Great 'Your fave sub-£5 wines' Hunt

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As long as you know where to look, you can get some cracking wines for under a fiver. To help sort the stonkers from the stinkers, we MoneySavers to name their favourite sub-£5 plonks. You don’t need to be a conniseur, just let us know which vinos hit the spot.

Please include:

Name of the wine
Where to buy
Why you like it



  • Rela_2
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    Ooooh, my kind of thead!!! I'll be here all day LOL.

    Red from NZ.

    Name of the wine: Montana Cabernet Merlot
    Year: No idea.
    Price: Its usually around the 6 quid mark but if you shop around you can get it for a fiver.
    Where to buy: Tesco usually have it on offer ;)
    Why you like it: Very dark, fruity, and no harsh tannins.

    And I usually dislike american wine, but:

    Name of the wine: E&J Gallo Ruby Cabernet
    Year: No idea
    Price: Around the £4.30ish mark
    Where to buy: Everywhere
    Why you like it: Tastes just how you naively think red wine should taste when you're younger, like alcoholic ribena. LOL. My friend who can't stand wine will drink this quite happily...not sure if thats good or bad.

    Spanish Red:
    Name of the wine: Campo Viejo Rioja
    Year: 2006 (I think)
    Price: Around £5
    Where to buy: Anywhere
    Why you like it: Thick and fruity and is just delicious.

    Italian White:
    Name of the wine: Il Cortiagano Pinot Grigio
    Year: No idea (must start noticing this).
    Price: £4.50ish
    Where to buy: Only seen it in Sainsburys so far.
    Why you like it: I'm not really one for white wine but this is just right, dry without being harsh on your throat, buttery and crisp. Delicious!

    I'm going to stop now before I look like an alchy (honestly I'm 10 years in the pub trade and like my wine...LOL).
  • babs2008
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    Name of the wine: Argentine Malbec - San Juan - Coop Select
    Year: Doesn't say
    Price: £4.29
    Where to buy: Co-operative Foods
    Why you like it: Easy drinking and tasty.
    Looking forward to the future.
  • Name of the wine Zinfandel
    Year dunno!
    Price £3 - £3.79, it's on offer at £3 quite often
    Where to buy Lidl
    Why you like it they do a rose and white version and I love them both, great for chilling out with a glass after a stressful day
    Aug GC £63.23/£200, Total Savings £0
  • Zandee
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    Does mulled wine count?

    Ikea, £1.50 a bottle. (Not sure of the usual price but it's reduced to £1.50 now).

    It's really tasty but very, very sweet, i'm not much of a wine drinker but i like this, you can really taste the cinnamon.
  • johncaduk
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    My fave's a jubbly Spanish red/white from Tesco's bottom shelf called Marques de Leon, at £2.87 for 70cl (plus 4 Clubcard points per bottle) Although it's probably the cheapest plonk on there shelves, I've never had a bum bottle in 3 years of use (with the occasional day off.Lol)

  • Most of my favourites are around £5.99 unless on offer so will have to go for these two, a cheap French red and an Italian white (my 2 favourite Old World wine countries):

    Name of the wine: Classic Côtes du Rhône
    Year: 2008
    Price: £3.99 (bargain!)
    Where to buy: Waitrose
    Why you like it: Nice fruity, easy drinking red.

    Name of the wine: Verdicchio di Castelli Classico
    Year: 2008
    Price: £4.99
    Where to buy: Waitrose
    Why you like it: Nice citrusy dry white to drink with fish or chicken.
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  • Wolfblass Yellow Label - superb Australian white (Chardonnay) and red (Cab.Sauv) wines.
    Usually £8.99 each, on offer at Morrisons currently for £3.99!
    Bargain or what!
  • Wine: Latitude 35 South Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot
    Year: 2008
    Price: £3.99 on offer at moment (was around £7 to £8)
    Where? Sainsbury
    I generally like Merlot and this is a soft, easy drinking red. Great for Late Autumn evenings. Please leave some for me.:rolleyes:
  • My current fav is the South African brand Stormhoek, priced at £4.99 for the Pinotage or the Cabernet Sauvigon. The Pinotage is currently on sale in Tesco at £3.99, and this brand is currently well promoted so the special prices tend to crop up quite frequently.
  • Wine: First Cape (South African)..... Red & Merlot (they do a white as well)
    Year: ?????
    Price: 3 for £10 (normally about £6 a bottle)
    Where: Tesco's on special (or Asda)

    Wine: Isla Negra (Chilean)..... Merlot & Cabernet Sauvigon
    Year: ?????
    Price: 3 for £10 (normally about £7 a bottle)
    Where: Tesco's on special (or Asda)

    First Cape & Isla Negra are very sloshable and at 3 for 10 quid you can't go wrong!!
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