are being allowed to keep these items,no-one wanted to be forced into spending a fortune on what is basicaly a staff canteen,selling food at restaurant prices!!
    out of a staff of over 25,around 90% bring in their own homemade meals... usualy sandwiches for lunch and left overs for dinner(last night i took in mince/tatties n carrots)...we're usualy eager to see what each other has brought in and pinch ideas...a couple of the other nurse are realy good bakers and often treat us to homemade dumpling,scones,cheesecake etc.
    so certainley in my area,bringing in homemade is more the "Norm"
    .PS,but then again,I am Scottish.;)
    kids have always taken packed lunches...eldest is off to her first day at college today,i didnt get home from work until 10pm last night,but was pleased to see she had a homemade cold pasta dish packed up and ready to go in the fridge.and OH always has and always will take his "piece"(Scottish for packed lunch):rotfl:
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  • Chipps wrote: »
    Er, well,.. yes, I am - I picked the salad fresh from the garden in the morning...!!!!

    (Actually, I'm down to just home grown tomatoes and herbs now, as the lettuce and cucumber is now gone.)

    I wonder why people think it's ok to be so rude about other people's choices?

    Yup I brought in a sandwich made from homemade bread and lettuce from the garden, and they asked what was in it and if I made the bread (cos it's breadmaker square lol) and now one of the guys is always asking 'oh did you grow that rice/pasta/chocolate bar'

    They are probably jealous and I won't let it get to me! In fact, I'm gonna order myself a bento box :j
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    I would feel like being just as sarcastic back - though that can back fire sometimes.

    Thoughts of saying, "Yes, do you want to come and see my paddy field, wheat field and cocoa plantation"... But sometimes they just say things to get a rise out of you, so maybe just smile 'sweetly' and carry on...

    Don't worry about it - I'm sure you won't.

    I bring my own lunch 4/5 days and we are mixed here on who brings sandwiches and who don't deserve the grief so I'd just ignore it.
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  • I have a work colleague who complains about the smell when I take tuna sarnies to work, so I now take in the smelliest food in that I can think of

    Oooo, I get this too and it really annoys me. I had leftover Kedgeree one day, which I was looking forward to, and when I reheated it, everyone was like 'urgghh that stinks!' - then people were coming in and saying 'it stinks all the way down the corridor, what the hell are you eating?' I get the same if I bring in curry or stew (and it's not that I'm an awful cook, honest:rotfl:). I'm already banned from eating my low-carb 'mock german potato salad' which uses cold cauli, hard boiled eggs, ham and gherkins in mayonnaise, because it made people feel sick apparently.

    I wouldn't ever dream of being so rude about some else's food, especially seeing as they'd gone to the trouble of making it themselves. I even get funny comments when I buy a sushi pack from Tesco. Maybe what I choose to eat is just a bit too much for some people, but then I don't want a boring ham roll and a muller yoghurt like they eat everyday either.

    regards CWR
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    Hi Funky :)

    Sorry to hear your workmates are so jealous - because that's exactly what it is! i get compliments and requests for recipes luckily - people are nosy to know what i have and people were coming up asking to taste my banana bread yesterday. I think they all think I'm nuts!:j:D

    I've merged this with an identical thread so you can read back and see other peoples experiences

    Don't let them grind you down!

    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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